Author's Note: Ok, this is another HPNaruto crossover that HBP inspired on me.

This is rated as M fic. Just like Ashura, there will be many deaths and blood portrayed in this fic, only perhaps with more fighting action (hopefully).

Oh, and I don't give a rat ass on Harry's relationship with Ginny in HBP. Consider it terminated (like in HBP he was going out (and broke up) with Ginny, but he'll never make up with her here)! I don't want to change the content of the general idea of HBP in this fic. And that unfortunately makes me have to portray Dumble as a saint…well, not exactly a saint per see but as a somewhat decent guy, and not the manipulative bastard I often portrayed him to be in my other fics. Man…

Or perhaps I'll just find a way to make him a manipulative bastard even if he was 'dead'. I can twist here…and there…and it will be like that.

Or perhaps I'll just forget about it and let Dumbledore stay out of the fic and stay dead, to avoid possible headache.

About the battle in the castle, I don't know how many death eaters were attacking Hogwarts, so I'll just assume that it was many. There will be perhaps some differences from canon, because I'll change it somewhat for the sake of this fic.

This fic will be updated slowly though, since there will be many actions inside. And I'd like to describe the action as detailed as I could, so the readers understand it. Note that it is easier to make detailed action when the combatants are all ninjas, instead of ninja vs. wizard. Btw guys, know any site that have the list of jutsu's name and the description of the technique. I'm too lazy to watch Naruto again just to note all techniques inside. If you write the address, please make it like this: www(.)fanfiction(.) net. If you wrote the address the usual way, it won't be showed in the review page. Thanks!

Btw, in this fic, magic isn't the same with chakra. And the ninjas isn't able to do any kind of magic if they aren't magical. There will be only a ninja for now, more will come much later in the story to add some twists for this fic. That's what I planned for now.

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Chapter One

More than a dozen black robed and white masked people passed through the corridor leading to the astronomy tower, led by a platinum haired young man. They were running through it, as if time was important, and they couldn't afford to move slowly.

A figure concealed by shadow was standing on the ceiling, hands crossed on his chest as he continued to watch them. His feet were firmly planted on the ceiling's surface. The man followed them silently, walking on the straight ceiling as if it was not a big deal, defying gravity and all.

Right now he was deciding whether they were threats to his mission or not. He was hired just yesterday to protect the castle when his client, the man he hadn't met yet because he was only approached by one of his men, was gone for an errand. Not even hours after he arrived at the huge castle, these people were here. He was curious as to how they came into this place. They weren't running from the castle gate's direction, that much he knew. They seemed to appear out of nowhere. Of course he heard about apparation, but from what he knew, this castle was supposed to prevent it to happen.

His client's man didn't give him much info about his mission, only what he task was, which was to protect the castle, and how much money he would gain from accepting it.

The man rummaged the limited data he had and concluded that they were the infamous death eaters whose boss was clashing against his current client. Which meant they were obstacles that needed to be eliminated. The man frowned behind his white masked, so unlike the Death Eaters' ones, blue orbs darkened by the shadow peered from the 2 holes designated for the eyes. From what little he knew of his client, he was a man who believed in second chance. A load of bullshit, of course. He wondered if taking these people' lives would mean that his payment would be cut.

The man shook his head. If his client dared to do it, he would just have to kill him. No one mess with him!

Stalking them, he grabbed the last man in the line and retreated back to the shadow. The group went on, not realizing one of their numbers was missing.

The mysterious man left the lifeless body on the cold floor and was back to follow the others. He contemplated to kill them right now, but he was curious with what they planned to do. And he wanted to know more about these people. It wasn't often he received mission from wizards, his clients were usually muggles. Beside, his mission didn't state to protect the castle' inhabitants, only the castle.

The man sniffed the air and frowned. One of them smelt funny. It was a bit similar with his former comrade's scent. It came from one of the unmasked ones. The rough looking man was grinning maliciously, muttering about how delicious children' bloods were. He looked like a psychopath who was eager to catch someone and to 'play' with his victim. Just like the others, he didn't realize his presence.

The eyes of the figure in the dark were trailing after him, deciding that he would probably be able to challenge him, somewhat. So far he only knew that these wizards were quite pathetic when it came to physical dueling. Dodging their spells, snatched their stupid sticks and they would be completely vulnerable under his mercy, which he had none of, unfortunately, for them.

The figure thought to go back to America once this mission over and from that traveled throughout the world, just like what he had done for 1 ½ years. The only thing that drove him to go to Europe from America was a rumor, stating that the situation was bad here, and so there would be many who would be interested with his service, for a price of course.

Over 3 days he was in England, staying in a small dingy wizard motel in a dark alley famous in the circle of British's dark wizards, named Knockturn Alley, he was contacted by a group. They were lackeys of the current dark lord, though they weren't wearing white masks. He was asked to kill Harry Potter and/or Albus Dumbledore for a high price.

He almost accepted it too, if not because one of them blabbed about how great their lord was, a descendant of Slytherin whose snake house was the most superb among the other houses in one of Europe prominent magical schools, Hogwarts.

Needless to say, for a man who had a deep hatred toward snakes that he would kill any that came to his sight, this mission sucked. He had a change of mind and declined the request, not politely—mind you. The enraged and humiliated group couldn't accept it and attacked him, only to have their heads separated from their bodies the next second.

It cause havoc on the dingy bar, as people screamed and tried to get away from the scene as far as they could, fearing they would be next people he would kill. It was during that chaos the perpetrator slipped out unnoticed.

The next day he was approached by a nervous man from a different group, Dumbledore's group, the very same man he was asked to kill before. The man, whose name was Mundungus Fletcher, nicknamed Dung of all names by his associates, bargained with him for half an hour before accepting that it was no use to reduce the amount of money he asked for the payment. Dung gave him a quarter of it as direct payment and the rest when he finished his mission.

And now here he was, observing a bunch of wizards with delusions of heritage.

He smirked amusedly, licking his lips in anticipation. He retreated to the shadow and disappeared from sight.

0-0 0-0 0-0

One word to explain the situation in the Great Hall was chaos. The Hogwarts' staffs, some students, and several Order of the Phoenix's members were defending against the death eaters who were cursing them. Hexes were flying across the giant lobby part of the castle. A death eater who entered the hall was hit by a stray killing curse of his giant blonde comrade and dropped to the floor, lifeless. The blonde man didn't seem to notice this, as he continued to throw hexes to his enemies.

One Minerva McGonagal was wondering where on Earth her superior was at this time of emergency. The old headmaster only told her that he would be gone for hours. And now Voldemort's followers attacked Hogwarts when he was gone. This seemed to be too odd for a coincidence.

"Professor, look out!" she heard her student's yell. She whipped her head to see a killing curse heading on her way. Before she could transfigure something to block the curse, an arm encircled her waist and before she knew it, she was already 7 meters from the ground. The strict woman's eyes widened and her face was a pasty white. She gulped when whoever grabbing her dropped to the ground, taking her with him. When they landed on the floor, her knuckles were so white from gripping her wand tightly for assurance. Before she could turn to see him, she was shoved to Mundungus Fletcher.

"Make sure your comrades don't attack me," the only things Minerva could note of him were his entirely black clothes, broad shoulder, spiky blonde hair and his deep voice, before he disappeared right from her eyes.

"Who—" she asked more to herself.

"Dumbledore asked me to hire someone, and I chose him," Mundungus answered nonetheless.

"You what?" she shouted in shock, before the other pushed her behind an upturned table. Three spells whizzed past their hairs.

"Let's talk later, shall we?" Fletcher gulped and threw a hex on his own to their assailants from behind the table. The transfiguration teacher nodded in agreement.

0-0 0-0 0-0

Hermione was shocked when a man appeared behind her opponent. The black clothed figure's arm encircled the death eater's neck and with a quick twist there was a lous crack indicating that he snapped the man's neck.

The bushy haired girl was shaken when she saw the man's face as her attacker's body dropped to the floor. It was covered with a white mask. If not for the fact that the man killed him instead of her, she would think he was one of Voldemort's lackeys, as he wore white mask and black clothes too, though not robes. Before she could note the difference of the masks of the man and of the death eater, Ron shoved her to the ground.

"EXPELLIARMUS!" the red head shouted to her savior. Obviously he missed the part where the man killed her attacker and thought he was one of them.

"Ron, don't! He's not one of them!" the figure merely vanished from his spot and reappeared in front of the shocked young wizard. He grabbed her best friend's robes and shoved him to the wall with a hand roughly. Hermione watched wide-eyed when she saw Ron was struggling helplessly on the air, feet not touching the floor, as the man lifted his body.

"Never ever pointed your puny stick on me! Do it again and I'll show you the same courtesy I gave to people who annoyed me. Got it, kid?" before Ron could answer he let him go and dashed to the nearest death eater. Even in her shock, Hermione noticed the man's weird accent.

"Who the hell is he?" Ron rubbed his sore back after being shoved to the wall.

"I don't know. One thing I'm sure of is that he isn't a death eater. He…he killed my attacker," the young woman whispered, still in shock seeing the man killed the death eater and threatened Ron.

"He WHAT?" Ron shouted. "PROTEGO!" his shield deflected a stray curse. "Okay, let's talk about it later. I don't want to be a barbeque tonight!"

"Agreed!" his brunette friend answered.

0-0 0-0 0-0

Kingsley and Remus, who was defending the wounded Bill at the time, were shocked still when their opponents' bodies were cut to pieces and blood sprouted. As the pieces of flesh fell to the floor, they saw someone behind the now dead death eaters.

A tall male with black clothes were drenched by the blood of the people he killed. The red liquid sprayed his white mask and sunny hair. He was gripping something invisible, most probably the weapon he used to kill them. Remus squinted his eyes and he could see the blood coated something, creating a red line on the air. Droplets of blood dropped to the floor as gravity ruled. A realization struck his mind and the werewolf knew right away that the man used a thin transparent string. That was why he wasn't able to see the weapon, if not because of the blood covering it.

The man vanished before he could open his mouth to say something.

"If you guys have spare time, why don't you help the others?" Nymphadora Tonks shouted breathlessly as she dropped her last offender. Her eyes froze when she saw the bloody carnage. "What the fuck is that?" her eyes bugged out.

The two men looked at each other in silence before they turned at her, "Death eaters," they said simultaneously. The clumsy witch looked at the heap of flesh and them, back and forth, in disbelief.

0-0 0-0 0-0

Ginny almost vomited at the sight in front of her eyes. The mysterious man was seen attacking the death eaters with the glowing blue light that was shaped as claw that came out from the knuckles of his black fingerless gloves. She was scared, not from the dark lord's follower, but from the man who had killed them so easily, quickly, and mercilessly. She was afraid she would be the next target. The logic that the man was Dumbledore's ally, judging from him attacking the death eaters, couldn't destroy the image of a ruthless man. And the red head could bring herself to trust a guy who wore a mask to hide his face.

She watched as the man was making weird gestures with his fingers. She couldn't see it clearly because whatever the man was doing, he was doing it fast, making it appeared like a blur to her. He smacked the ground with his palm. For the next 5 seconds, that felt like a millennia, there was nothing happened, but soon the ground shook and the former cold floor turned into a field of pointed spikes, impaling the death eaters in the area in front of him. Cries and screams of pain rang throughout the victims' throats.

"Oh my God," Ginny took a step back, her wand clattered on the cold floor. Beside her, Luna covered her mouth in surprise, an event that has never happened before. Luna never surprised.

"Merlin's beard!" Neville cried out in shock.

The death eaters who were attacking the others stopped short. They were turning to see just what made that loud commotion. They recognized their comrades' cries of pain. Their jaws dropped behind the white masks that concealed their facial shocks. Their body language betrayed them though.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, IMBECILES? KILL HIM!" one of the death eaters, a huge blond man that killed his own companion with his strayed killing curse, bellowed loudly. It snapped them out of their frozen state, but some of them were already fallen when the Phoenix members used the moment of inattention for their advantage.

Half of the remaining death eaters were hesitate to kill a man who had taken down many of them without broken a sweat, but the rest attacked him at once. The figure stayed on his spot, even knowing the jet of beams heading on his way. He simply leapt at the last second, 8 meters on the air, shocking both sides.

"Ignore it! It's just magic! Attack him on the air, he won't be able to retaliate!" the blond yelled before he was stunned by Neville.

"Constant vigilance, you idiot!" the young man mocked him, having been influenced by Mad Eye Moody, before he ducked under a table to avoid the 2 killing curses meant for him. Several death eaters complied with their stunned comrade's command and shot 2 cruciatus, 2 killing curses, and an unknown dark curse with blue colored beam.

The black clothed man twisted his body in the air to avoid a killing curse. He threw 2 kunais to struck the unknown curse and a cruciatus, before he used his now red string to wrap around a huge column and swung out of the way. The killing curse missed its target by meters, while the other cruciatus curse's aim was off from the first it was shot.

In their distress, some of them were fallen to Hogwart's defenders' curses, while others ducked for safety. They revived their stunned teammates, but couldn't do anything to those who were injured. The situation was now turned as the attackers turned into defenders and the other way around. The Phoenix members quickly reorganized themselves and assaulted their foes.

The black clothed figure vanished from sight, knowing that his help was no longer needed.

He saw someone was running through the great hall. A pale man with a greasy black hair. Since the others let him go, he assumed that he was their comrade, so he didn't pay attention on him.

The running man was watching the Hogwarts' staffs rounded the wounded death eaters wide eyes, as if disbelieving they could do that.

"Severus, you're late. We already dealt with them. Nonetheless you can help use tying the men who are still alive."

"I'll go see Dumbledore!" the former potion teacher said before he ran to the headmaster office.

"Uh…professor McGonagall, I remembered that some of the death eaters slipped us and followed Malfoy…" Neville lifted his hand.

"WHAT?" she cried out before she ran, following her colleague. Kingsley went with her. The wizard and witch watched Snape ran on the staircase when they heard noises on the office. They were shocked though, when they slammed into an invisible barrier.

"What is this?"

"Apparently a ward to prevent anyone from entering," Kingsley answered. He whipped his wand and tried to break the ward.

"But Severus passed through it," the old woman stated as a matter of fact. They both looked at each other, each realized that perhaps it was his dark mark that allowed him to pass through the ward.

After a minute of trying to break the ward, they were quite surprised when Snape was running down the stair, followed by the scared looking young Malfoy. Three death eaters followed him. Kingsley immediately recognized Fenrir Greyback. The last person to run down stair was someone they didn't expect at all, a furious Harry Potter whose eyes were red as if he had just cried.

Thinking that Snape was running from the death eaters, they allowed him to pass and attacked the three. Fenrir ran past them, leaving the pair of siblings behind him. McGonagall wanted to follow him, but one of the death eaters, the female one with the name of Alecto, attacked her, so she had to defend herself. The same happened with Kingsley and Amycus.

The Boy-Who-Lived ignored them and continued to pursue Snape and others. Hand was gripping his Holly wand tightly. The werewolf quickly detached himself from the fray and flew at him. (AN: this is taken from the book) He was on top of Harry before Harry could raise his wand: Harry fell backward, with filthy matted hair in his face, the stench of sweat and blood filling his nose and mouth, hot greedy breath at his throat—

"Pertrificus Totalus!"

Harry felt Fenrir collapse against him; with a stupendous effort he pushed the werewolf off (AN: end the copying of HBP book). He could see from the corner of his eyes that the fight in the great hall was over, with death eaters as the losers. His eyes froze when he saw the area where pointed spikes protruded from the ground. That wasn't there when he departed from the school.

Seeing that they already handled the situation, Harry ran through the hall and chasing Snape and Malfoy.

The man in the shadow looked at the scene confusedly. He was pretty sure that the boy with the greasy haired man was the person who led the death eaters in Hogwarts. So what was he doing with him? It just didn't make sense. He saw a black haired young man running after them in fury. He didn't immediately recognize him, but when he caught the scar on his forehead he realized that he was watching the so-called Boy-Who-Lived. Weird name, just like many other ridiculous names these wizards and witches came up with.

Shaking his head, he concluded that it wasn't his business, and he went back watching the living death eaters were gathered in one spot.

He noted that some of them were quite squeamish by the sight of blood and pieces of flesh on the floor. The witch with the same pink bright hair as his former teammate even vomited on the floor. He smirked mockingly.

'And they called themselves aurors,' he snorted inwardly.


Um, okay…I try my best to make parts of HBP happened in this fic (Snape escaped with Malfoy, the revelation of the Half-Blood-Prince, Dumbledore's death, etc), hopefully the story will be able to flow quite well enough.

As you can see, I haven't revealed the name of the assassin, but I'm pretty sure some of you already figure him out by now. For the ones who don't know, it is areal character from Naruto, don't worry, not an OC chara. I'll reveal who he is later in the next chap…perhaps. I haven't written it yet.

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