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Chapter Four

Harry was reading a book about the founder belongings that he had purchased via owl post when the door that connected his room with his hired guard's room was opened without so much knocking. His guard was still in his latest disguise form, a 6 feet middle aged man with blonde hair and brown eyes. The hair wasn't spiky like he had in his real form, but smooth and was cut short. The assassin entered the room with an inch thick papers on his hand and a shimmering green potion that Harry had come to hate and despised wholeheartedly.

"This is what I managed to find about Tom Marvolo Riddle before he went disappeared to God-Knows-Where. Trails of the time after that was a bit difficult to find for it happened long time ago and he tried to cover his tracks, but give me time and I'll find it," Naruto threw the leather bound papers on Harry's bed where the young man was sitting, reading through the belongings of Rowena Ravenclaw.

The wizard sighed as he took the paper pile and eyed it with distaste. He scrunched his nose when he accepted the potion. He gulped it down in one go with grimace. The first time he drank it, he almost vomited (and still wanted to do it actually). "Ugh, I hate nutrient potion," he put the glass on the table and drank pure water to wash away the horrible taste. "Well, Dumbledore did say that Tom always went for grandeur, one of his more-obvious weaknesses we can probably exploit. The Slytherin Ring was on his mother's former home. The Locket was, at least before whoever this R.A.B. was, stole it, it was on the Cave where he tortured his fellow orphanage mates. The Diary was on Lucius Mafoy's hand, who was one of his inner circle and I don't doubt that his estate was once used as Tom's base. Then again who knows if Malfoy Sr. actually took the book from someplace important on Tom's life?"

"So he liked to hide his horcruxes on the places that were used to be important in his life?"

"I certainly hope so. It'll make it easier for us to track them if he did." Harry paused and sighed. "You know, I'm starting to doubt I can get all of it done. Tom won't wait for me. If only I can get my hands on time turner…" he trailed off and turned to the blond. "Can you-I mean, can you get it for me?" he asked hopefully.

Naruto put his hand on his chin, contemplating the idea for a moment before he shook his head. "I know where to get them, but I don't think you should use them."


"You'll be too tired for your training because of its side effect. Plus the others here aren't wizards. It's risky. The only solution I can offer you is to add our numbers."

Harry scowled. "I don't want Tom to get the wind of this and that's exactly what will happen if I add more people for the quest."

"Are you sure of that?" a voice whispered on his ear, causing Harry to turn around in alarm with his want drawn out. He gaped when he saw it was Fox. He turned around and saw Fox was still there, only this time there were two men flanked around him. They were identical with Fox.

"Bloody hell!" his back was pressed against the wall. His eyes darted among the four Narutos. "How?"

"Just a special ability of mine," the real Naruto, the one who had handed him the papers, dismissed his clones. "And I assure you they're not illusions. They're very much corporeal and capable to think for themselves although they're much weaker and have more limitations than me."

Harry lowered his wand and scowled for being surprised. "Do you have any other secret you want to tell me?"

"None at the moment. Found something?" Naruto grabbed a char nearby and sat on it backward, his hands were placed on top the chair.

"Well…I have noted several Ravenclaw's belongings that could possibly be horcrux. Let's see, her crystal ball. It was passed on to her descendants. According to this book—it was published last year by the way—it is currently on the hand of many times removed granddaughter, Sheila Vencraft. There was an attempt to steal it at 1957, but it failed. The ball was later put into safe box and hidden from public eyes. A curator, Leslie Dodge, had checked that the ball was real and no damage had been done to it before the aurors gave it back to its owner at the time, Ms. Sheila's mother. I don't think it's a horcrux, but I'll put it up on the list. We don't know if this Leslie guy was Tom's follower or not afterall." He scratched his head.


"Um there are also her bow, necklace, golden quills and spectacle—I haven't finished the Ravenclaw chapter yet, so there is possibility there are much more. Anyway we can cross out the necklace and spectacle because they were destroyed on a fire that claimed the life of two of her descendants five years before Tom was born. The charred remains were buried on Ravenclaw's grave afterward. Oh and I also found the picture of the famed Hufflepuff's Cup," at this he took the book from his night stand and opened it on the page he had marked.

Naruto tool the book from Harry's hand and stared. "This is one of the horcruxes?" the wizard nodded. "Any information about R.A.B from your friends?" Harry sighed and shook his head.

"The order knew I was up to something, but they didn't realize that I planned to get away from Dursleys. They thought I was hiring you to kill death eaters while I be a good boy. They didn't know about horcruxes and I have told Ron and Hermione to learn occlumency. Hopefully they're better on it than me," he mumbled the last part.

Naruto looked displeased. "It'll be too long if we rely on your friends," he put his hand above to cut Harry from interrupting him. "Obviously they're not in the position to do any research, being cooped up on their homes without material for them to research on," Harry had to admit it sounded true. "On the other hand we can supply them with these materials."


"By providing them a list of death eaters or possible ones."

"Uh, hello, where can we find this list? It's not like the sky will be raining of list of death eaters anytime soon."

"People like reporters usually investigate for things like this. I'm pretty sure that some ones have some lists and…are you familiar with the term unspeakable?"

Harry nodded stiffly. "Hit wizards, right? They're the equivalent of USA's FBI or CIA or UK's MI" he blinked before staring at him thoughtfully. "You don't say?" Naruto nodded.

"Yes, certainly they have data of their investigation."

"I don't think they'll just hand them over willingly. Bloody hell, you're not thinking of stealing the list, are you?"

"I am certainly thinking to do that," the blond replied.

Harry could only gape incredulously.

"…Well, that, or we can just bribe or threaten someone to do the job," Naruto added.

"I'd rather not steal the list from DoM," Harry admitted.

The blond raised his eyebrow. "Bribe or threat it is," he spoke.

"I feel low," Harry sighed. He hated doing things like the elder Malfoy usually did.

"Whatever works, don't you think so?"

Harry didn't have time to answer, as his communication parchment glowed. He read it and sighed loudly. "It's Hermione. She writes the date of Bill's and Fleur's wedding. It'll take place in The Burrow 2 weeks from now and she expects that I'll be there."

"Will you?"

"…Probably. I have promised them I'll be there. That and I'm worried death eaters will attack them. They should've held the wedding in France. It'll be safer there. Damn tradition!"

"I'm more concerned that the order will try to get you back if you go there. That will put a dent in our plan."

"I know," he nodded. "Then again I have you for things like this, don't I?" Naruto snorted.

"That won't stop them for trying."

"Then let them try."

Naruto took out a kunai from its holster on his thigh and offered the handle to Harry. "Pick it up. It's time for you to learn how to use it. I doubt you can use it like me, but you can conceal it on your sleeve for an added surprise," the young man picked it up hesitantly.

"Shouldn't I learn this before gun?"

"You are fast and have good reflex but you won't last long in training. Your body was frail, so I asked Nick to condition your body first," Harry shivered at the mention of his current trainer. He was a sadist. "I want you to have a long range weapon so if something happens you can escape."

The next 2 weeks were filled with grueling training from both Nick and Naruto. Harry felt like his palms would fall off. He found that his guard was more sadist than even Nick. Instead of just fighting with his kunai, he was trained to use his body in every way possible and to pay attention to his environment, using it as best as he could. And what irritated him more was that Naruto didn't seem to make an effort at all to beat him. He felt very much like a prey, waiting for its death by the predator who toyed with his life. Even Nick felt sorry for him. And that was something. The huge man even once stopped his training time when he saw Harry fell asleep, standing up.

Now Harry could shoot someone wherever he wanted accurately, providing the man was no more than 20 meters from where he stood…and if he didn't move around. But since no one wanted to test his capability, Harry could only train with dummies.

"You want me to use my clones as dummies and tell them to move around?" Harry nodded. "You do realize that we're surrounded by other people, right? That means no revealing anything, both your ability or mine," the boy seemed dejected by the news. Sighing, Naruto relented. "After you finish your 5 months training, I'll personally trained you with the help of my clones in somewhere remote."

"That would be great," he agreed. "I'm sure that my parents had estates or lands that we can use. We can check up with the goblins later. And I have new news from Hermione. Remus knew our R.A.B, though he was pretty suspicious when she asked him about that. Regulus Archibald Black, Sirius' brother. I'm afraid that we have to pay visits to either Fletcher or Kreacher though. The locket we found last year must be the Slytherin Locket and both of them stole trinkets from Black Manor. If it is Fletcher and he has sold it, I'm going to gut him alive. If it's Kreacher…I'll think up something." Naruto wondered if both Nick and he had rubbed off on him.

"Where are they then?"

"I suppose I'll be able to find Dung in the wedding today. As for Kreacher…KREACHER!" he bellowed. With a loud crack the old elf was instantly there. Naruto immediately locked the door.

"Oh…that mudblood godson of traitorous son or mistress is calling for Kreacher," the elf grumbled.

"Kreacher, shut the hell up. Now tell me, do you remember the locket that my friends and I found in the manor?" the elf's eyes widened. "Seems like you do. Now where is it?"

"That miserable drunken man stole it along with other things. Oh, poor Kreacher. Master Reggie had told Kreacher to keep it safe. That man must pay," he hissed. "Yes, he must pay," sad the senile elf.

"So it isn't with you, but Fletcher."

"Yess, he has it. Kreacher must take it back and keep it safe again or Master won't be pleased with Kreacher."

"Ok, fine. You can go back now. Tell no one else about it. I don't want you to approach Draco, Narcissa Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange or anyone else! Keep quiet about anything I do. Do you understand me?" The elf stared at him with hatred, but nonetheless he nodded and vanished.

"That's one senile creature," Naruto commented, earning him a snort. "It's Fletcher then?" Harry nodded.

"With Dumbledore's death I'm not 100 percent sure that he will be there in The Burrow."

"Even if he isn't there, my contact will be able to find him. Did your friends tell you anything about him?"

"Only that they had never seen him again."

"Let's just hope he hasn't sold it to someone."

0-0 0-0 0-0

Harry strapped his Beretta behind his black coat and slipped another on his pants, before he fixed his tie. He strapped kunai holsters on both thighs, before he concealed it behind magic. Moody would be able to pinpoint them, but he could careless about that. He strapped his wand holster on his wrist. He shrunk his trunk and put it on his pocket.

Naruto was in his usual attire, but he put henge around his body. "Are you sure this is the right attire for wedding? I thought wizards use robes or cloak."

"…To tell you the truth, I don't know. I'll just put a cloak later if I get it all wrong," he shrugged carelessly. "No time to go to Madam Malkin anyway. Let's go!" After parting with Nick, they went to a secluded alley and Harry side-apparated them to a meadow nearby The Burrow. Hermione had told him that they had put apparation wards around the Weasley's residence.

Harry wrapped his cloak around him, while Naruto just changed his henge. They both walked slowly, watching for something suspicious.

"Oh, no. Scrimgeour," Harry groaned when he saw a person that he was sure was the minister. What was he doing here anyway? He realized that the man must want to talk to him. After Dumbledore's funeral, he asked Naruto to whisk him away when he saw the man approached him again like he did in Christmas. "This time like this, I love my invisibility cloak," he muttered grimly. "Hope that Mad Eye won't blow up my cover," he mumbled. He swore when the minister saw him.

"No need for that," Naruto put a hand on his shoulder and body-flickered them to the inside of The Burrow. To be exact, Ron's room. There was no one there.

"Bloody hell, I don't think I'll get used to that. And next time warn me first, will you?"

"Don't forget to call me Fox. I'll be around," and with that Naruto vanished without trace. Harry shook his head in exasperation and searched for his friends. Most people were outside, but he was sure that the Weasleys and perhaps the Fleurs were inside. He heard the loudest commotion from the kitchen, so he thought most of them were there. While he walked, he heard loud conversation from Bill's former room, so he opened the door. Only to face unfamiliar people inside. Well not all of them were unfamiliar, there were Fleur and Gabriel there along with Molly, and 2 women that must be of Delacour delegate. The conversation was stopped right away. Fleur's mother…or perhaps her aunt stopped halfway from brushing make up on the bride's face.

"Er…sorry. Wrong place," he stated embarrassedly before he slammed the door close.

There was seconds of slice, before Molly cried out his name in surprise and opened the door to see him, but Harry had already ran downstairs. Harry met the Weasleys halfway to the kitchen, as they all heard the matriarch of Weasley clan.

"Hey, guys," he smiled. Ginny ran to hug him, but Hermione slammed into him first and threw both of them to the ground. Harry groaned when his (still sore) body was slammed to the ground. The red head frowned and glowered, making her families edged away from her. "Er, Hermione, not that it isn't nice, but I need to stand up…and you kind of breaking my ribs," the brown haired girl seemed to realize this and she stood up immediately, before she helped Harry up.

She frowned. "Are you putting weight, Harry?" he was heavier than before.

"Hey, don't say it like I'm fat or something," he joked.

"Hm…" she stared at him from head to toes. "Now that you say it…you do look…nice."

"Seems like Harrykins didn't waste—" one of the twins sangsong.

"—His time. He isn't as—" the other finished it.


"He's not bone and skin anymore," Ron agreed.

"And look at his muscles," Charlie added a cent in.

"How did you know that? I put on my cloak," Harry asked, confused.

"Of course I know. I am a man."

"Is that supposed to mean something?" he blinked.

"Well one way—" Fred (or George) grabbed one of Harry's arms.

"—To find out," George (or Fred) grabbed the other. Both of them dragged Harry to Ron's room.

"Wait, wait, wait! Guys, what're you doing?" he struggled.

"Man, he is stronger than before," Fred tightened his hold. His twin did the same.

"Yes, he is."

Ron shrugged and followed them, followed by Bill and Charlie. Percy was nowhere to be found. He and Mr. Weasley must be entertaining the guests.

"You can't do this to me!" the door was slammed close, followed by a startled shriek from Harry. The women (and girls) could only watch dumbfounded.

"One will think it's Harry Potter's wedding day, instead of Bill's," Fleur's mother commented, causing Fleur and Gabrielle to giggle amusedly. (AN: don't care about the accent)

"Kind of reminds you of Bachelor Party, huh?" said the French champion with a grin, as she heard Harry's screams and the laughs of the male Weasleys.

"Well, well look at what we got here," the women (including Hermione and Ginny that had run to follow the males) pressed their ears on the door.

"THIS IS A RAPE, I TELL YOU!" Harry bellowed in panic, causing the eavesdroppers to giggle.

"Now, now, Harry. That's not nice!" it was Charlie's amused voice.

"What the—" Bill cried out. "Isn't that a gun?" there was an alarmed tone in his voice. Hermione gasped. The atmosphere went to cheerful to sober.

"Two, actually," was Harry's answer. Silence. And there was a shuffle from inside, as Harry righted his clothes.

"Gun? That muggle's candy?" Ron's voice. "Doesn't seem like it to me."

"That's gum, Ron," Harry's exasperated voice.

"Why in the hell you need two guns with you, Harry?" Bill's alarmed voice.

"Protection. If there is an attack, I'll be able to defend myself without magic. Hopefully I can shoot them in the nuts," there were choking voices from inside (and outside).

"Geez, aren't you a sadist?"

"You should see my trainer," Harry muttered.

"Your trainer? That scary man you hired?" Ron asked carefully.

"No, I mean an acquaintance of his, though Fox trained me too."

"And you're still alive?" Ron asked in awe.

"I'm here right now, aren't I? I'm pretty beat up though. I got more bruises than when I fought against that blasted HungarianTail.

"Let us see!" the twins shouted eagerly.

"Hey, don't touch there!"

"Nice abs," one of the twins commented.

"Man, I won't mind the training if he could change Harry like this in short time," the other added.

"Gerroff, will you! And that one is hurt, damnit!"

"You sure you can use it, Harry?" Bill asked in concern.

"…I can show you by shooting you in the nuts 30 meters from where I'm standing. For some reason, no matter how far my opponent is, I can always shoot them there."

"NO WAY! And you had done that before?" Bill bellowed in panic.

"Just dummies…unfortunately." It was one mystery that not even Naruto or Nick could solve. They just accepted it as a fact.

"Man, I pity the death eaters…not," Ron chuckled.

"What if—"

"—The death eater is—"

"—A woman?"

"…Never thought about that actually," Harry replied quietly.

The males burst out laughing. It was good to have Harry with them. It was like there was no war looming ahead and they could enjoy their life.

"Come on, we have a wedding to do," before the women and girls could move, Bill opened the door. They all fell to the floor in heaps. The males were staring at them.

"Uh…hi?" the females squeaked. They had a nice view of Harry's bare chest with the twins still drabbed around his shoulder, before Harry remembered about his half nakedness and covered himself with his cloak. There was a disappointment plastered on their faces.

"Oh, geez!" he cried out.


Harry filled out in a month, not only because of his training or diet, but also because he downed nutrient potion to fix his malnourished body, if you want to know. Want to add funny scene in this chapter.

And yes, here Scrimgeour didn't have time to approach Harry after the funeral, so he'll sought for him later in the wedding.

Yeah, I don't like HarryGinny pairing, so what? I'm more of HarryHermione (as long as she isn't bossy and controlling too much). That said, I don't plan to make any pairing at all here. Dunno if it'll change.

Naruto didn't seem as cold as he first to be. That's because it's hard for him to do that when his client is still young and he has crappy life. So he is kind of pitying Harry. He'll be cold and closed up in battle though. He'll try to detach any attachment to anyone including Harry, but our wizard hero is stubborn like Naruto used to be.

Another thing I'm not sure about…Is Nagini a real horcrux? It's a living thing and thus is influenced by time (meaning it can die of old age). What do you guys think? Should I make another thing as the real horcrux and not Nagini? That way both Gryffindor and Ravenclaw things will be horcruxes, instead of one of them.