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AN: I saw this last night and loved it, but it just struck me that there must be some important, sentimental reason for Casanova to love Carnivale as much as he did. So I thought about it, and this is just an idea I had. Hope you like it, and please review!

Carnivale. Even the word gave him a warm feeling inside. He closed his eyes and breathed in the scent of body paint, wood fires, dusty caravans and a faint trace of roses, memories barrelling through his mind as he remembered his mother. It was her scent. She had loved Carnivale. When he asked her why, she would simply smile, kiss his nose and tell him he'd understand when he was older. Then she would whisk them off to Carnivale, where Giacomo would sit and eat toffee apples and hot bread, watching as his mother performed with her troupe in the town square, amongst the merchants, performers, flower sellers, and hordes of spectators. Afterwards she would come and sit with him, her travelling cloak wrapped around the two of them as they lay on the roof of the caravan and watched the fireworks. And he would fall asleep, under blankets of stars, breathing in her woody, dusty, flowery scent mixed with the theatre paint she never bothered to scrub off entirely. Giacomo opened his eyes, back in the present, 15 years after he'd last seen her. And finally, as his hand closed around Francesca's, he understood. His mother had found her one true love at Carnivale. And now, Giacomo realised that for the same reason, he loved it too.