Gibbs entered the lab as he did everyday and today it was silent of the usual blaring music pressuring the speakers more and more with each day.

"Abs?" Gibbs called as he looked around the usual haunts the Goth occupied.

"In here." A voice sounded from Abby's office that lacked the usual energy and joy it usually had. Gibbs made his way to the office with a tall black coffee in one hand and a large Caff-Pow in the other. That would cheer her up he thought.

"Hey Abs, what's with the lack of ear-drum blaring music? Not that I'm complaining but it isn't you to sit in silence." Gibbs asked handing over the large drink to the waiting outstretched hand.

"I had to talk to you and when I asked you to come down here I wanted to be ready." Abby sadly and uncharacteristically replied.

"Ready for what, what's the matter Abby?" Gibbs asked starting to get worried when she looked she was on the verge of tears.

"Okay, I'll just say it cos I know how you hate rambling." Abby started and then paused to take a deep breath. "You know how I've been sick for the past few days?"

"Yeah, food poisoning wasn't it. Is it something more serious now cos I thought you said the symptoms were there?" Gibbs replied, his worry growing by the second.

"Serious definitely and unexpected for sure but not as bad as you would think unless serious means compromising my career and the rest of my life." Abby said in one breath trying to choke back the tears as the situation hit her.

"Your life? Abs, what is it?" Gibbs asked.

"Not food poisoning, more like morning sickness." Abby replied.

"What? Abs, you're pregnant." Gibbs said trying to suppress the smile on his face.

"Uh huh."