"Has Abby hacked the Commander's computer yet?" Gibbs asked Tony as he came up from the lab.

"Not yet, she says the only way she'll hack a computer in the pentagon is by calling DOD."

"Get McGee in here. I need access by the end of the day." Gibbs ordered.

"Are you sure we need to do that Boss?" Tony asked.

"You have a problem with McGee? I thought you were over that whole power struggle thing." Gibbs asked infuriated.

"It's not that, Boss. I don't think Abby has told him about your unexpected visitor yet." Tony said.

"Oh. Well, he's going to find out eventually and we need help on this case before it is too late." Gibbs reasoned with him.

"You're the Boss. You can deal with Abby's wrath." Tony answered.

"What was that DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked to clarify despite hearing what he said.

"Nothing, Boss." Tony answered picking up the phone nearly dropping the receiver as he copped a smack to the back of the head.

"Damn straight." Gibbs replied as he left the bullpen to see the Director.