Chapter 1- Pilot

"Yuki, why won't you even try it?" Haru asked.

"Because I'm not that kind of guy." Yuki answered simply.

"Please just try it once. If you don't like it, we'll stop." Haru pleaded.

Yuki grunted and walked away, ignoring Haru.

"Damn it." Haru cursed under his breath.

Yuki walked out to his base, his one sanctuary that he could go to when he had a problem, such as now.

He heard Haru yell his name, but he kept walking.

"Why does he always try?" Yuki asked out loud. "I'm not that kind of guy." Yuki started to shift the dirt around.

Haru stood in the kitchen staring at the door that Yuki had just gone out of.

"Yuki!" He yelled and started to follow sad boy, turning Black in the process.

"Yuki…" Haru started to say, walking up behind him.

"Haru, please stop pushing," Yuki, pleaded, his eyes looking imploringly at Haru.

Haru stopped walking and just looked at him.

"Yuki…" Haru whispered again.

He stepped up to Yuki, gripped his wrist and pulled him close.

"What are you doing?" Yuki asked, suddenly scared. He knew he would probably lose against Black Haru.

"I want you. And I will have you." Haru stated firmly, and with that, he crammed his lips onto Yuki's.

At first, Yuki tried to pull away, but then he began to like the kiss. Haru dropped Yuki's arms and put his hand on the back of his head. Yuki wrapped his arms around Haru's middle.

'I knew he'd like it.' Haru thought triumphantly as he turned back into normal, White Haru.

Yuki made the next step, licking Haru bottom lip, wanting entrance. Haru happily complied, and put his leg in between Yuki's. Yuki groaned and pushed into it.

'Yuki you're kissing Haru!' Yuki realized with a start. He quickly broke the kiss.

"No." Yuki said resolutely, trying to hide his lust.

"You like it." Haru said, confused.

"No." Yuki yelled. "I don't like you like that." He pushed Haru away from him with two hands, causing Haru to stumble slightly.

"Yes you do. Come on Yuki, stop hiding what you truly feel. I'm open with it. And I've never been happier." Haru begged when he had righted himself.

"No!" Yuki said, and he started walking away. Haru stood frozen on the spot, completely dumb founded with what had just happened.

"But you liked it." He repeated softly, but it was to himself, as Yuki was already gone.

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