Chapter 13 Ending 2 Part 2

'Uo,' He thought. Both notebooks were hers. He remembered clearly now. She forgot her books one day after class after leaving in a hurry. He grabbed them and was going to give them to Tohru to give them back. He forgot about them and didn't want to take the chance of Kyo finding them, so he hid them upstairs on the same dresser as her chemistry book and a folder of blank paper.

Haru smiled at Tohru.

"I'm sorry I can't tell you." He said to her. "But I do love Yuki, and I've been faithful to him." Tohru smiled. Everyone was looking at them with a raised eyebrow.

"What?" Yuki asked, still trying to wake up. "What are you talking about?"He asked.

Haru moved quickly to him and kissed him. Yuki at first turned red when Shigure went chibi-faced and Kyo rolled his eyes and walked out the room.

Haru continue to fill Yuki in upstairs while getting ready for bed.

"So who do they really belong?" Yuki asked when most of the details were revealed.

"I can't say. I'm sorry but secrets are secrets." Haru said as nicely as he could.

"But you didn't promise you wouldn't tell anyone you only decided to be the good person and return the books to the owner. So nothing really is holding you back." Yuki argued pleasantly.

"Yuki," Haru stated shocked. "I can't betray someone's trust like that."

"I know its okay." Yuki said shrugging with a smile.

"So now I have my memories back I remember a certain alone time in the woods not to long ago." Yuki turned red. "I remember how perfect it was." Haru continued.

"Do you remember a few days ago in this room?" Yuki asked as Haru kissed down Yuki's neck from behind (Haru's chest touching Yuki's back. Just so we're all clear.)

"I know I was a real jerk. But you can't really hold that against me. Can you?"

"No I guess not," Yuki agreed. "Did you mean it?"

"What do you mean?" Haru asked hoping they could just move on.

"Did you honestly want that to happen?" Yuki blurted out. "Cause I've thought of nothing else."

"Of course I want that. I want all of it." Haru said touching Yuki's shoulders. "You on me," Yuki's heart started to beat faster. "Me on you," Haru talked up his neck. "Both of us panting," Yuki knew he was losing control and started to put his weight against Haru's warm shirtless body. "Our sweat dripping." Haru gently bit Yuki's ear lobe.

Yuki let his all of his strength go. He had to move his feet so he wouldn't fall his head was spinning much. Haru gripped Yuki's arms and pulled him back against him. "Lip biting," He whispered in Yuki's ear. 'Finger digging," Yuki had to close his eyes. 'Wanting more," Haru's heat grew. "Wanting it harder." Yuki held on to Haru's arms that were tightly around him. "Wanting it deeper." Yuki almost hurt he was so hard. "Yuki, I'm going to take your pants off." Haru said. Yuki nodded.

"Yuki, I'm putting…." Haru started to say but Yuki couldn't hear anything but a steady heart beat.

He felt a little more stable when he felt something soft and solid on his chest. He started to open his eyes and found himself on the bed on his stomach. Haru was kissing down his back. They were both naked.

His head was still spinning. He gripped the sheets at the unbelievable pleasure Haru's lips brought. Yuki barely realized what was happening, but it felt good.

He heard a click, and something hard but small hit the floor. He felt Haru's racing heart on his back. Haru's traveling hand went up and down Yuki's only opening. It was shockingly cold.

"Yuki, do exactly as I say. Do you understand?" Haru asked while he continued to move his fingers over Yuki's backside. Yuki nodded slightly confused. Soon Yuki felt pressure as Haru slowly moved in his finger. Yuki sucked in a deep breath.

'What's happening?' He thought being brought rapidly back to reality. He quickly searched for the words in his head. He tried to put this puzzle together.

"Yuki, take a deep breath." Haru said his voice low and salutary. Yuki did as commanded and before his could exhale the little pressure he with Haru's fingers grew into quick pain as Haru pushed himself inside Yuki firmly but slowly.

Yuki couldn't even find the sound to yell out loud. Haru only gasped and held onto Yuki's hips.

"Yuki… Yuki…" Haru whispered in his ears. He began to move. He found just enough strength to hold himself up when Yuki gripped the sheets in his hands and yelped.

"Does it hurt?" He asked already so close to is edge. Yuki didn't say anything but surprisingly tried to move. Haru smiled and thrusted again and again. Yuki gasped.

"M…m…" He panted.

"What is it my love?" Haru asked.

"More!" Yuki cried out finally. Haru happily obliged. Yuki felt a serge of heat from inside him and Haru gasping for breath at the same time.

Yuki felt him roll off of him. Their eyes locked.

"Wow." Yuki said. He closed his eyes and tried to hold on to the amazing feeling. He felt Haru sit up and lay back down and suddenly Haru pulled Yuki on top of him.

Yuki opened is eyes in surprise. Haru easily moved them so Yuki was between his legs. Yuki propped himself up not sure what to do, so he watched Haru. Haru had a small tube in his hand, he covered his hand in it like lotion but it was clear. And the small click Yuki heard earlier came again when Haru closed the lid. Haru reached down and covered mini Yuki in this clear lotion. It was cold like before.

Haru then hoisted himself up so all weight was on his upper back. And before Yuki could really grasp on what he was doing Haru grabbed Yuki's now very large member and guided it his only opening and pulled Yuki closer causing him to enter.

Haru's eyes grew wider and wider while Yuki's eyes mirrored his.

"Are you sure?" Yuki asked at the unbelievable feeling. Haru nodded and smiled at Yuki's face. And with no need of more encouragement, Yuki continued to move forward. When he finally filled Haru completely and started to move in and out. Faster and faster, the pleasure was so intense. Yuki didn't know anything could feel this good in his whole life. And only a minute of two of his movements he filled Haru with his heat. Haru was panting hard.

Yuki fell limp on top of him and they both drifted off into a pleasant sleep.

The next morning Haru went downstairs before Yuki hoping to catch Tohru alone.

"Tohru can I ask you something." He asked when he saw her in the kitchen making breakfast.

"Sure what is it Haru-san?"

"Can you invite Uo-san and Hana-san for dinner?" he asked coolly.

"Sure," Tohru said. "I'll talk to Shigure about it." She smiled and like a light switch being turned on she lit up. "Are those drawings Uo's or Hana's? She asked. Haru looked away.

"I'm not saying yes or no." and walk out the room. Tohru grinned and finished breakfast wondering if it was Hana of Uo who had the crush on Kyo.

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