This one is a little different from my other fics. Someone wanted me to write a prison fic and this is the best I could come up with at the time. Nothing supernatural about it, just Dean and Sam being thrown into a prison. Please be warned….there are references to male rape but nothing explicit.

Locked up

The rain was coming down in buckets as Dean maneuvered the car along a back stretch of road in Georgia. They were heading toward a small town named Woodsdale, in order to investigate a reported haunting in an old school house.

"I never saw it rain this hard before." Sam said looking out the side window. He could hardly see out of it in the moonless night.

"I did. Dad and I were up in Washington State and …."

Before he could finish a deer ran out in front of them and Dean swerved trying to avoid it. He managed to, but on the slick highway he ended up fishtailing and spinning completely around. They both sat for a few seconds in stunned silence.

"I think my whole life just flashed before me." Sam joked.

"That was close." Dean said as he turned the car around and continued driving. A few seconds later he looked in the rear view mirror and saw flashing lights behind him.

"I wonder what he wants?" He said as he pulled to the side of the road. Sam turned around in his seat and looked out the back window. He watched as two officers got out, one walked toward Dean's side the other his side.

Dean rolled down the window.

"Good afternoon officer, what's the problem?" He gave him his most innocent smile.

"Let me see your license and registration." Dean glanced at Sam as he reached in his glove compartment and hoped he pulled out the correct identification. He handed it to the officer.

"You were all over the road back there." The officer said as he handed the documents back to Dean.

"Yeah, a deer ran out in front of me and I had to swerve."

"I didn't see any deer."

"Well there was one, it ran off down into that field."

"I was right behind you and I didn't see any deer." The officer repeated as he leaned down and looked into the car. "You boys been drinking?" He shone his flashlight in Sam's face.

"No officer, like my brother said he swerved to avoid a deer." Sam said as he squinted his eyes against the bright light.

"Let me see your ID."

Sam took out his wallet and handed it over to the officer who studied it then tossed it back in the car.

"Get out of the car." He ordered Sam.

"There must be some mistake officer I…."

"Get out of the car!" The officer took a step back and put his hand on his holster.

Sam glanced at Dean before getting out of the car. He was immediately grabbed by the officer on his side of the car and slammed down hard onto the hood of the Impala his arm twisted behind him.

"What's this all about!" Dean said getting out of the car angry that his brother was being hurt.

"Hold it right there." The officer said as he took a step back and unsnapped his holster.

"Just tell me what's going on?" Dean watched as the officer with Sam twisted his arm up even further on his back causing him to cry out in pain. "Stop it, you're hurting him!"

When the officer jammed his elbow hard into Sam's back and pulled his head back by his hair Dean couldn't control his anger.

"Damn it you're hurting him!" Dean started to go around the car to his brother's aide. "Let him go, he didn't do anything!"

Before he reached his brother he heard Sam shout a warning to him but it was too late. A club came down across the back of his head knocking him to his knees. Sam's worried face flashed in front of him as he passed out.

The police station

"Ohhhh man." Dean moaned as he woke up and looked into Sam's face.

"Dean you okay?" Sam asked.

"What the hell happened?" He asked as he rubbed the back of his head.

"I don't know…I think they think I'm someone else. They haven't really said too much. They just threw us in here."

Dean slowly sat up with Sam's help and realized they were in an old jail cell which to him appeared to be something from out of the old west. The cell sat down the hallway from the main office of the police station.

"And Dean…they took your car keys."

"Damn! If they look in my trunk …."

"Or glove compartment." Sam added, knowing Dean had a collection of fake ID's in the compartment.

A short time later the two officers came back to the jail area.

"What are you two boys into?"

"What do you mean Officer…" Dean looked at the name on his badge. "Walker." He added, praying they hadn't looked in his trunk but knew they probably had.

"Your trunk is filled with all kinds of strange weapons. What were you two planning?"

Dean glanced at Sam, trying to decide what to say but decided the truth was the best.

"We're….ghost hunters."

"Ghost hunters!" The cop said then looked at his partner and laughed. "Aren't you two boys a little old to be playing Ghost Busters?"

"Look officer I have a permit for the weapons if that's a problem."

"The problem is your friend."

"Me?" Sam wondered what they thought he had done. He glanced at Dean, a hint of fear in his eyes.

"Yeah you son, we've been looking for you for over a week now in connection with that convenience store robbery."

"Hey you got the wrong guy." Sam said standing up. "We only got into Georgia early this morning."

"He's right officer. We were in Indiana a week ago."

The officer looked at Dean.

"And you, you're in trouble for attacking an officer of the law." The officer shook his head. "You two boys are in big trouble."