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Locked Up

Chapter twelve

Sam's body instinctively jerked at the sound of the shot, and he waited to feel pain that never came. He glanced back at Dean who had automatically reached out to catch his brother's body but instead now looked at him in disbelief.

They both then looked at the warden who stood in front of them with a surprised look on his face, a red hole on the side of his forehead. His eyes glazed over almost immediately and he fell face forward onto the floor.

One of the state police task force members walked into the room holding the gun that had fired the shot, he was followed by ten other officers.

"What the hell took you guys so long!" Dean shouted at them when they entered.

"Sorry, we met a little resistance outside."

Sam looked back at Dean speechless. He couldn't believe that they both were still alive.

Dean quickly wiped the tears from his eyes.

"I knew it was going to work out." He said trying to hide his embarrassment. He had always tried to keep his emotions hidden, but just a few minutes earlier he was standing in front of his brother crying like a baby.

"Yeah." Was all Sam said, he could tell Dean was embarrassed and as much as he wanted to kid him about it decided not to. They had both been through hell and all he wanted right now was to get out of there as soon as possible.

A paramedic who had come with the officers saw the condition they were in and quickly headed over to them.

"He's been shot." Sam pointed at his brother.

The paramedic gently examined Dean's wound, flushed it with antibiotics then bandaged it.

"The bullet took a nice hunk out of your side but it passed through. But you're still going to need to go to the hospital and get some stitches to close it up."

Dean nodded then gently grabbed Sam's arm and pulled him in front of the paramedic.

"You need to check my brother's back. They whipped him."

"Whipped!" The paramedic looked up at the other officers knowing physical discipline was not allowed in the prison. "What the hell was going on here?"

"We'll give you full details once we're out of here." Dean said as he watched the paramedic unzip Sam's jumpsuit then gently pull it down in the back.

Sam winced in pain as the cloth stuck to the dried blood and the wounds were once more ripped open.

"Those bastards!" Dean said softly shaking his head in sympathy when he got a good look at the ten slash marks that marred his brother's back. "Damn them!" He could feel the rage in him building again for what they had done to his brother.

"It's okay. It doesn't hurt." Sam said softly.

Dean knew he was lying. He could see Sam's body tense up each time the paramedic touched his wounds.

Once they were patched up they were lead from the cell and both of them glanced back at the two bodies that remained behind. Dean gave a small smile, glad that both men who had caused them both so much pain were now dead.


They were taken from the prison to a hospital where their wounds were once more cleaned and treated. Then they were questioned by the state police and told them the entire story of what had happened since they were falsely arrested by Officer Walker and his partner. The state police then had Walker brought in for questioning and he finally cracked and told them everything that had been going on at the prison in order to receive a lighter sentence when the case went to trial. Between that and the senator's assurance that the boys could be trusted they were released. The hospital wanted to keep them overnight but both brothers wanted to get as far away from the town as they could and from what had happened. Dean slowly got in the car and then watched as his brother climbed in. He could tell when Sam went to put his back against the seat that it was painful.

"You going to be okay?" He asked when he saw the pained look on Sam's face.

"Yeah." He said as he gently leaned back. He shut his eyes for a few minutes until the pain subsided. "How 'bout yourself?"

"I'm okay, but I'll be a whole lot better once we're out of this town."

"Yeah, me too."

Dean could see a haunted look on Sam's face. His baby brother had been through a lot the last couple of days.

"You sure you're okay?"

Sam nodded and then turned his head away and looked out the side window not wanting Dean to see the tears that filled his eyes, but Dean had noticed them.

"Sammy…." Dean swallowed hard, he didn't know how to ask Sam but he had to know. He had to make sure his brother was really okay. "That son of a bitch didn't touch you did he?"

He could hear his brother choke back a little sob as he shook his head and continued looking out the window. Dean knew Marlin was dead and knew there was no way he could take out the rage he felt on him now. He glanced over at Sam and knew that his brother would probably take what ever happened to him in that cell to his grave without ever telling him. His face turned hard as he pressed the accelerator to the floor and sped out of town, his own eyes filled with tears.

The End