Who's the First to Hit the Ground?

Summary: A fic about Garland's family and the effect they have on him. I pretty much invented the whole family, explanation inside. It will boil down to a Garland, Brooklyn and Mystel friendship fic, and I might throw in The Blitzkrieg Boys, just to keep things interesting.

Unfortunately, I don't know half as much as I would like to about these guys. I've only seen Mystel once… I think it was against Max, if they ever bladed? And what I've seen of Garland and Brooklyn? I saw Garland's battle against Tyson, and I saw them right at the beginning, when they were watching Tyson blade against Crusher. And I saw a tiny bit of the Brooklyn vs. Kai battle, where Kai lost. If anyone can somehow send me clips or something, I would be very grateful. Contact me somehow. So enjoy…

Oh yes, one more thing. This takes place pretty much just after Boris was defeated, BEGA are all still under Boris, and Tala is still in his coma. And I made Garland English. I thought it would work better with the storyline.

Apologies for OOCishness… and remember: Don't sue, Complain!

Explanation for this chapter: This is not a follow on from the last chapter. THIS IS NOT CONNECTED TO THE LAST CHAPTER! It is merely following some of the ideas that I thought about whilst writing the last chapter. Oh yes, also, when the sequel is up, it follows on from the last chapter. SO DON'T ASK ANY AWKWARD QUESTIONS! Oh yeah, and it's really short. Sorry about that guys, but I couldn't really think of much to write!

Who's the First to Hit the Ground?

"Bryan?" Spencer turned around to the younger boy, shocked beyond belief. Something Boris had done had got to Bryan, but what? Bryan took another shuddering breath

"Spence…" His voice was barely audible above the storm that had begun. "I'm… sorry Spence… Goodbye…"

"No!" Spencer was shaking his friend by this point. "No, Bryan! Don't give up! Please don't let Boris win!"

But it was too late. Bryan had gone.

Coryn sat up, his heart in his mouth. How could his parents just sit there? How could Kylie? How, for that matter, could he? He closed his eyes.

All this because of a stupid fight, years ago. He'd been a smarmy git then, he wasn't proud of it.

Please don't be dead, Garland. I never got the chance to say sorry.

Spencer sighed and closed his team mate's eyes, his face wet with tears.

All his life, he'd thought they would always be together. Spencer, the adult, fatherly like one, Bryan, the angry teenager, yet so funny when you got to know him, Tala, the playful, flirty one, Kai, the rebel, so protective and so angry and Ian, the little one, who they all teased.

But that had ended with Black Dranzer. After Kai destroyed the Abbey, things would never be the same again.

They had thought the reason Kai hadn't acknowledged them when he became a Demolition Boy was because he didn't remember them. But they soon learnt the real reason.

He didn't want to.

He was so scared, so damn scared of being abandoned by his 'friends', so damn scared of being proved wrong that he had blocked out everything good that the others could still remember.

And then he'd watched them fall. Fall from grace, fall from that pedestal of fear…

And now one of them was dead because of him.

Kylie's eyes widened as Coryn jumped down from the make shift stage that had been set up for them. She shrugged her shoulders, and followed him, more gently. She was a lady, after all. She arrived in time to hear Coryn and Taylor's conversation.

"What are you doing here?" Angry. To the point. Taylor.

"I want to help. Garland's my brother too!" Sweet. Pure. Coryn.

"Funny way you have of showing it!" Annoying. Sarcastic. Yup, that was Marcus.

"I know I haven't been perfect… Screw it, I've been the worst sibling on the planet, but I really want to help!"

"Come on, Tay. If he wants to help." Motherly. Pathetic. Adaira. Who else would it be?

"Besides, if it's all of us, then he doesn't stand a chance!" Kylie added, placing her hand on Coryn's shoulder.

Hey, she may not like his principles, but she had to agree with Coryn, right?

Spencer adjusted his lost team mates' position on his shoulders as he tramped through the streets of Tokyo, silently.

The tears he might have shed for Bryan had grown cold and turned to tears of hate.

I will get my revenge.

"We're a team, right? The Seabalts." Coryn looked at his elder siblings. Marcus gave him an absentminded smile before he pulled his helmet on. Adaira grinned at him, securing her hair under her hard hat. Kylie narrowed her eyes slightly, and gave her racket a swing. Taylor's mouth tightened and he gripped the handle of his gun. Five pairs of grey eyes watched as Garland staggered into the clearing.

Only Coryn noticed he had a gun.

Placing his team mate on the floor, Spencer stepped up to join his remaining friends.

Coryn bit his lip nervously and dropped the ball on the ground. Rubbing his hands together, he kicked it with such force that it struck the gun out of his younger brother's hands. Adaira, Marcus and Kylie ran to help him.

Behind him, Coryn could feel Taylor's approval. He looked back. Taylor smiled at him. Only a small smile, but it was a start.

The Seabalts had split. Kai and Tala paled as they heard what had happened to their friend.

And Boris Balkov stepped in, a smile on his face.

He smiled as he raised the gun. Smiled as he cocked it. Smiled as he shot it. Smiled as he heard the scream.


Marcus drove Bubba into position, cutting off Boris' escape route. Boris shrugged and turned to the left. Adaira and Petrova turned up, blocking the path. And nobody wants to mess with a horse. He turned to the right.

Apollon, spinning slowly but viciously, stopped him there. And, if there was any doubt in Boris' mind, it disappeared with one look at Garland's face.

He turned to face the front, the only option left.

"You mess with one Seabalt-" Taylor snarled, cocking the gun.

"You mess with all the Seabalts." Coryn completed, kicking the football. It struck Boris' legs, making him fall to the floor.

There was a shot.

It was over.

Sorry guys, this doesn't do the other two chapters justice, does it? I just wanted to write this because I've been lying in bed for the past two days thinking 'Should I kill off Bryan and Spencer? Should I make Coryn and Kylie good?' So I decided to do just that.

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