Pairing- HP/SS

Warning- This is a vampire fic. If that offends you please don't read on.

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Chapter 1

'How do I get myself roped into these jobs?' Severus Snape thought to himself as she stalked up Privet Drive, his long black coat billowing behind him almost as well as his teaching robes. 'God I hate muggles. This street is too perfect. It is eerie.' All of the lawns were perfectly mowed there was not a weed to be seen in the whole street. 'No wonder he has never been discovered here. No wizard would come near here. It is so dead, devoid of magic and life. His stupid muggle relatives have probably taken him on holiday and he's too busy being worshipped to write to the Order and tell everyone that he's fine. Stupid boy he has Albus worried about him. Damn Albus and his infernal twinkle!'


"Good morning Severus. Would you care for a lemon drop or some tea?" Albus Dumbledore had asked as he sat down. He was always asked and his answer was always the same.

"No thank you Albus. What do you want Headmaster?" He asked impatiently, it was after all the summer holidays. Severus had an idea for a new potion that he wanted to test out.

"Now Severus, why do you presume that I want something. I could simply have wanted the pleasure of your company…"

Severus snorted.

"…But now that you mention it. I want you to go and check up on a student."

"If its Potter then no." He said determinedly.

"Yes, it is Harry Potter. Now Severus don't look like that. He hasn't sent the Order or his friends a letter since he left. I'm worried about him," Albus said, his infamous twinkle almost non-existent. Snape knew that something must be very wrong. Yet he refuse to believe that Potter was in danger. 'Most probably too busy to write and enjoys making all of us worry.'

"Albus the boy's family have probable taken him on holiday and he's too busy being pampered to write to us. Or he is playing for attention. I won't go Albus. There is nothing wrong with Potter," Snape insisted. 'I don't want to meet the boy's insufferable relatives and see how they worship him.

"Severus, his owl turned up earlier this morning. She was extremely distressed and malnourished. You know Harry would never mistreat her. The sooner you leave the sooner you can return to your precious potions," He replied.

Snape, recognising it for the veiled order it was told him, "Fine. I will check up on the brat. I will be back soon," and swept out of Dumbledore's office.

"Thank you my boy. I just hope your not too late," Albus Dumbledore muttered dejectedly to the empty room. 'Please Merlin let Harry be all right. Let my suspicions be wrong.'

End Flashback

Snape walked up the path to number 4 Privet Drive and knocked on the front door. There was a loud banging and then the door was opened by a very large boy. He looked to be about Potter's age but was the size of a baby whale. There was no family resemblance. 'Potter's probably very glad about that.'

"Hello, may I see Mr Potter? Albus Dumbledore sent me I am one of his Professors." He asked in the politest voice he could managing to disguise the revulsion he felt.

The boy's reaction was unexpected. He screamed for his father and ran off holding his rather large backside. 'That was weird." Snape thought.

Then a large, but not as large as the boy, purple-faced man came out of what seemed to be the living room to see what the commotion was about.

'Must be his uncle.' Snape thought. He politely said, "Hello, I'm here to inquire after Mr Potter."

The change was instantaneous. The man's face became a deep beetroot colour and he said gruffly, " There's no one by that name here," and attempted to close the door on him.

Snape quickly blocked him and said, "Listen Dursley. I have been sent by Dumbledore to check up on Potter. Where is he?"

Once again Vernon Dursley denied that Harry Potter lived there. Snape became angry obviously the muggle was lying. He didn't need to be able to read his mind to know that. He withdrew his wand and stepped into the house forcing the man backwards. Petrifying the fat muggle and his horse-like wife, who had come out of the kitchen to see why her son had run in holding his bum. Snape ran up the stairs finally worried about Potter. 'There was something not right about the house,' Snape thought, 'There are no pictures of Potter just that whale I presume to be his cousin. There is no evidence that another child lives or had ever lived here.'

He searched the bedrooms upstairs. The master was obviously the adults' room. It had a large dip on one side. The second room he looked in was most definitely the whales'. It was filled with toys and a bookshelf that looked as though it had never been approached. Besides the bed resembled a hammock by its shape. Looking into the third he still could not find Potter. It only contained broken toys and a small bed. Obviously a guest room although Snape wondered why there were bars on the window and a cat flap on the door. Unable to find Potter in any of the bedrooms so he want back downstairs.

He enervated the man, "Where is Harry Potter, Dursley?" he asked softly, pointing his wand in the fat muggle's face.

"The freak deserved everything he got. He's a murderer and dangerous. He almost got my poor Dudley killed last summer."

"I do not want to know your reasons Dursley. Where is he?" Severus Snape asked the muggle in his best teaching voice. The one that had first years wetting themselves and still had seventh years stuttering their replies.

Vernon's eyes flickered over to the stairs. Snape followed his gaze. There was a small cupboard under the stairs. It also had three padlocks on it. 'They didn't?' Snape thought horrified. As he approached it he was hit by a wave of misery and pain. He cast alohamora on it and the locks fell off. Opening the door he could smell blood, unwashed body and stale sex. It smelt worse than one of Voldemort's torture chambers. The Potions Master peered inside, huddled into a ball on an old camp bed, naked, was The Boy Who Lived. He was coated in blood and filth. It was a complete contrast to the rest of the house. It was spotless.

Snape rushed over to his student and attempted to find a pulse. There was one although it was very faint. There was no way the boy would make it back to Hogwarts alive. There was only one thing Severus Snape could do. 'Albus forgive me; there is no other way. May you also forgive me one day Harry. I am so sorry.' He touched the boy's arm gently. Harry flinched and curled up tighter as if expecting to he stuck.

"Potter…Harry, it's ok. It's Professor Snape. Your safe now."

"Professor?" Harry murmured looking up at him weakly, uncurling slightly. It was amazing that the boy was still conscious.

"Yes Harry. It's ok now. I am going to you out of here. Do you trust me?" 'If he does now will he once he finds out what I have done to him?'

"Yes," Harry breathed, it was too painful to speak.

"This will only hurt for a second. I promise."

Then Severus Snape lowered his head to Harry's neck, unsheathed his fangs and sunk them into his student's jugular. Once he had drained Harry almost completely, which didn't take long at all considering all the blood the boy had already lost; he stopped and bit his own wrist. He offered it to Harry, the boy took a little coaxing to drink form it but soon instinct kicked in and he was sucking hard, as though it was the nectar of the gods.

After a minute the vampire stopped Harry, "That's enough Childe," he told the boy gently as so not to frighten him. Then he licked the cut and it healed. Looking back up at Harry he saw that he had lost consciousness. It was probably for the best the change was painful and for one so abused already it would be worse. Severus Snape picked up his young Childe and covered him with the one small threadbare blanket he had been allowed, noticing how light the boy was. 'What has the boy been through?' Stepping out of the cupboard he remembered the Dursleys.

"I will be back to deal with you later Dursley. No one hurts a child and gets away with it especially when the child is Harry Potter. Child abuse is punishable by the Kiss in our world. It is not accepted at all. We cherish children. And this child in particular, he is the saviour of the Wizarding World you know. The entire Wizarding World will be outraged when they hear of this. They will demand vengeance." With that promise and threat he left Vernon and Petunia Dursley to consider their actions.

Carefully he carried the abused saviour out of that evil house he had been forced to live in for the almost sixteen years, and down the street to the edge of the apparation zone. He sighed in relief to get away from that street. It was like something from the film 'Stepford Wives'. Yes Severus Snape did watch muggle films. He enjoyed the change from the Wizarding World. The way that they portrayed magic was fascinating to him. One of his favourite books and films was 'The Lord of the Rings'.