Disclaimers: The Incredibles belongs to Brad Bird, Pixar Animation Studios, and Walt Disney Productions. "Hello, Young Lovers" belongs to the estates of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II.

Scene: The Parr residence.

Time: Mid-autumn, about eight years after the passage of the Superhero Relocation Act.

The lights go up to reveal the upstairs loft of the Parr house. It is a well-kept, middle-income sort of room, in no way remarkable.

There is the sound of feet on the stairway, and Helen Parr enters the scene, wearing her trademark pink bathrobe. Various clues indicate that she has just come from putting Violet and Dash to bed. She kneels on the floor, opens the window, and looks out (there is no screen). For a few moments she looks silently out into the night; then, softly, she begins to sing.

Hello, young supers, whoever you are,
All bright and shiny and new.
Blessings upon you and sleep well tonight;
I've been a super too.

Hello, young supers, it's Helen Wright Parr –
Elastigirl, maybe, to you –
Here at my window, rememb'ring tonight:
I've been a super too.

I know what it means to have spells in your genes
And a hunger that bears you along.
You hunger to speak and to fight for the weak,
That the weak might thus be made strong…

Her voice fails, and she is silent for a moment before continuing.

Don't cry, young supers, don't think that you're through,
That Stratogale's era has flown.
Though you lie hid in the darkness tonight,
Time has a pow'r of its own.

During the last verse, a strong breeze has been blowing, carrying with it a number of fallen leaves. As she ends the verse, Helen suddenly extends her arm to about three times its usual length and snatches a maple leaf from the air. There is no indication that she has done this consciously; it appears to be a completely instinctive reaction.

She looks at the leaf, slightly startled. Then a smile begins to play at her mouth, and she looks back out the window and sings:

And I've had a pow'r of my own… like yours…
I've had a pow'r of my own.

Lights fade out.