A/N: Okay, Feb 06's installment of EI Crossover series... man I need to finish one of the other uncompleted 3 (shrugs) oh well. This time the Straw Hats are back this time they're the ones in another world! A world where 6 girls go to high school with bizarre things happen everyday... Azumanga Daioh! I got the idea from so many One Piece AU fics where they go to school this time they7 go to an Alternate Universe and must go to school to fit in with the exception of Robin and Chopper that is...

Disclaimer: I don't One Piece or Azumanga Daioh, if I did then 4kids wouldn't have gotten their hands on One Piece and Azumanga Daioh would have had a longer animeseries. (rants) That 4kids, I just saw the "Poison Suction cup" episode the other day and will some explain why before they hit Luffy they look like spikes?

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Azumanga Piece

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Tomo Did What?

A girl named Tomo Takino brought her friends, Yomi, Osaka, Sakaki, Chiyo-Chan and Kagura to her hose to show them something. Whatever it was it was hidden under a sheet.

"Dun dun dun! Presenting Tomo's interdemensional gateway gate way!" said Tomo excitingly removing the sheet a strange machine with many knobs and a switch.

Everyone was silent until Yomi said "What is that suppose to be?"

"It's an interdemensional gate way! It can bring people or send people to other dimensions" said Tomo.

"Wow that's neat" said Osaka.

"I doubt it will work though." said Chiyo-Chan.

"Yeah, I mean… it's you" said Kagura.

"Their both right, you can't even get decent grades…" said Yomi.

"Fine then if it works then you have to buy me juice"! said Tomo.

"If it works then I'll you a steak dinner" said Yomi sarcastically, knowing that it probably wouldn't work.

"I'll hold you to it!" said Tomo.

She began ot fiddle wit the knobs and flipped a switch. A bright light appeared…

Meanwhile in another world the it was a nice quiet day for the Straw Hat Pirates… Luffy sat on the sheep's head, Nami lounged on the chair, Robin read, Sanji fawned over them, Zoro slept and Usopp told one of his sorties to Chopper… then suddenly a blue light appeared in the sky right above the ship.

"What it that!" yelled Luffy.

"Do you have to yell… I was sleeping…" said Zoro who woke then saw what Luffy was talking about "What the hell is that?"

The light changed to strange portal… sucking up all 7 pirates.

Back in the other world in Tomo's room the light died down and a portal appeared. The portal dropped off the 7 pirates in a pile and the portal disappeared. All 7 pirates were in daze.

"It… it… it!" said all five girls in shock, even Tomo was shocked that it actually worked, she3 just made it up to annoy her friends. She deiced to use it to her advantage.

"It worked, Yomi looks like you owe me the steak dinner!" said Tomo.

The phrase "Steak dinner" snapped the idiot rubber man captain out of his daze, "Can I have some too!" he said getting up.

"Who are you?" asked Tomo.

"Oh… I don't know… maybe one of the people who feel though the portal!" said Yomi.

"Oh yeah…" said Tomo.

The 6 other Straw Hats began to get out of their dazes.

"What happened?" said Nami.

"I remember being sucked up into the light…" said Usopp.

Sanji looked at the rather confused girls… his visible eye exploded in hearts as he grabbed Sakaki's hand. "Oh be still my heart, a beauty such as you must…" he said until Zoro bonked him on the head and dragged him away from the extremely confused girl.

"Will someone explain where are we and how did we get here." said Nami.

Tomo began to explain that she created an interdemensional gateway and that's what brought them there.

"So you can send us back?" asked Robin.

"Yeah…" said Tomo "I hope…" she thought.

Just then the Interdemensional gate way blew up. Everyone was shocked.

"That means we're stuck here!" yelled Nami.

"Well I guess I can make another…" said Tomo, "The thing is… I have no idea how it worked in the first place…"

"What!" yelled Nami and Zoro.

"I somehow knew this would happen…" said Yomi.

"So what are we going to do?" said Chiyo-Chan.

"I don't know… maybe we should tell someone that we brought a bunch of people from another dimension" said Tomo.

"What's all this "we" talk?" said Yomi.

"You're here too so that you my accomplices! That's right my accomplices! My accomplices! Mwa ha ha ha ha!" said Tomo.

Everyone sweatdroped, "Don't mind her, she's like this all the time" said Yomi.

Nami sighed, "What are we going to do…" she said.

Then Osaka said randomly "You must be pirates."

"Oh come on Os…" said Tomo but before she could finish her sentence Luffy replied "Yeah how did you know?"

All the girls but Osaka anime, "I don't know I just knew" said Osaka.

"Great, Tomo you brought in Pirates from another world" said Kagura.

"That sounds like movie title." said Osaka.

"We should figure out what to do." Said Robin ignoring the... um… conversation.

"I agree." said Sakaki also ignoring the conversation.

"Well we can call Miss Kurosawa." said Chiyo-Chan.

"You think she can help us?" asked Nami.

"Well maybe she can us think about what you can do until we can figure out a way to send you back to your world." said Chiyo-Chan.

"Do you have her number?" said Sakaki.

"Yeah gave it to me after…" said Chiyo-Chan who suddenly went pale and began to shiver.

Chopper noticed her condition, he yelled out "She needs a doctor!"

"Chopper you are a doctor." said Robin.

"Oh yeah…" said Chopper.

"She gets like this sometimes, it's best wer don't talk about it." said Sakaki.

After getting more organized, introductions and explanations it was agreed that Yomi would call their teacher, Tomo wanted to do it but she3 caused enough troble for one day. She dialed the phone. Meanwhile Minamo Kurosawa their gym teacher was reading in her apartment alone when her phone rang.

"Hello… and it better not be you Yukari, as I told you earlier I'm not going drinking tonight!" said Minamo.

"Um… Miss Kurosawa it me, Yomi." said Yomi.

"Oh… sorry about that… did Chiyo-Chan give you this number?" she asked.

"Yeah, well you're not going to believe this but… Tomo somehow created an interdemensional gateway which not worked but also broke and we have a pirate crew from another dimension stuck here." said Yomi.

"Is this a joke?" asked Minamo, extremely confused.

"I know this may sound unbelievable but it's the truth." said Yomi.

"But Sanji! I'm hungry!" moaned Luffy ion the background.

"I told what am I going to cook!" yelled Sanji in the background.

"What was that?" asked Minamo.

"Two of them, one of them is hungry." said Yomi.

"So why did you call me?" asked Minamo.

"Well the truth is, we don't know what to do. Tomo doesn't even know how it worked." said Yomi.

"Maybe you guys should come over here and we can figure it out from there." said Minamo.

"Okay." said Yomi.

And so the girl's along with the Straw Hats went to the teachers house… okay so Luffy was almost ran over by a car when trying to talk to it, Chopper almost got run over by a different car when he ardently crossed the street at the wrong time and Sanji… let's just say that the girls in the Grand Line are nicer.

"We finally made it…" said Yomi.

"I'm honestly surprised nothing bad happened, considering that things in this world is different." said Robin.

"I don't think that's the case." said Yomi.

Just as Yomi was about to knock on the door Tomo yelled out "Hey Nyamo, we're here!"

Minamo opened the door as she sweatdroped. She was surprised when she saw 6 teens, one woman around her age and a strange deer like thing she was expecting the stereotypical pirates… and hoping someone who looked like Jonny Depp.

"You're the pirates" she asked as the girls and the Straw Hats entered.

"That's right!" yelled Luffy.

Everyone sat down. "Your really pirates?" asked Minamo.

"Why is that so unbelievable?" asked Luffy.

"Well in this world there's a certain image of pirates, you don't exactly fit it." Said Tomo who began to think of Captain Jack Sparrow. "Mmm… Jonny Depp" she drooled much like Homer Simpson.

"Okay Tomo's gone bye bye." said Yomi.

"So do you have idea what we should do... this world is completely different than ours." said Nami.

"Really what is your world is like?" asked Nyamo.

"Well you see, I travel the world with my band of misfits! Stopping fish men, evi…" lied Usopp before Nami, Zoro and Sanji bonked him in the head.

"I still don't know. It seems like a joke to me." said Minamo thinking it might be joke… if it weren't for Chopper.

"They are from another world! See Nyamo." said Tomo she grabbed Luffy arm… which stretched. Minamo began to freak out a little.

"How did thaqt6 happen." She asked.

"Well when I was 7 I ate the Gum Gum fruit which made a rubber man and now I can't swim but I can stretch really really far!" said Luffy all in one breath.

Minamo was still in shock "Gum Gum fruit?" she asked.

Before anyone can give an explanation to the devil fruits the doorbell rang. Minamo sighed, somehow she knew who it was.

"Not her." She mumbled.

The door bell began to ring many more times. Then finally the door opened on its own.

"I new this key was a good idea." said a young woman who was Yukari, the girl's homeroom teacher.

"Who gave you a key to my house!" yelled Minamo.

"You did." replied Yukari, lying.

"No you didn't, I would have remembered if I would have!" yelled Minamo.

"Geez, you should have told me you're a having a party... with my students…" said Yukari.

"It's not… a party." said Minamo angrily, "Tomo somehow created a working interdemensional gateway and brought in pirates."

"Yeah right, like that would ever happen." said Yukari.

"But it's true, these guys are from another world." said Tomo.

"I don't think it's a good idea telling people about it." said Yomi.

"She has a point." replied Robin.

"Do you have any proof?" asked Yukari.

Tomo walked up to Luffy and pulled on his face, stretching it.

"If Rubber men form other dimensions doesn't prove it, I don't know what will…" said Tomo.

Yukari realized they were telling the truth… "Oh my god! Tomo built a working interdemensional gateway! It's a sign that the end of the world is coming!" she yelled.

Nami turned to Kagura, "Is everyone like this in this world."

"No just Tomo and… Miss Yukari." Replied Kagura as if it was nothing.

After calming down Miss Yukari, they deiced to get down to business.

"So how are we going to hide this?" said Yomi.

"Yeah if any get nay word of this there will be wide panic as people will differently see this as the end of the world." said Kagura.

What was that?" said Tomo.

"You heard what I said" said Kagura.

Everyone began to sweat drop, "There's a few open places in Miss Yukari's class why don't some of you pose as students until we figure out how to send you home." said Chiyo-Chan.

"Not such a bad idea… though we may have some trouble getting them in." said Minamo.

"Um… Luffy's raiding your fridge…" said Sakaki.

It was indeed true, Luffy was eating all the food.

"Luffy!" yelled the other straw hats.

Minamo realized that it was indeed best that they pose as students in school with the exception of Robin and Chopper. All of them would stay at Chiyo-Chan's house (being such a big house) and a few days later the horror began…

Next Time: It's the first day of School! Stuff happens... just stuff, it's hard to explain... but involves cats, volleyballs and curry. If that's not enough info then too bad...

A/N: Interesting fact: Tomo's line "Mmm... Jonny Depp" was also used in my previous fanfic "Pieces of the Past" Blossom (the villain's henchwoman) utters this line twice in chapter 4.