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Chapter 3: I Like High School Girls!

It was literature class, the teacher Mr. Kimura was reading to the class while walking in between desks. He stopped for a second at Nami's desk.

"Say, I didn't catch your name…" he said in a perverted way.

Nami's eye began to twitch, she didn't know what to say.

"That's okay, I can get it later." Said Mr. Kimura.

During lunch Nami sighed.

"What is it Mr. Kimura?" she asked.

"He likes high school girls…" said Yomi.

"Even Chiyo-Chan…" said Osaka.

There was an awkward silence among 5 of the high school girls and 4 of the pirates… Tomo was seeing how fast Luffy can eat and kept repeating "GO! GO! GO!"

"Is that acceptable in this world?" asked Usopp.

"Not at all…" said Yomi.

"That cad!" said Sanji who had an aura of anger, "How dare he do that to the entire population…"

"So what are you going to do?" asked Zoro.

"I… don't know yet…" said Sanji.

"Should we tell him he has wife?" asked Yomi.

"Not yet I want to see where this is going…" said Kagura.

"I'm done!" yelled Luffy.

"Awesome Luffy!" yelled Tomo.

Everyone else sweat dropped.

The next day in the teacher's office Minamo and Yukari were talking when a bruised up Mr. Kimura showed up.

"What happened to you?" asked Yukari.

"Yesterday some guy calling himself Mr. Prince beat me up…" said Mr. Kimura.

"What did he look like?" asked Minamo

"Well he was foreign… and smoked… and he was a guy…" said Mr. Kimura.

"That doesn't help much…" said Yukari.

Later during literature calls Mr. Kimura came in bruised up, everyone was surprised… Sanji smirked however.

"What happened to you?" asked Ohyama, a male student with glasses.

"Some foreign guy named Mr. Prince beat me up…" said Mr. Kimura.

Nami, Zoro and Usopp slowly turned towards Sanji… yes it was indeed Sanji who beat up Mr. Kimura.

Later at Chiyo-Cahn's house, the rest of the Straw Hats and the girls were well…

"I can't behave you beat him up!" yelled Yomi.

""I'm sorry Yomi…" said Sanji in a loving way.

"You can't beat up people in this world… its wrong…" said Kagura.

"You are right Kagura!" said Sanji in a loving way.

"Your just going to agree with us and not mean it… aren't you?" asked Yomi.

"I sure am… wait a second…" said Sanji.

Most of them in the room in let out a laugh.

"But its still not nice, did you think of his wife and daughter?" asked Chiyo-Chan.

There was an awkward silence, "He had a wife and kid?" asked Sanji.

"Its true we've met her…" said Tomo, "She's very nice… so nice she can tolerate and actually love that…"

Luffy dared to ask something all 5 members of the Straw Hats who has actually met were thinking, "Is is she ugly?"

There was another awkward silence, "Let's just say she's the type of woman who can have any guy she wanted…" said Yomi adjusting her glasses.

There was awkward silence in the room…

"Try not to be him up again… okay." said Yomi.

"I don't know… maybe if he gets beaten up all the time then maybe he'll stop." said Tomo.

"Don't take his side Tomo." said Yomi.

"You have to agree with me on this on… why is that weird guy taking pictures at Sports Day, but Mr. Kimura doesn't! It's not fair… maybe it will snap some sense into him!" yelled Tomo.

Everyone stared at Tomo… they tiered to poke holes in her logic… but no one could any way to…

The next day… Mr. Kimura once again showed up to the teacher's office beaten up.

"Mr. Prince struck again." said Mr. Kimura.

"I see that." said Yukari.

"Did he say anything." said Minamo.

"He kept ranting about how I hit on women even if I have a wife and child… I'm beginning to think it's not a random attack." said Mr. Kimura.

"Wow… so that's why he's attacking you…" said Yukari who was thinking about it's about time someone beat him up for that.

Minamo on the other hand was thinking something else, "Sanji… I would have expected someone else… why is he the one causing problems…" thought Minamo.

And so Sanji was called into the teacher's office… to talk to Minamo.

"Why did you want to talk about?" asked Sanji with a hint of love in his voice.

"I know you're the one beating up Mr. Kimura." said Minamo.

Sanji sweat dropped, "How did you know." he asked, he was hopping no one ratted him out… unless it was Zoro… he knew Zoro would do something like that.

"I figured it out myself. You better confess." said Minamo.

"All right!" said Sanji, "I'll do it for you."

Minamo sweat dropped at this…

"You also better apologize to him." said Minamo.

"Okay I will." said Sanji.

And soon word spread though out school about Sanji being the mysterious Mr. Prince that was beating up Mr. Kimura…

Who would have though this would happen…

That morning Sanji found a lot of love letters in his shoe locker.

"Are are those love letters?" asked Luffy.

Sanji nodded, "Almost all the girls in school found out that I was the one who beat up Mr. Kimura." said Sanji.

"Oh wow…" said Luffy.

Sometime later, Sanji was explaining how the apology went…

"Wait! You're saying he doesn't even know who you are!" yelled Yomi in shock.

"No… he doesn't even know who I am." said Sanji.


Minamo pushed Sanji to apologize to Mr. Kimura… literally!

"Um… Mr. Kimura… I'm Mr. Prince… and I'm sorry I beat you up." said Sanji.

Mr. Kimura stared at the pirate disguised as a student.

"Who are you?" he asked.

Sanji stared at Mr. Kimura… Minamo had to drag him away before he could beat him up again.

(End of Flashback)

Everyone gaped at the story…

"So Mr. Kimura is that perverted." said Tomo she pouted slightly, "Hey Yomi… can I barrow 500 yen?"

"Why?" asked Yomi staring at Tomo.

"I just need barrow 500 yen." said Tomo.

Yomi gave Tomo a 500 yen coin.

"Here…" muttered Yomi.

Tomo walked over to Kaorin's desk and placed the coin on the table.

"Here! You were right and I was wrong, Mr. Kimura doesn't know any of the male students." said Tomo.

"You should told me it was settle a bet." said Yomi.

And so, Sanji got away with beating up a teacher… twice! And became the most popular guy in school because of it… wow… that was lucky…

Next Time: When the history teacher becomes sick, Minamo manages to get Robin to fill in. Yukari becomes angry when she quickly becomes more popular with the students... gee... that suprising. Meanwhile Sakaki discovers Chopper can understand animals so the two try to find out why the biting cat hates Sakaki... and are deeply disturbed by the reason... what is it? Find out next time!