Sahrah: Muahahaha, if you like Seymour (hell, does anyone in the universe like that freak? If you do, apologies) then go away now. If you think Tidus is awesome and even more awesome with Yuna as his girlfriend, wife, lover, etc, then stay! This is a high school storyline (so original) and shit, so… FEAR ME! Oh and some FFX characters are in this lets see… yeah Seymour and Auron (possibly, he might make an appearance). And I own no X-2 character. Or any FFX characters who are technically the same as the X-2 characters because X-2 is a SEQUEL! Yuna's point of view.

Chapter 1: Label Me Then Tear The Sign

I didn't always hate boys. I used to date, and smile, and flirt. I used to be very normal about it. Then I met him. That boy who used me for something foolish and almost stole my first kiss. Seymour. He used me for what I had, and almost got away with it. But he didn't and ever since, I never dated.

At my school, I suppose I'm a geek. I'm a girl who hates slutty clothes and the girls who wear them, the jocks hate me and my friends, with a few exceptions, and I usually wear jeans. Sometimes I wear other things.

In my school, groups are solid and smiles are fake. Jocks and whores hang, geeks don't go near either group. I don't care; I'm content.

One exception to the rule is one of my best friends, Lulu. She's dating Wakka, who was technically a geek until he discovered his talent at blitzball.

My name is Yuna Lesca, and my best friends are Rikku Derinko, Lulu Berm, Paine Redstone, Gippal Djose, and Wakka Auroch.

The people that we can't and won't go near are Leblanc Shikar, Dona Greene, Baralai Matsuke, Shuyin Watanuki, and Tidus Watanuki. Plus a few other whores and jocks, but they aren't important to this story.

This story starts in the beginning of winter, a week after the first snow in December. It starts on a road in a suburban housing area that's a street away from the high school we all go to. It takes place on every day of the week. It takes place in houses and auditoriums, behind dumpsters and in the rain. It takes place in the snow and the sunshine. It takes place somewhere that's nowhere important. Where it ends, I'll let you decide. But it does take place.

I remember that day well. Rikku, my cousin and BFF, lived next door, and on that sucky Thursday morning, we trudged through the remaining snow that had yet to be removed from the sidewalk by the lazy snowblowing men who hated Thursdays like sin.

Rikku was whining that she had three tests that day and I was laughing because the tests were actually a week away and my poor Al Bhed cousin had all the dates wrong. I didn't tell her that; her worry was much more fun.

"Ah!" we both shouted as a sparkling shower of white snow was blown over us as a car rushed past, its shiny wheels kicking up more of the powdery white cold.

"Hey!" I screamed at the car, throwing a rock. "Watch it!"

The car stopped and Wakka stuck his head out. "Hey, sorry, ya? I didn't mean to hit you with the snow!"

"But you still hit us with it!" sniffed Rikku.

"I'm sorry! Get in, ya? No more walking in the snow for now."

I shrugged and jumped in the front seat, and Rikku lay down in the back, expressing her Thursday morning blahs.

"Nice car, Wakka! It's so warm!" sighed Rikku.

"Um, it's the same car I've had for over a year, Rikku."

"But it's never been so nice before!"

Wakka shook his head and laughed as the shiny red car ran along the icy road, it's tires soaked with melted snow.

"We're here, ya? You don't want to be late."

"Sure I don't," I said dryly.

"Eh, get out already!" he joked, giving me a shove out the door.

Rikku and I were still giggling as we walked through the doors to the lockers, the ugly grey lockers where half of the locks don't work. I opened mine with a flurry (by the way, my lock works. Lulu's doesn't. Paine's works half the time, and Rikku's works too.) and kneeled, pulling out my books while straightening the mirror that got crooked every time someone ran down the hall.

"Lalalala, these lockers are the devil…" I sang to myself in a random tune. I didn't notice how far my leg was sticking out until someone tripped over my ankle.

"Oh Yevon, are you ok?" I asked, embarrassed at how clumsy I was. I grabbed the person's books and started to help them up.

It was Baralai, one of the jocks that were friends with Wakka.

"I'm sorry!" I exclaimed again, giving him his books and slamming my locker shut like usual. I head the 'ping' of the mirror falling off the ugly, scratched door for the billionth time. So surprising the mirror never broke or cracked.

"No problem," he said smoothly.

"Ok, good," I said, bowing slightly and turning.

"Wait, a sec, what's your name?" asked Baralai.

"I'm Yuna," I said, starting to get edgy. In Paine's words, I was an angel until a guy got friendly. Wakka and Gippal, of course, were the exceptions.

He nodded, seeming recognizing my name. "Yeah, Wakka said something about you… yeah, thought you were familiar. Well, see you around."

I shrugged and turned around, coming face to face with Paine. "What were you talking about to him?" she asked menacingly. Her mean demeanor didn't faze me as I smiled. Paine was just jealous; she had a crush on Baralai.

"Oh, well obviously he told me I was hot and wanted to date me," I teased.

Paine fought her smile, but I saw the corners of her lips perk up at the joke. "Just kidding, of course," I continued, "I was getting my books and my foot was out too far and he kinda did a face plant."

Paine nodded and shook her head. "Amazing, the klutz of the year award goes to the winner from the last trillion years, Yuna Lesca!"

I curtsied, saying, "I want to thank the academ-AH!" I pretended to fall, and ended up dropping a few books. Paine picked them up and laughed.

"Well, to homeroom," she sighed as we marched.

The teacher, Mr. Perry, took role and then took cover from the noise that followed.

The sluts accumulated in one corner, chattering about the new student from out of town, the new lipstick color that was hot right then, and stuff that not many people gave a damn about.

In another corner, the jocks blathered about the next game and the party afterwards.

In the center of the room, my friends and fellow geeks gathered to talk. In the homeroom I was in, homeroom 4, my friends Wakka and Lulu were in with me, along with Gippal.

"Yuna," greeted Lulu. "Guess what? The blitz team is going to have a party, and Wakka said that he got invitations for all of us! Although, its more like a school dance, but… It's on Friday."

"Sounds cool… let's see… am I busy Friday…? Ah… nope! Of course I'm coming!" I grinned.

Lulu smiled warmly, but did not grin. The dark haired girl never grinned in her entire life.

Wakka came up behind his girlfriend and put a hand on her shoulder. "Cool! So me and Lu, Rikku, Paine, Gippal, and you are coming, ya?"

Gippal turned at the sound of his name. "What's that? Oh, the party… right! Of course I'm coming."

"You'd better," I warned, "Or Rikku will flip."

"Yeah, well…"

At that moment, the bell rang. At that moment, I hadn't noticed it, but two of the jocks had stopped talking about blitz and talking about me. One of them was Baralai, and the other was Tidus. But that comes later in my story.

"'Tis the class that really stinks, math!" sang Rikku dejectedly.

"Yes… but hey, there really is a test today," I pointed out. "Which means finish fast then talk faster!"

"I'll race you!"

So, the test dropped in front of me, and I wrote my name at the top. The teacher, Ms. Carrlenson, didn't care about passing notes after the test, and she had the eyes of a hawk. She'd say randomly for Joe so-and-so to spit out his gum, for Jenn and Jane to stop passing notes during a quiz, and for John to quit writing in his homework as we checked it. In short, after the test was over, we could pass notes.

It was more of a review than a test, so I finished, checked, checked again, and put it in the bin. Someone's test was in first, and when I sat, I felt a note inside the desk.

'Ha-ha, you lose, Yunie! I win!' the note read. I had lost to Rikku. So I wrote back, 'First is the worst, second is the best, and second is the one who passed the test!'

I slid the note back and instantly felt a wad of paper hit the back of my ankle. I leaned down to pick up a crumpled note. It wasn't from Rikku; Rikku always folded hers neatly.

I unfolded it. It was sloppy handwriting and not signed. It said in pencil, 'I know you don't like to date or anything, but I really like you. I have for a while.'

I blushed and quickly surveyed the class. The only boys in class were Wakka, Baralai, Tidus, Sam, Ruben, and Mack. I instantly crossed off Wakka, because he's dating Lulu. I crossed off Ruben because, and I'm not teasing or anything, but he's gay. So, that left Baralai, Tidus, Sam, and Mack. Mack was dating a slut, and Sam was dating a girl from the basketball team.

So Baralai and Tidus. It was technically unethical that either one, either jock, would do something like that. A note like this one. Baralai was closed eyed and 'resting' and Tidus was staring out the window.

Neither one is ugly, yeah, but seriously, me and a jock? Jeez. Rephrasing-but, seriously, me and a guy? Me and ANYONE?

Rikku poked me with a pencil.

'What the flip are you looking at, Yunie?'

'Ah, nothing… It's just, look at the note I got!' I shoved her note back along with the crumpled one.

Her face lit up and Rikku started writing urgently.

'Well, your choices, narrowed down, are Baralai and Tidus. Baralai uses pen, so it must be Tidus! Oooh, the most popular boy in the whole wide school has a crush on a girl who doesn't like to date! Hahahaha, oh this is GOOD! Heeheehee… Well, shouldn't you write back?'

'What? You know I can't do that! Even if he is cute-' I quickly erased that part. 'Even if he wrote it and meant it…'

'Yunie, I KNOW that other guy hurt you… but isn't it time to let go? Lulu, Paine, Wakka, Gippal, me… we won't let any guy hurt you again… I swear.'

Rikku was right, and I knew it more than anything. But fear wasn't something you can just let go of. Fear is something that fuses into your heart and sends pangs of distress through your body.

Another wad of crumpled paper hit my foot. I whirled to see Tidus closing his notebook in a hurry and resuming his mindless staring of the window. But he never made it; his eyes got caught on mine. I raised an eyebrow and pointed to the second crumpled note I suspected him of sending.

He blushed a little and turned away. I had nailed my not-so-secret admirer- in the middle of math class.

'OHMYGAWD RIKKU! IT'S TIDUS!' I scrawled in big letters and practically shoved the paper into my cousin's hands. Then I unfolded the second letter from Tidus.

'You're coming to the blitz party, right? … I hope you're there.'

I blushed and scribbled back 'Yeah, I'm coming. What's with these letters? So many girls would pay to jump into your pants, so go pick on them! Sheesh.'

I leaned over and slid the note to Tidus while pretending to tie my shoe.

Tidus picked up the note with haste and opened it like it was a letter from the ruler of the world. He took a pencil and wrote something, and slid it across the floor to me.

'They're all whores. No character to them. But you, on the other hand, have plenty of that.'

'Bite me, you meanie. It doesn't matter. Tell your girl-whore- I mean girlfriend- to get you into bed and away from me. Besides, I don't like boys.'

Slide, read, scribble. Slide back.

'So you're a lesbian?'


'Then why won't you date guys? What's wrong with guys, with guys like me?'

Rikku stepped on my foot and dropped her note in my hand.

'Yunie, you're talking to Tidus, right? Why not give the boy a chance? To my knowledge of knowingness, he commits no sins.'

'Rikku, he's a jock. A jock, the most popular one, and jocks think girls are like… sex toys or something! Besides, this is Tidus Watanuki. According to rumors, he's been with more women than anyone in the universe!'

'Not all jocks are like that. Look at Wakka. C'mon, Yunie, give the guy a chance. If he breaks your heart, Lulu will set him on fire after I steal all his gil. Then Paine will stab him…and Wakka will pummel his head.'

'Ah, so violent. But first I get to kick him in the-'

Tidus's letter bumped my ankle and Rikku snatched the letter I was writing to her. I picked up the blonde blitzer's note and un-mashed it.

'Hello, I asked a question. If you don't date guys and you aren't a lesbian, then what's wrong with someone like me?'

I didn't want to tell him about Seymour. It wasn't his business, and I didn't want to think about that blue haired boy that messed me up forever. Every time, I recalled the exact moment when I knew exactly what Seymour had wanted from me.

So, I went for an excuse. 'Nothing's wrong with you, Tidus, I just don't even know you! We're not exactly friends.'

The bell rang and I rose with a sigh of relief. I leaned down to retrieve my binder, but someone's hand was already on it. Tidus's hand. Tidus pushed the packed ring of folders to me and held up the note.

I frowned and turned away to Rikku. She was about to say something like 'be nice to him' but I just grinned and glanced behind me. Rikku shrugged as if to say 'Young love, is it?' and just giggled.

I started to walk away with my cousin towards art class, but someone grabbed my long braid that always trailed behind me.

"Yuna, wait up." It was, of course, Tidus again.

"It's not like I can go far with a living person hanging on my head," I commented, trying to pry my braid away from his hands. I only succeeded in pulling him closer than I wanted him.

"Go away!" I hissed. "People are staring!"

"Huh? People always stare at me," he said stupidly.

"That's because you're a fucking superstar, a jock, popular, whatever you call yourself! You're being selfish. I don't do this kind of attention. In case you hadn't noticed, labels say I'm a geek and you're a jock. Translation: go away."

Tidus didn't like taking no for an answer. I suspected him of being dared to get me to go on a date with him; popular jerks do things like that in all the soap operas and romance novels. He'd make me go out with him, and then drop me like a hot potato when I refused him sex. Sound familiar? That's basically, what happened with Seymour, but it's way more complicated.

Tidus was apparently enjoying turning my face red in front of people, so he let go of my hair and leaned over to whisper in my ear, "I'll see you next period, remember?"

I could feel his warm breath on my ear and the back of my neck. His warmth left a tingly feeling behind as I turned a darker shade of scarlet.

"Will you leave me alone?" I practically shouted, stomping off. Yelling and getting angry were both good ways to hide embarrassment and, I was scared to realize, pleasure. Was I actually enjoying this athletic flirt, this guy who any other girl, with some exceptions, would pay to sleep with, this… this boy flirting with me?

Maybe Rikku was right after all. Maybe it was time for me to let go of the past. 'You always miss 100 of the shots you don't take.' Some dead guy, some brilliant person who was probably right about this, said that once. 'You'll never know until you try. You'll never see until you look. You'll never reach the highest shelf if you're too afraid to reach for it.'

And boy, at my school Tidus wasn't the highest shelf- he was the top of the whole damn bookcase. I was probably one of the little kids at the store staring at the top, wondering what happens if I reach the top and then plummet.

No. It was too long since I left my house feeling like I couldn't wait to see the boys at school. To many years since I giggled at the sight of a silly schoolgirl crush. Too long since I let me be me. If I reach the top of the bookcase and it starts to break, then I'll jump. I'll land on my feet and look for another shelf I can reach better.

"If I leave you alone, then how can I flirt with you?" he exclaimed, feigning hurt.

"That's sort of the point. Curse you," I spat angrily. Then my face lit up and I grinned playfully.

Did I do that? Me? Little lonely Yuna Lesca flirt? With a guy? A really popular one? A really popular guy that almost all the girls want to get into his pants? Was that me? Oh…

Then with a wink, I turned and ran down the hall, oblivious to the glares from surrounding girls. One who would later become the villainess in this story of mine.

"Hey, Lulu, I think I died and went to heaven!" I giggled as I sat down next to my friend on one of the rusty old stools in the art room.

"Send a postcard," she replied. "And write on it exactly why you left us in mourning."

"Ok, how's this? Dear Lulu, I'm sorry I died, but it wasn't my fault. Tidus Watanuki was flirting with me! He was passing me notes and said he said he liked me, and has been liking me for a while!" I said this in an excited whisper, trying to be happy and very quiet at the same time.

Lulu shook her head. "I'm sorry? I think I heard incorrectly; did you say that the most popular jock in the whole school was hitting on Yuna, and Yuna is happy about it?"

"She is?" asked a teasing voice from behind. Guess who? Tidus walked into the art room, and I knew without looking that almost all of the girls had made room next to themselves for him to sit. A scraping chair, a few gasps and giggles ensued right after. For some reason, I shot a death glare at some of those girls. Tidus sat down next to me in the seat I had saved for… who had the seat been saved for? I put my books down so no one would sit there, but… did that mean it was saved?

Was it saved for Tidus? I wasn't totally sure. But I ignored the hate looks burning into the back of my head.

"Lunch! I demand food!" shouted Rikku from the table that was reserved by my hyper cousin's feet and arms.

Gippal sat next to Rikku, Rikku was next to me. Lulu was across from me, and Wakka took a seat next to Lulu and across from Rikku. Paine sat on the end of the table, next to Wakka and across from Gippal. Therefore, Gippal was on the other end seat. (A/N: Confused? Draw a rectangle… one side of table; the order is Gippal, Rikku, and Yuna. Other side of table, Paine, Wakka, Lulu. Got it? Good.)

Across the room was the following conversation that I only heard about. Tidus was sitting with Baralai and Nooj. (A/N: I hate Nooj. Sorry if you like him, but to me he's annoying. Sorry if he becomes a little mean.)

"Tidus," said Baralai. "Did you tell her?"

"Her? Who her?" questioned Nooj.

"Yuna Lesca," explained the silver haired jock. "T has been crushing on her since she moved in down the street from him like 11 years ago."

"I've never heard of her."

"She's over there, dude," Tidus pointed to Yuna's back, since she faced away from him.

Across the table sat Shuyin, Tidus's twin brother. Of course, Shuyin forced Tidus to call him 'big brother' because Shuyin was born at 3:13 in the morning, and Tidus was born two minutes later.

"Of course you've never heard of her, Nooj! She's a geek!" exclaimed Shuyin. "Tidus, find a girl of your, whatcha call it, level! Social level, meaning higher than her, mental level meaning lower than her! She's smarter and geekier than you."

Tidus threw a grape at his brother and shook his head. "Shaddup."

"Tidus, why not someone like Dona over there?" asked Shuyin.

"Please. All she wants is what's in my pants, not me."

"Oh, so you want character?" Nooj exclaimed. "Well, the geeks have that."

"Be quiet! She's only a geek because…" Tidus trailed off.

"Because," Shuyin finished, "she doesn't like to date."

"I'd bet there's a good reason," Baralai stood up for Tidus, for which Tidus was grateful. "Since she's coming to the blitz party, why not find out then? Ask Wakka. Wakka was a geek until we learned he could blitz. They're tight."

"Good idea," grinned Shuyin. "Me and Lenne are, of course, coming."

Lenne Araline was Shuyin's girlfriend and sitting next to Dona and Leblanc. I felt kind of bad for her; she never wanted to be popular. She fell in love with Shuyin, and was forced to be Dona and Leblanc's friend. She was sitting that day with her arms in her lap staring at the clock, pretending to listen to the sluts's conversation.

She would have made a good friend to someone who needed and wanted one. She was the kind of person who listened, thought, and gave good advice. She wasn't too sensitive, but she wasn't loudmouthed or stubborn either.

She was, essentially, just… Lenne.

"So then I was like 'oh wow!' and the teacher gave me an A for enthusiasm!" exclaimed Rikku.

"Well if there was a class for enthusiasm," Lulu started to say. "Rikku wouldn't ace it. She'd teach it," we all finished.

We all laughed and I sunk my teeth into a big red apple.

"Yuna, Tidus is pointing at you!" commented Lulu.

"'E esh?" I asked with a mouth full of fruit. Translation- He is?

"Yeah, he is," Paine noticed.

Gippal looked and Tidus turned around abruptly. I think I turned red like a tomato. Or maybe my nice red apple that was still in my mouth.

The rest of the day finished quickly, because Tidus wasn't in any other classes of mine. Whenever I walked by Dona or Leblanc, however, they sneered with jealous faces.

What I didn't know that day when I walked home that blitzball practice was cancelled. Wakka drove Lulu home, and Rikku stayed after school to finish some project. Paine took the bus, so I walked home. The other thing I didn't know was that Rikku had given Tidus my screen name.

I got home and grinned because, ha-ha, no homework. No homework to take up time. I logged on to instant messager (my username was YunieIsOnFire, Rikku made up the name) to see if Paine was home yet. She wasn't, but a message popped up.

'Accept message from BLITZER01?' I shrugged, assuming that Wakka had a new name for log on. So I clicked accept.

BLITZER01: hey Yuna, guess who!

YunieIsOnFire: um… Wakka?

BLITZER01: nope, wrong answer. Oh btw – you must be on fire, 'cuz ur hot!

YunieIsOnFire: TIDUS, GO AWAY!

BLITZER01:2 obvious.

YunieIsOnFire: Rikku made up the name. She changes it a lot, too.

YunieIsOnFire: How'd you get my name?

BLITZER01: a hyper little bird told me.

YunieIsOnFire: Rikku…

BLITZER01: yup. I g2g though. I'm not even supposed to be logged on. Laterz, Yuna!

BLITZER01 has logged off

I stared at the screen for a moment, and then shrugged. I moved the mouse around and added Tidus to my buddy list.

All that happened on one Thursday. But like I said, this story takes place every day of the week. My story, this story, continued of course. It continued on a Friday.

End of Chapter 1