Kankurou is underestimated and over looked. So I wanted to write about him. Hmm. perhaps this is too short. I wanted to consider Kankurou's and Gaara's relationship, they are sibilings after all. Maybe I should have developed this idea further. Maybe I will one day. Well, in any case I hope you'll enjoy the read!


Most shinobi had nightmares, it was, so to speak, a side effect of the life they led. Yet his dreams, were even worse than those of most shinobi. After all blood, gore, torture, pain, cruelty, death, were even worse if they were dealt on you by your own family, and this is what his dreams were. Soon after the birth of his little brother Kankurou dreamt of being killed by him. After all, the child had killed their own mother, so why would he make an exception for his older brother?

"I have never thought of you as my siblings" that hurt. It did, even if Kankurou had known it for a long time before the words were said. A long time before.

Often the young puppeteer would realize that he was a lousy brother, that he never tried to help his younger sibling. He didn't even know for quite a long time that Gaara was an insomniac. He was a lousy brother. But how could you be a good brother when you saw a child's eyes burn with cold indifference, and after you saw that indifference change into wild, bloodthirsty, inhuman hatred? He had seen that a couple of times, when his little brother's haunted eyes gave way to the eyes of a demon. He often dreamed of those eyes, burning at him through his bother's face, threatening to kill, laughing. He dreamed of the his own blood, soaked into the sand. In his dreams he saw fire, and blood, and he heard his brother's laugh.

They say that dreams can not hurt you. And of course they can't physically, but the wounds in his soul were always sore, they never healed. Because of them Kankurou had actually almost forgotten that he wanted a younger sibling in the first place. As a little boy he used to ask his mother why he was the youngest, and why couldn't he have a little brother or sister. And when his little brother was finally on the way, he was very happy. But then his little brother was born and his mother died. It was hard blow. He hated his little brother, it was only natural, but he hated his father even more. His was is conscious decision, unlike Gaara's.

But then everything changed. After the failed attack on Konoha, Gaara, cool, indifferent, cruel Gaara said sorry.

"Temari, Kankurou, I'm sorry" the words still echoed in his ears. He could barely believe it. Change was approaching. He had his little brother back.

He still had nightmares, but they too changed. Now, in his dreams it wasn't him who was getting killed, it wasn't his blood gushing, it wasn't his body burning. It was his little brother's. And, Kankurou realized, that this hurt even more.