Heartbroken is such an emotional word, it can give you a million feelings all at once. It can change your life completely and give you a different view on things all together. One thing is for sure though, you will never be the same again and you will also learn something about yourself, about your life, and about how you have been living it.

Heartbroken isn't a literal word, it's based on how you feel and normally occurs because of love. Some of the feelings that being heartbroken can give you are: pain, hurt, betrayal, loneliness, sadness, rejection and devastation. Sadness plays a huge role and because of it, it feels like you will never be the same again or your life will never be the same again.

It can happen to anyone, man or woman, and sometimes you can expect it, when you go into a situation and you just know you will end up being heartbroken or something will happen to you unexpectedly that will leave you heartbroken. Normally death or love can cause it. When someone you love (family, friend or lover) dies or when your lover, someone you love with all your heart, breaks the relationship off or does something in the relationship that completely breaks your heart, yet you still love them.

Little can prevent heartbreak. It can cause the downfall of even the strongest person. No one is immune and it will happen to everyone at some stage in their lives. You can't control it because it is very difficult to control feelings. You cannot control the way other people feel either. Some things will never be in the power of your hands and one of those is your heart.

When it happens you are overwhelmed with all different emotions and feelings. One of the most devastating feelings is the loneliness. You blame yourself and you feel like it's your fault, maybe it was but it is not always this way. In your head you wish you could just go back and change something or do something differently, but of course this is not possible.

You cannot hold onto a person that can no longer be with you, it's selfish and impossible. In relationships it often occurs that one person loves the other more than words can explain and they would give their lives to save them, but the other person does not feel this way. The only outcome to this is heartbreak.

You have to deal with heartbreak at your own pace and in your own time. You do not get over it quickly; it takes a while to deal with. Sometimes you just have to deal with it alone, but you can also turn to your friends or family for support.

The main thing to remember is that it can happen without warning...

She walked down the street, silently gazing into the shop windows, it was a beautiful afternoon. She heard his laugh. Her heart stopped beating for a moment, and then she turned around and watched her lover, her Yamcha,laugh down at another woman that was in his arms, he leant down and kissed the other woman. In that moment her heart was broken.

She had never felt so betrayed in her life, blinded by tears she made her way home. Frantically rushing up the stairs to her bedroom, trying to get away from it all. Fate wouldn't let it be though, she ran straight into the Saiyan Prince.

"What are you crying for now woman."

"He...Oh Vegeta." She hugged him without thinking and cried her heart out, the pain of betrayal consuming her. Vegeta stood there, not doing anything. Not pushing her away and not pulling her to him. He slowly lifted his arms and wrapped them around her.

"He was a stupid fool after all" Vegeta whispered into her ear.

Thismarked the beginning of something extraordinary.