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The Female of The Species

(is deadlier than the male)


She felt so heavy,but weightless and the same time.

Alexa could hear them.

They sounded so far away..like she was underwater.

She tried to hear them,but for the equal of her effort,they faded away until there was only white then dense black.

Hot air rolled over her in little eddies and streams like a etheral blanket.

Alexa opened her eyes as much as she could.

Nothing but blurs and smears,everything looked like a painting she did kindergarden.

Alexa's lungs sampled the air only to find it heavy,and painfully hot.

Her body lurched and her back arched as she fought to proform a simple cough.

She felt like she had been floating weightlessly for a long time,and now someone had turned to gravity back on.

But they screwed up and set it on Jupiter instead Earth.

Alexa twisted her body until she was on her side

Breathing was easier on her side,if you could really consider coughing,gagging,and wheezing while you're trying to breath something easy.

The air tasted terrible,but she made herself get used to it after realizing her body had been freezing and this atmosphere was allowing her a quick recovery.

Why the hell was she so cold? Had she been caught in an avalanche...? Had they just dug her out..?

Alexa head swam with half completed thoughts until she felt herself being lifted up into someones arms.

It was alive.

Da'rix-na had a sudden,overwhelming feeling that he had just set wheels in motion.

The feeling made his skin crawl.

He stepped away from the now open capsule as the ooman writhed and gasped for breath.

The last thing he wanted was trouble,and no creature,great or small,EVER took it well when faced with a Yuatja. Assuming that this one hadn't already met yuatja.

The mark upon her forehead had made him curious enough to open the capsule that it slept in.

It's breathing had clamed and were comming in steady rythms,a bit labored,but steady. It was really surprising that the ooman came back to life so quickly,or at all.

Da'rix-na came closer and regaurded the ooman.

First he noticed it was a female ooman by the was it was shaped. All curvy,but also that she was naked.

His eyes sqinched up and he looked around nervously,searching for something to cover her up with. He remembered there was a arichid silk in his prize hull that he could cover her with.

Da'rix-na started to walk out of the room then stopped. What if it woke up..? He didn't want some ooman running around naked on his ship...that's gross.

He went to the capsule and fanned away some foggy mist. Dispite the fact they weren't even the same species he felt like a pervet for looking at her.

Oomans looked so weird naked.

Da'rix-na knelt down a slipped one arm under her neck and around her shoulders. He looked at her face and lifted a brow. Everyone said oomans were the ulgiest things they had ever seen,but every other species said that about eachother anyway.

He scooped his other arm under her crook of her legs and lifted her up.

She wasn't so bad.