Huuur! Wordy-dirds!

Lex sat naked at the edge of the steam pool in the garden. She stared vacantly at the silk cloak Da'rix-na had given her so long ago. Delicate,nimble fingers traced the marring rips in the perfection that had been her only clothing. She hadn't realized how much she loved it until now that it was ruined. Another silent tear fell from the tips of her dark eyelashes on the darkly prismatic fabric.

Something was wrong with her to be this upset over inanimate objects. She had been away from other people for too long.

But...that wasn't the only thing wrong with her. She didn't know her own body anymore. It did things she didn't learn to do. It made her behave in a way she couldn't stop.

"What the fuck."she said wearily and brushed her cheek with the back of her hand. All of the thoughts and emotions and questions seemed to have become like a tidal wave. They recessed only to return a 1000 times worse. And now she was alone,naked,hurt, and bed less.

It was doing it again...everything else became almost mute as she heard the two hunters walking up to Da'rix-na's bedroom door. She could hear their claws tinkling on the metallic floor as they approached,she could hear the shuffling of their braids...

Alexa covered her ears and shook her head. Why!? What was wrong with her!? Humans don't hear that well! She hunched over,her long silken black hair becoming a shroud,and let a few more tears for herself fall.

Da'rix-na and the other hunter walked up the stairs to the garden where he would be sure to find Alexa. A silent decision seemed to have been made between them not to fight.

The hunters walked up behind her. Lex didn't look back,nor did she try to hide her nakedness.

Da'rix-na diverted his eyes the best he could at the sight of her nakedness...again. He tried not to behave too awkwardly in front of the other Yautja. When he knelt down beside her he noticed the clothes he hand given her in her hands,ruined and torn. A sympathetic and disappointed noise left him before he could stop it. Da'rix-na mentally kicked himself.

A drop landed on the back of his hand as he reached to take the cloth. He looked at her in mild surprise. She was crying again.

Alot of species did it,including Yautja,but it wasn't a common occurance for most. But Da'rix-na wasn't like normal Yautja. "I'll find you a new one."he said blotting a sad tear away from her cheek with the back of his hand.

"It doesn't matter."she said with aggressive undertones. Da'rix-na's words were bitter sweet to her since she could only focus on the feeling of that other hunters eyes boring into her back. He was staring at her,she could feel it all too well.

Da'rix-na sighed. Oh well..her took the silk from Alexa and reached into his braids. He grabbed a beaded lock the held a hidden dagger. Alexa watched him as he cut the silk. It must have been a very sharp knife since it sailed through the cloth like water.

He handed her the larger of two pieces. "Arms up."he mumbled to her.

She obeyed half heartedly and he quickly tossed the smaller piece over her breasts and leaned over her to tie it in a knot behind her,very carful to not bump her bruised side.

Being so close to his chest now she could hear his heartbeat quicken. "Pervert,"she thought.

She wrapped the last piece around her hips and stood up without Da'rix-na's help.

"So you're the servant of an Ooman?"the dark one said sarcastically.

Da'rix-na growled,but had no desire to fight again. It would only mess up his ship. He would let that one go.

Alexa was a different story. "Shut the fuck up you cock-sucking,pussy faced,bastard son of a whore!"

His eyes flared open and he raged up to her menacingly,"How dare you,you worthless little chunk of soft meat whore!"

"You idiot! You're not supposed to use the same insult against me!"

He shook his mane vigorously in agitation then roared at her.

Da'rix-na stepped in front of Alexa,"Back off! You know that she's blooded! The elders would have your head!"

"I've killed every single yautja that has come to claim my skull. Many elders have fallen at my feet in failure."He cocked his head to the side. "Do you think you could stop me nipple sucker?"

"If you're so great then why did we find you huddled up and hidden away like a coward?" Alexa spit at his feet,an odd rage building in her chest. "What a pathetic death!"

He clenched his fists and growled deeply. Damn softmeat had him..he glared into her golden eyes.

Alexa looked at him,now in the light. Glaring into his eyes..his facial features..he looked like Scar. He was darker and..well everything was different,but at the same time,everything was the same.

Her eyes filled with hot angry tears,"You fucked up everything I had and cared about!"

With that she stormed off again.

After she was gone Da'rix-na addressed the tall,dark one. "So you're Moka,eh? The reaper of Elder blood?"

"Yes."he responded.

"Don't ever lay your hand on the girl again or I'll kill you."Da'rix-na said boldly.

Moka had a sarcastic little laugh,"Very well.."

Da'rix-na placed his hand firmly on Moka's shoulder."My name is Da'rix-na and this is my ship."

Moka looked at Da'rix-na's hand on his shoulder..then punched him in the face.

Moka doesn't like to be touched.. X3