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Now this fic is about the next generation of the Leaf shinobies (just like my "Naruto: Next Generation" only this time you'll get to see more kids of the old crew). Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke and such will be appearing from time to time, but it's the OC's (their kids and few, completely original characters) that'll play the main part here.

You'll find most of the stuff here: mostly action and drama, but quite a lot of romance and humor (those of you, who read my other fics know that by now). Also, you should treat this chappie more as an introduction where you get to met all the characters that will be important to the story. During the next you'll learn about them a bit more (but that doesn't mean the coming chapters will be boring!) and once they'll graduate, the story will truly begin.

I think that covers everything. Now, without further to do:


Chapter #1: The Beginning of Their Ninja Way

"Toramaru, wake up already or you'll miss your first day of school!" a woman around her thirties called out from the kitchen. She had short, black hair and completely white eyes. She wore a yellow overcoat with a symbol of her clan on the sleeves. Her pants were blue and she carried her hitae-ate around her neck.

"Give it a rest, mom…" said a boy around twelve years old with long, blonde hair made into dreadlocks. He also had completely white eyes and wore a black battle suit with orange armor on it. He carried two swords on his back and wore his headband on his forehead. "You know he probably won't get up before ten… that wimp will never learn…"

"Iruka, it's not nice to talk about your younger brother like that" the girl turned to the boy.

"Yeah, blockhead…" came a voice from the boy's back and a the swordsman turned around, he noticed a boy around eight years old with spiky, blonde hair and white eyes just like the other two. He wore a black and yellow suit (A/N: like the one Naruto carries now, only that orange is replaced by yellow) and was smiling widely. "You didn't think I'll be late on my first day, did you?" he threw his brother a smirk. "But where's dad?" he asked while he looked around the kitchen. "I thought he was going to walk me to the Academy today…"

"Something important came up and he had to go…" replied the woman with a little worried expression on her face.

"Typical…" was all the boy said as he lowered his head and sat at the table to eat his breakfast. His older brother gave him a sad look before he got back to eating.

---Later that day---

Toramaru walked into the right classroom only few minutes before the bell. Most of the seats were already taken and the students were happily chatting or playing, waiting for the teacher to arrive. As a paper-plane flew right in front of him, he sighed and settled down at the nearest seat available.

The boy that was sitting right next to him threw him a quick glare. He had sunglasses on his nose and black, afro-like hairdo. He wore a light green overcoat that hid his mouth and held his hands on the desk.

"Hi, my name is Uzumaki Toramaru…" the blonde greeted the boy and extended his right hand, yet the afro-boy just looked at it and got back to watching the blackboard. "Tonight on Freak Show…" thought Toramaru as he turned away from the strange boy.

"Don't mind him…" came a voice from behind and as Toramaru turned around, he noticed a boy sitting right behind him. He had spiky, brown hair, dog-like eyes and two, red, fang-like tattoos on his cheeks. He was wearing a blue shirt with metal protectors on his hands and black pants. When he talked, the white-eyed boy noticed that two of his teeth were more like fangs. What also drew attention to that persona was the fact that right next to him was a small dog with silver fur laying on the desk. "Kumo isn't the one to have a conversation with… I'm Inuzuka Garou and this…" with that he pointed at the dog. "… is Hanomaru. Nice to met you…" and then he extended his right hand.

"Uzumaki Toramaru…" replied the blonde, shaking the dog-boy's hand. "What is this guy's problem anyway? I just wanted to talk a bit…"

"Our fathers were in the same team, so I know him a bit…" responded Garou. "He's just a guy who only says as much as is needed… but if you'll be able to pass that, you'll learn that he's not so bad after all…"

"Toramaru-sama, I didn't expect that we'll land in the same class…" they both heard a female voice and as the blonde turned around (and Garou raised his head) he spotted a girl with long, black hair, clipped in a ponytail who had the same, white eyes as the boy. She wore a brown, baggy t-shirt (A/N: hard for me to describe… lets just say it's like the one Neji used to wear). Her pants were also black and both her hands were covered in bandages. "Is that fate?" she joked.

"Hello, Hitomi…" the blonde greeted her. "What's new?"

"Nothing special…" came a cold reply. "But I didn't really came by to chat… I just wanted to say 'hi' and now that I have… please excuse me, Toramaru-sama…" and with a slight bow, she walked away.

"Dude, I didn't know you knew chicks like that…" said Garou with a smirk as he drew the blonde's attention once more. "Who is she?"

"Hyuuga Hitomi…" replied the white-eyed boy. "And believe me, even if she does look hot, she's a real pain in the butt… practically the meanest girl I know… sure, I don't know too many, but still…"

"Get out of my way, Naraku!" they both heard a yell coming from the door and as they turned their heads in that direction, they spotted two kids standing outside the classroom.

The one that yelled was a girl with medium-length, black hair, clipped in two, short pigtails that were falling on right and left side of her head. She had black eyes and was wearing a dark blue t-shirt that seemed a bit too short as it uncovered her navel. She also wore white pants with short, trouser legs.

The boy had short hair in the same color as the girl, only gelled-up. His eyes were also black, just like the t-shirt he was wearing. His pants were the same as the girl's though. He moved aside and allowed the girl to walk into the classroom.

Once she did that, she turned around to the boy and warned: "Don't you even think about sitting next to me, got it?" and with that she walked to the far end of the class.

The boy look after her and then walked towards the front of the class. Pointing at an empty seat, he asked Toramaru: "Is this seat taken?"

"I don't think so…" replied the blonde, a bit surprised at the whole scene.

"And you said that Hitomi girl was a hag…" Garou whispered into his ear, jokingly.

"My name is Uchiha Naraku…" the rave-haired boy introduced himself. "And that 'hag' as you called her…" with that he turned to the dog ninja. "She's my twin sister, Gouka…"

"Huh?" Garou's eyes widen a bit. "He heard me?"

"Uzumaki Toramaru…" greeted him the blonde. "And that is Inuzuka Garou…" and with that he pointed at his new friend. "But since she's your sister, then what's with that attitude? And why don't you stand up to her?"

"Most likely because he's a weenie…" came a voice and as Toramaru looked in the direction it came from, he was a muscular boy with medium-length, brown hair, made into dreadlocks just like his brother's. The boy wore a black t-shirt and a brown waistcoat on that. His eyes were hazel and he wore brown, army-like pants.

The blonde just ignored the dreadlocks and looked back at Naraku, awaiting his answer. Seeing that he won't be able to avoid it, the young Uchiha decided to answer: "She's stronger then me… besides what's the point?"

"I can see why that chick bullied you in the first place…" laughed the one wearing brown.

Toramaru was ready to reply, but he stopped halfway as their teacher walked inside the classroom. He had long, black hair, clipped in a ponytail which started to get grey. His skin was a bit tanned, but the most visible thing when you looked on his face was definitely a big scar that ran across his nose. He wore a black t-shirt and a green, chuunin vest on that. He carried his hitae-ate with the Leaf symbol on his forehead.

"Greetings class…" he said once he reached the point where everyone could see him. "My name is Umino Iruka and I'll be your teacher for the next, few years. Before we go any further I'd like to know you a little better, so first I'll check the attendance… Abunage Shimiru…" but no-one answered. "Abunage Shimiru?" repeated the chuunin but still there was no response.

Just when Iruka was about to mark that the student didn't came the doors to the classroom slammed open and a boy riding a skateboard jumped inside. He had spiky, gelled-up, blonde hair and hazel eyes. Thanks to good eyes, Toramaru noticed that the boy had his left ear pierced with five, round earrings. When he took a second look he also noticed that his right eyebrow and his nose from the left side were pierced as well. The boy wore a yellow and black overcoat and an Indian-like bandana in the same colors on his forehead.

The blonde stopped right before the surprised chuunin and stepping on his board he made her flew into the air spinning and caught it right before Iruka's face.

"Sorry for being late, Iruka-sensei…" the boy bowed. "I've overslept… my name is Abunage Shimiru…"

The chuunin just sighed and motioned him to take his seat as he continued with the list: "Aburame Kumo…"

"Here…" announced the boy wearing sunglasses that sat next to Toramaru.

"At least I got to know his name…" the blonde thought to himself as he gave the afro-boy a disappointed look.

"Akimichi Choumaru…" Iruka went on.

"Here I am!" called out a boy that sat at the far end of the class in his breaks between eating potato chips. He was quite wide. He had spiky, brown hair and blue eyes. He wore an orange and black suit and had a big, golden shield with a butterfly painted on it put right next to him.

"Benkichi Takashi…" the list went on and Toramaru kept turning around in hope to memorize at least some of the fellow classmates. Most of them were boys, however he couldn't say that there was a lack of girls either.

"Hatake Jun…" asked Iruka, looking around.

"Present…" replied a boy with silver hair and hazel eyes. He wore a violet, shinobi outfit (A/N: pretty much the same as Kakashi wore when he was little) that covered his mouth. He seemed fairly short and carried a long spear on his back.

"Hisakata Gitou…" Iruka went on as he nodded.

Coughing filled the classroom as everyone turned in the direction of the boy who just raised his hand. He had long, curry, black hair, clipped in a ponytail and green eyes. His face seemed like that of a guy who didn't had much sleep in a long time. Overall the boy looked like he was sick. He was wearing a black t-shirt and a green waistcoat on that and a little baggy, green pants. Toramaru also noticed a katana with a golden handle attached to his back. "Over here…" the boy finally manage to say in a little hoarse voice.

"He must be that cousin of Hayate that Kakashi talked about…" Iruka gave the boy a worried look and then continued with the list: "Hyuuga Hitomi…" and so the white-eyed girl raised her hand.

"That guy sure seems like he could use a doctor, doesn't he?" joked Garou, bending over to Toramaru and Naraku. And then he heard his name being read: "Here!" he said much louder now while he stood up.

The chuunin nodded and went on: "Kagami Akai…"

With that a boy with spiky, red head and hazel eyes stood up. He wore a black t-shirt and a red waistcoat on that. His torso was also (A/N: that rhyme was unplanned) surrounded by a steal chain that went from his left shoulder to his right hip. He wore a little baggy, black pants and had a fingerless, black glover on his right hand. "Look no further…" he joked.

Iruka just left out a small sigh and continued: "Megane Akumo…" and at that another boy who sat just few seats to Toramaru's left raised his hand. He wore a black and dark blue overcoat and a white scarf that covered his mouth. He had medium-length, spiky, black hair and had square glasses on his nose.

"Boy, those glasses sure ruin the cool look…" joke Garou.

Iruka continued with the list and after a little while he got to another name that was familiar to him: "Nara Buryaku…" but once more there was no response.

Toramaru looked around the classroom as Iruka repeated: "Nara Buryaku!". The blonde's eyes stopped as he spotted a girl with short, red hair, decorated with a large, yellow ribbon on top of it and red eyes, wearing a white shirt in violet stripes and baggy, black pants giving an elbow to the girl that slept in the seat next to her, which instantly made the other girl to shoot up.

The other girl prove to be one with long, blonde hair, clipped in two, long pigtails that just seem to stand on both sides of her head. Her eyes were green and she was wearing a red shirt with a white waistcoat with long sleeves on it and a red, very short, skirt with high, red boots. Toramaru also spotted a large fan attached to her back and a small, golden necklace around her neck.

"Present!" she practically yelled as she looked at the chuunin a bit nervous.

"Interesting class we got here, eh?" smirked Garou. "But that redhead is kinda cute…"

Iruka only smirked: "You can tell she's Shikamaru's daughter…" and with that he read another name on the list: "Nayamasu Gaki…"

This time the one with dreadlocks that joked from Naraku's situation rose his hand: "Yo!"

The chuunin ignored the boy's behavior and continued with the attendance: "Nekata Akemi…" and with that a girl that was observing the flowers behind the window stood up.

She had short, green hair and her eyes were in the same color. She was wearing a brown t-shirt with a sunflower on the back and blue pants with short, trouser legs. The most unique thing about her though was her necklace, which was made out of leaves. "Present!"

The chuunin nodded and went on with the list: "Nekko Hinako…" and the moment he said so, the redhead girl that elbowed Buryaku stood up: "Over here!" she announced as a small, black cat meowed from her desk.

"Nekko?" dog ninja's eyes widen. "Just my luck…"

"What's wrong?" asked Naraku confused.

"Nekko are cat lovers…" began explaining Garou. "And my clan specializes in teaming up with dogs… our, two clans aren't in what you might call 'friendly relations'… thanks to that I have no chances with her…"

As they went on, Iruka kept checking the list and soon he reached another, familiar name: "Well, what do you know…" he first smiled and then asked out loud: "Rock Gai…"

"Here, ready for my spirit of youth to bloom!" yelled a boy dressed in green battle suit with bandages on both his hands. As he stood up, Toramaru noticed a long spear attached to his back. He had large eyebrows and black, bowl-like haircut.

"One weirder then the other…" chuckled Gaki as he looked at the spear carrier.

Iruka moved one and pretty soon he reached more names that he knew all too well: "Uchiha Gouka…" at this point the kunoichi with a fan on her shirt raised her hand. "Uchiha Naraku…" her twin brother stood up at that saying 'here'. "Uzumaki Toramaru…"

"Right here…" the white-eyed boy raised his hand, but didn't even bother standing up.

"So this is Naruto's younger son?" the chuunin thought to himself. "The resemblance is quite easy to spot…" and with the that he continued with the list, yet there was just one name left on it: "Shunrai…"

"Just Shunrai?" Naraku got confused. "What's her last name?"

Toramaru looked at the girl that stood up, blushing a bit. She had really, really long, blue hair that was tided at the end with the red ribbon. Her eyes were in the same color as her hair and she wore a light-blue t-shirt and black pants with short, trouser legs. Her boots were clipped, knee-high and dark blue. The white-eyed boy also noticed a bandage on her left arm.

"So I guess all of you are here today…" announced Iruka as he put away the list. "Let me tell you know what you'll be learning for the few, next years…" and he went on, but Toramaru didn't really listened. He just started at the blue-haired girl, who sat away from everyone.

"She's acting strange…" he thought to himself. "And why doesn't she have a last name?"

---Later that day---

"So, how was your first day at the Academy, Toramaru?" his mother greeted him the moment he entered the house. "Did you make any friends already?"

"I think so…" replied the boy as he sat at the table. "Is father coming for dinner?"

"I'm afraid not…" responded the kunoichi with a sad voice. "It seems that something unexpected happened and he'll have to deal with it… he probably won't be coming home today at all…"

"I see…" announced the boy as he lowered his head.

Hinata turned around and looked at her son with a sad face.

---That night---

Toramaru felt on the bed and stared at the ceiling. "Why is it that I'm the son of the Hokage?... Sometimes I really wish for this to not be so… father, do I… really know you?" and with that he closed his eyes.

But just then there was a knock on the door. The boy instantly sit-up and after he said 'come in' the doors opened and a man with spiky, blonde hair and sky blue eyes entered the room. He had whisker-marks on his cheeks and was dressed a black and orange outfit.

"Dad…" whispered the boy at the sight.

"Sorry that I wasn't able to go to the opening ceremony today…" the man apologized with a wide smile. "I know you were disappointed…" and as he said so he sat on the bed. "Toramaru, I know that it must be hard for you… I know that I'm rarely around… I'm not gonna make myself any excuses… when I became Hokage I accepted the fact that every single person in this village became important to me… I just want you to remember one thing though: above everyone you, your brother and your mother will always be the people that I care most about…" and with that he placed his hand on the boy's head.

"I know…" the boy managed a smile.

"My duties call me…" announced the man. "I have some important things I need to take care off, but I just wouldn't forgive myself if I haven't showed up today and tell you how proud I am of you… Toramaru, I want you to become strong… strong enough to protect people you care about… and to prove it to you, I want to give you something that I've received a long time ago…" and with that he took of a small and old necklace which the white-eyed boy didn't spot earlier. "It belonged to the First Hokage… and was given to me by the Fifth… wear it and please remember that even if I'm not around, I'm always watching you…"

"I will, dad!" announced the boy taking the necklace.

"Now go to sleep… tomorrow you'll start classes… you shouldn't fall asleep on them like I did…" and with that he walked to the door.

Toramaru put on the necklace immediately and looked at it for a while. Then he slowly rested his head on the pillow and fall asleep.

Little that the boy didn't know was the fact that the events of that day were only the beginning of his ninja way. Nor did he knew that the people he met on that day will share their fates with him. Coz in the right time, when they'll be ready, destiny will call and they'll enter the battle that will change the world of shinobi… forever.

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Now, so that you won't get confused of so many OC's, here's the complete list of them all, along with the hidden meaning behind their names (I skipped Toramaru's older brother, Iruka, though). Hope this will help:

Abunage Shimiru – his last name 'abunage' can be translated as 'possibility of danger'. Since he's the fan of extreme sports I figure it might suit him… and it doesn't sound that bad. His first name 'shimiru' means 'to pierce'… he's got a lot of earrings in his body, so figure the rest out.

Aburame Kumo – as I once wrote 'aburame' means 'oil woman' and is similar to 'aburamishi' which stands for 'cockroaches'… when it comes to his first name, 'kumo' means simply 'spider'.

Akimichi Choumaru – his clan's name can be translated as 'condolence note'… his first name is created out of the word 'chou' which means 'butterfly' (from what I know all males in his clan have that word in their first name) and a suffix '-maru'… when it comes to that last one I found that it usually means 'something in full', but according to my friend's search it's also a suffix used in few, boy's names which disappears as the boys grow.

Hatake Jun – 'hatake' means simply 'field', but since he's the son of Kakashi I didn't had much choice there. His first name, 'jun', can be translated as 'genius' or 'excellent' which is somewhat an allusion to his skills.

Hisakata Gitou – 'hisakata' can be translated as 'moon'… since he's related to Hayate (not too much, but still) who used 'Dance of the Crescent Moon' I thought it might be a good clans name. His first name, gitou, means ceremonial sword… since he's a sword user I figure that name would be perfect for him.

Hyuuga Hitomi – I have never found any meaning behind her clans name, however her name, Hitomi, can be translated as 'eye pupil' (which I figure can be an allusion to her bloodline limit).

Inuzuka Garou – when it comes to his last name 'inu' means 'dog'. I had a lot of thinking with his first name but finally I've decided to go with 'garou' which means 'hungry wolf'.

Kagami Akai – 'kagami' means 'mirror' and 'akai' is one of the words for 'red' (this relates to his hair color).

Megane Akumo – his last name means 'glasses'… the word seemed cool to me and it's not such a bad last name, so that's how he got it. When it comes to his first name, if you replace the 'o' with another 'u' you get 'akumu' which means 'nightmare'… why I called him that you'll have to find out for yourselves.

Nara Buryaku – her last name have sense only with her father's name ('shika' means 'deer' and Nara is a place in Japan where deer bows for snacks). Her first name means strategy or military tactics… since she's the daughter of Shikamaru I figure she'd inherit some brains after him (plus, Temari is not dumb either).

Nayamasu Gaki – his last name means 'to torment'… he is a bully, so it fits perfectly. When it comes to his first name means 'brat' or 'kids' so mixing both his first and last name you get 'to torment kids'…

Nekata Akemi – her last name translates as 'root', while Akemi means 'bright and beautiful'

Nekko Hinako – her last name, written with a single 'k' means 'cat'… since her clan is thought to be a feline equivalent of the Inuzuka, I figure it'll be perfect. Her first name has roots in the word 'hina' which can be translated as 'chick' (she was thought to be attractive). I added '–ko' coz Hina itself sounded pretty bad to me… besides, if you'd replace 'h' with an 'm' you get Minako which means 'beautiful child'.

Rock Gai – I'm not sure if 'rock' has any meaning in English (when it comes to his father I'm positive it was a parody of Bruce Lee). I gave him the name Gai to underline the great respect Lee have for his sensei.

Uchiha Gouka – even though most of you probably know it already, 'uchiha' is translated as 'fan' which is also the twin's clan symbol. Her first name can be translated in many ways and it was used in many of them: the most obvious is 'hell fire' since her clan specializes in fire jutsus. The other translation is 'effects of karma'… since she's so mean to her brother she's collecting a lot of bad karma (I just couldn't help myself with this one). Third is 'wealthy and powerful family'… she is of the Uchiha clan after all. The final and not that obvious meaning is 'gorgeous'… she is an attractive girl above her lame inside.

Uchiha Naraku – as I wrote above, 'uchiha' means 'fan'. Naraku on the other hand can be translated as 'hell', which is thought to be a rather warm place. Since Uchiha clan specializes in fire jutsu, I figure it'll fit… plus I like the name itself.

Uzumaki Toramaru – his last name, 'uzumaki' means 'whirlpool'… the first name is the combination of the word 'tora' which means 'tiger' and a suffix '-maru'… which I explained above.

Shunrai – her name means simply 'spring thunder'.

And this is really the end. Thanks for stopping by and reading this. Hope you liked it and that you'll leave me a review once you're done.

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