Golden orbs of light fade to black

Uneven smile to remnants of humor lack

Rejuvenation by means of blood do thirst

Fascination likely to turn for the worst

Lips pressed against exposed neckline

Pulse erratic, trembling, shiver racing down spine

Claimed dangerous; craving his presence near

Husky breath; whispering promises in my ear

A penchant for turning up in time to save

My fragile, weak life believes preciously made

Existing before him has drained of all meaning

Awkward but sincere moments intense with feeling

Locking eyes, knowing no matter the risks

Nothing else can make me suffer completion like this

To his cultured, so adult voice closely listen

Magnificence of his light exposed body glisten

Laying a hand on his sculpted, luminescent chest

Quivering as he musses my hair's leaf-strewn mess

Vivid images of his crooked grin just for me

Could this be real or some warped version of reality?

A self-less, almost chivalrous, mature attitude

Melded with a temper that could flare with change in mood

Fearing the pain that holds my body rigid

Fire piercing veins and leaving fingertips frigid

Can he summon the control for one small bite?

Watching as against his internal venom three days fight

Must make him see, worth it come the end

Having forever in each other's company spend

A small sacrifice I've already decided

Choice is a hard one; his heart divided

No need to learn trust-an indestructible chain

Already imprinted upon me with an imperceptible stain

His love is enough for now, but soon will realize this

He has the willpower to do anything: I vow with a kiss