A/N: It's short, I know. It's a drabble: 500 words or less. This one is exactly 500. (exclusive of titles, quotes, and notes) It's also a PWP kind of situation...gratuitous seduction and making out. No sex because, well...you'll see. Also because I would've gone over my word count...((evil grin))

Disclaimer: Not mine. Still broke. Based on theme 1 of an alternate 30 theme lists through 30kisses on livejournal (Oranges) but more about that below.

Rating: For cryin' out loud, if you're under 16 (or whatever the "Mature" rating age is on here) DON'T READ THIS. It's not too bad, but certainly insinuates enough...

Sweetest Thing
by Em

"Ain't love the sweetest thing?"
- U2, "The Sweetest Thing."

Her fingers were methodical as they peeled the rind from the orange. She worked quickly and gracefully and before he knew it, the orange was rindless.

"Are you writing a book?" she asked monotonously, her eyes hidden from him.

"Pardon?" he asked.

"You're staring."

"Just wondering..." he started.

"About?" she prompted.

His smile was all sorts of wickedness, "Whether you're as good at stripping other things as you are oranges."

When she finally looked up at him, her eyes were mildly curious, "Shall we put it to the test?"

He thrilled- she was obviously in a playful mood, "I'm game."

She leaned forward until they were a hair's breadth away and her eyes twinkled, "Shall we start with..." she trailed off to look suggestively at his lips, "...a grape?"

He nearly fell out of the chair, "Not quite what I had in mind," he admitted.

"No?" she asked, quirking a brow and sitting back. "Hmm..." she thoughtfully bit into a slice of orange, smiling as his eyes drifted to the juice that escaped the side of her mouth, "An apple, then?"

He didn't always break first, but the desire to find out if the orange was a sweet and tasty as it looked was nearly overwhelming and he figured he could live with letting her win this game if it meant he could find out how far down her chin and neck the orange juice had traveled. After all, there were other games to play.

"Let me help you figure it out," he told her helpfully, leaning forward and taking her hands. She raised the other brow but relinquished her hands. He raised her fingers to his mouth and, eyes on her, cleaned each and every one of the sticky juice and pulp, licking his lips when he was done. The look in her eyes almost undid him, but he wasn't through yet. With a wicked grin, he leaned in and rather than kiss her, licked her chin where the juice had traveled. It tasted even sweeter than he had anticipated and the tangy orange tinged with Raven prompted him to tilt her head back as he searched for more.

She gasped and the oranges she had cradled on her lap rolled to the floor as he led her hands to the buttons of his shirt, "Start here," he growled against her throat licking and nipping at wherever the juice had traveled.

"It's no fair distracting me, you know," she said breathlessly, ignoring the buttons and reaching for the warm bounty underneath.

In reply, he nibbled her collar bone.

"Cyborg!" BeastBoy whined loudly, "Robin and Raven are being kinky in the common room!"

Robin groaned and rested his forehead against her shoulder, "Busted."

"Aw, man, again?" Cyborg groused. "Don't make me get the hose, y'all!"

Raven smiled, "Which reminds me..." she lifted his face to meet his eyes, "I could use a bath."

Robin smirked, pulled her off the couch, and out the door before she could say another word.


A/N: Through the 30kisses livejournal community, there are some alternate lists you can use. I had taken this one alternate list and kept it just in case I decided to do it, but I was never inspired by it for any pairing and Guardian Kysra already has Robin/Raven, so I didn't really look for another pairing. But...I dunno what had me looking at some of my older files and the one with this list came out and I got the image of Robin watching Raven peeling the orange and the rest, as they say, is history. I won't submit these to the community for obvious reasons, and I won't be as serious about doing them as I'd have to be if I were submitting them to the community. Anyway, my idea was to make these short drabbles. So, if I do any more from that list (and I might) they'll all be this style. Short.