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Theme: 13: Heatwave(s)

Word Count: 497. (It started in 700-something.)

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Sweetest Thing, Chapter 13
Sweet Heat

"If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?"
- Steven Wright

The fan whirred lazily, the monotonous drone of the blades cutting through the air hypnotic.

On her bedside table, the ice clinked quietly, shifting as it melted.


Raven didn't move from her prone position, watching the shadows cast against the ceiling as the fan made the curtains dance against the moonlight. "No."

She felt the dip in the mattress and realized that he had moved. She shifted her gaze to watch him reach across her body for the glass, her eyes caught on the line of neck, shoulder, sinewy arm, watching tapered *talented, lithe* fingers reached in and pulled an icecube out of the tall glass, watching her as he slipped the ice past his lips and into his mouth.

Realizing her eyes were on him, he smiled.

It was his smile that warned her.


"And cool," he offered, the cube on his lips. He held the cube between his fingers and raised his eyebrows.

Water melting from the cube raced down his arm and Raven followed it and nodded.

He brought the cube to her lips and she opened them slightly, watching as he painted her lips with the melting bit of ice. Her tongue flicked out to taste it and he chuckled and brought the cube into his mouth again.

"It's not sweet."

"I can fix that," he promised, reaching back across her body to pull another icecube out of the glass. He brought the ice to the dip of her neck instead.

She hissed as the cold hit her heated skin, her back arching off the mattress. As she caught her breath, he dragged the ice across her collarbone, along skin exposed by the thin straps of the tanktop she was wearing. Goosebumps rose along her skin and she inhaled sharply, the cold seeping into her skin wherever he traveled with the ice cube.

He pulled the ice away, leaning into her and she felt his tongue on the spot along her neck and she was breathless as he traced the wet trail of cold with his tongue and his lips.

"Mmm," he hummed. "Sweet."

"I was supposed to taste it." Her hands were gripping the sheets but her voice was almost normal.

He pulled back and looked in her eyes. He put the ice back into his mouth and leaned down and kiss her.

The warmth of his mouth and the cold of the ice sent shivers through her and she gripped his shoulders.

When he pulled back, she let her hands trail over his shoulders and down his arms as he sat up and it was her turn to smile.


She nodded, sitting up. "I think I do want more lemonade, after all." In one smooth move, she flipped him onto his back.

He smiled as he looked up at her, but only until the first drops of lemonade hit the exposed skin of stomach, and then it was his turn to hiss and grip the mattress.


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