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Chapter One-Welcome to the Academy

Sasha took a deep breath and opened her eyes to gaze out across the ocean, towards the island that they were headed to. She grinned. It was a dream come true for her and her friends.

She'd been heading back to her dorm when one of the younger students had come rushing up to her. The girl had told her excitedly that the headmistress had wanted to see her. Shrugging, she'd calmly headed to the main building, up the circular stairs, through the maze-like corridors, and into the large office that stood behind large gleaming oak doors.

Upon entering the office, Sasha had noticed two other students, one from each of the upper dorms, were sitting. Her two best friends, Melissa Rhineheart and Takara Silvermist, were talking excitedly, which was different, because Melissa was normally quiet and shy, and she rarely ever spoke. Sasha had looked curiously at their headmistress, Miss Rosemary. Miss Rosemary had congratulated her and told her that she, Takara, and Melissa had been picked out of all the students at the American Dueling Academy to be exchange students at Duel Academy. THE Duel Academy. Sasha could still remember the shock, then absolute ecstasy that had spread through her body, faster than ten thousand volts of electricity.

She smiled as she gazed at the sparkling blue stretch of water in front of them. That had been one week ago. Now, after countless minutes spent refining their decks and checking their luggage, they were finally going to the island.

She turned her head to see the more quiet of her two friends standing behind her. Melissa looked nervous, reflecting Sasha's inner self. "Is that it?"

Sasha nodded. "Yes. That's Duel Academy."

Takara approached her other side. "It's beautiful. I'm nervous."

Sasha grinned. That was Takara, blunt and random all in one. "So am I. But I'm sure we'll be fine."

Melissa took a hold of Sasha's hand and squeezed it. "I hope so."

Sasha's smile turned gentle. "We will be fine Mel. Don't worry."

Melissa managed a shaky grin and the three friends turned to gaze once more at the island that would be their home for a year. This was gonna be fun.

(At the harbor)

Jaden blinked as the reflection of the sun shined in his eyes. "Ow."

Syrus grinned. "Poor Jay."

Chazz glared out at the ocean. "Why aren't they here yet?"

"Aww, guys, I think Chazz actually cares," Alexis teased. This comment provided a laugh from everyone and a smirk from Zane.

Chazz turned his glare upon the girl, who just smiled back innocently. Why was he here again?

Oh yeah. Shepard. That jerk. He'd told them that three girls were coming from America's only dueling academy to stay here for a year. Then, he'd said to go and show them around, before bringing them to the school to be placed in the dorms accordingly.

"There they are!" Syrus's excited voice broke him out of his thoughts.

Chazz turned to see a white boat heading towards them. It slowed to a stop right beside the dock. A ramp was lowered and out walked three girls.

The first thing he noticed was that they all wore black yoga pants that had a slight flare to the edges. They all wore white tennis shoes, and a t-shirt. The t-shirts were each in a different color, so he supposed that they indicated the dorms.

Jaden stepped forward and smiled. "Hi, I'm Jaden Yuki. It's nice to meet you."

The first girl smiled. "I'm Sasha."

Sasha was wild. There was no other word for it. Her fire red hair was cut it a pixie was and spiked up. Her emerald green eyes sparkled with a fire and a passion he could not, and did not want to, understand. Her skin was a little pale, but her legs and arms were firm and strong. Her t-shirt was a deep purple color. Sasha's body language screamed "Wild, don't mess with me."

The next girl nodded and spoke, looking down as she did. "I'm Melissa," she said softly and timidly. She had pale blonde hair, so pale it was almost white, and it fell to just underneath her waist. Her stone gray eyes peeked up at them through her lashes. Melissa'' t-shirt was a deep blue color. Her body language was shy and uneasy.

The third girl looked at them curiously. "I'm Takara," she said cheerfully. Her dark brown hair flashes with strands of blonde and red as it swirled and it fell to her shoulder blades. Her eyes surprised them most of all. They were so deep and dark, they could have been black. Upon closer inspection, they were revealed to be a dark brown color, like milk chocolate. Takara's t-shirt was a dark green color.

"This is Syrus, Bastion, Alexis, Chumley, Zane, and Mr. Grumpy over there is Chazz." Jaden finished the introductions.

Sasha picked up the one piece of hand luggage she had brought with her. The other two did the same. "So, which dorm are we in?"

Alexis smiled. "You have to take a duel test to figure out which one. But first you need to meet Chancellor Shepherd."

The three girls followed their student guides, looking everywhere and becoming more and more awestruck

"So, what's with the shirts?" Chumley asked them.

Surprisingly, it was Melissa that answered. "Because our school is an all girls school, we only have three dorms. We don't need to worry about skirts and things like that, so we wear the shirt that is the color of our dorm. Yami is like Slifer here, except it is usually made up of freshman and people who are held back. Umi is like Ra, and Gaia is like Obelisk, which usually pertains to the upper classmen."

Everyone looked at Takara. "Then you're an upper classman?"

She shook her head. "It's my first year, but because I beat my examiner and aced the exam scores, and the Umi classes were too easy for me, I was placed in Gaia. I prefer a challenge to anything easy any day."

Bastion nodded his head in admiration. "I agree."

Jaden grinned. "So do I."

"When you all are done talking, we're here." Chazz broke in, annoyed for some reason.

The three girls looked up in wonder at the large building before them. Melissa began to tremble.

"What's wrong?" Bastion asked. Something inside of him wanted to comfort her, because it hated to see her in any other state than happiness. He brushed it off. It probably was just concern for a classmate.

She looked at him, and he felt a jolt of . . . something go through him as her eyes locked with his brown ones. "I'm scared."

Sasha and Takara chuckled. They hugged her tightly between them. "It's okay Lissa, you'll do great."

Melissa took in a deep breath and started towards the door.

Takara and Sasha looked at each other, nodded, and followed her. Both had serious looks on their faces, and their bodies had begun to tense up.

The gang left behind glanced at each other before following them. It was time to see what the three girls had up their sleeves.

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