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Had it really been that long ago?

Had it really been a whole year since she and the others had arrived at the island on a white boat, feeling more nervous than ever?

Yes. Yes, it had been.

She sighed, placing her head in her arms on her folded knees. They had recently defeated Banner, who hadn't really been Banner and then Jaden had taken care of the Sacred Beasts and dispatched the problem maker.

She really hadn't been paying attention, because he had isolated her and had his tongue down her throat.

That had been her sole focus, not saving the world.

Well . . .

Yeah okay. That had been her sole focus.

And now . . .

Now everyone was leaving.

Chumley had been taken off to Industrial Illusions not two hours ago. Jaden had defeated Zane not one week ago.

And soon . . .

And soon . . .

Tomorrow . . .

The dark clouds above her opened, allowing the soft pitter-patter of rain to fill her ears.

That was good. The silence was almost too much for Sasha.

Since their one night of heated passion, there had been more, ranging from tender and loving and gentle to rough and wild and hard. But, the sentiment remained the same.

He still loved her, no matter what.

Although . . . the time with the spaghetti, that had been trying.

But . . .

Her red hair was well past her shoulders now. She'd need to cut it, she noted, as she tucked one soaked strand behind her ear.

It was nice, sitting in the warm rain, and feeling it gently fall onto her skin and trail down to the ground.

She felt and heard someone come behind her, before the rain stopped falling on her. Turning her head back, Sasha looked into gentle eyes.

"Hey, what are you doing out here?" He whispered. He was holding a red umbrella, and he sat next to her, both sitting on the soft grass.

Sasha smiled at him, then turned to watch the ocean rage against the cliffs.

"Thinking," she said, after a long stretch of silence.

"And that's never good," Chazz chuckled.

Sasha gave him a half-hearted slap on the shoulder for that comment, and then returned to her previous position.

"Care to share?" He asked finally.

She sighed, and buried her head into her arms again. She replied, but it was muffled, by her skin, and by the rain.


"I don't wanna go."

Chazz sighed and closed the umbrella, before kneeling next to his love. He scooped her up bridal style and carried her back to their dorm room, where he gently placed her on his bed. "I know."

She gently kissed him then, just a brush across his lips that ignited the fire deep within him and stoked it to a burning blaze.

"And I don't think I will . . ." Sasha whispered.

Chazz looked down at her sadly, shaking his head. "You need to."


"It's very painful for me to say this." Chazz sat back, and Sasha clambered into his lap, settling deep into his embrace as his arms came and wrapped around her petite frame. "But, Sash . . . I love you so much, but . . ."

Sasha nodded, and then the tears welled up in her eyes. "You . . . want me to go . . ."

"It's not that I want you to . . ." Chazz held her tighter. "More that you have to."

Sasha buried her face into his chest and cried harder, and Chazz simply held her and let her cry, as the night slowly slipped away into the growing light of dawn.

Melissa couldn't stand it. Her things were packed neatly into the duffel bag she had brought with her, including her old Duel Academy Uniform. Her black yoga pants and her nice clean pressed shirt from the Duel Academy of America were waiting, hanging on a clothes line she had stretched across the room.

The sounds of rain beginning caused her to look up from the diary entry she was in the process of writing. Melissa stared out the window for the longest time, until the soft click of the door shutting diverted her attention from the dismal conditions outside to the warm interior of the room.

Bastion stood not too far from her position on the sill, his arms behind his back.

"Hey Bastion," Melissa said quietly. She felt the sadness well up inside her and bit her lip in order to avoid crying.

Bastion slowly approached her and then knelt onto one knee by her side. "Melissa . . ."

"Hm?" Melissa swung her legs onto the ground so she sat facing him.

Bastion sucked in a deep breath and pulled a tiny box from behind his back. The box was covered in blue velvet with gold trim. Bastion reached up with his other hand and opened the box, to reveal a beautiful silver band with a very tiny diamond set in the middle.

"Oh, Bastion . . ." Her voice caught in her throat as she looked at the ring and then at his face. "It's gorgeous!"

He pulled it out and slipped it onto her left ring finger. "A promise, Melissa. A promise of love and unfulfilled other promises that I intend to keep."

Melissa's stormy gray eyes filled with the tears she had been desperately struggling against. "B-Bastion . . ."

She flung herself into his arms, sobbing almost hysterically. "Oh, Bastion . . ."

"I know, I know," he murmured, stroking her pale blond hair as she cried into his blazer.

"I promise too Bastion," she said through her sobs. "I promise too."

It was so cold.

The lights were out and she starred out the balcony window into the dark and abysmal night. Her room had been stripped bared of anything of her presence, including the picture on her nightstand of all of her friends she had taken a few months ago on a bright sunny afternoon.

And it was cold, as she sat slouched on the bed, her eyes distant and foggy as she watched the storm unfold.

No one was up; they had just finished final exams of the school year, and everyone was exhausted. She had turned in as soon as she reached the dorm.

She hadn't seen Zane at all.

And inside, she was worried. What if he was distancing himself from her? What if he had found someone else? What if . . .

What if he didn't love her?

There was a soft knock on her door, barely audible through the rain pounding gently against the glass and roof.

Takara was dressed for bed, in a long white nightgown that fell to her ankles. It was made of silk, a gift from her mother years ago. It moved like water around her skin when she wanted to dance in the night. It was sleeveless, only thin straps holding it onto her tanned shoulders. And on top of that, it was semi-sheer, allowing her legs to be seen while her torso remained hidden.

She stood, and grabbed the matching white robe, which she pulled on as she walked to the door. She didn't bother to tie it, figuring it would be another Obelisk Blue girl.

Opening the door, she looked out into the darkened hallway and frowned. There was just enough light to see, and she didn't see anyone or anything at all. Well, that is, until she looked down.

She saw a blood red rose lying in front of her feet, and she picked up. Her eyes on the way up, however, caught another rose, and another following that one. She moved quietly, closing her door behind her, and picking up the trail of roses, one after the other. The trail led her through several floors, and every now and then, there'd be a glass vase for her to deposit her bouquet of roses and start again.

Finally, after about an hour, she stopped in front of a door she had never noticed before.

She was only holding one rose, and she inhaled deeply, before grasping the golden doorknob and turning it.

It was locked, go figure.

Her heart shattered and she turned, before she heard the sound of a lock unlocking. She turned and found Atticus smiling at her. "I wondered what took you so long. But come, mon cherie, your date awaits you."

Takara blinked, but before she could ask, he pulled her in.

"I'm lost . . ." Takara said, blinking again.

Atticus laughed. "It's okay. Zane had this planned for weeks, and here, he even got you something special to wear, since he figured you show up like that." He motioned behind her and she turned around to find Alexis smiling at her this time. "Hey Takara."

Alexis was holding a beautiful dark blue dress that was sleeveless as well. It had no straps, and it would instead cling to her modest chest. It fanned slightly at her hips, and would fall gracefully to just below her knees.

"Hurry! We can't keep him waiting" Alexis grabbed her hand and tugged, and then pushed, causing Takara to fly into a chair. Atticus held the dress while Alexis did Takara's hair into a quick upsweep, held with a diamond clip. She brushed on a tiny bit of lip gloss, and then pulled Takara from the chair. She tugged off Takara's robe and then her nightgown (Atticus turned his head away to give her some privacy) and then slid the dress over her head. She picked up Takara's feet and quickly slipped them into a pair of sexy high-heeled sandals.

"Wooh!" Alexis said, wiping her arm across her forehead. "You're good to go."

That had happened in about ten minutes. Takara was stunned even more, but gather her wits around and said, "What?"

"Hurry!" Alexis pulled Takara into the main room, and then had her stop short. She went into the main room and said, "Announcing your date, Mr. Truesdale."

Takara saw Atticus nod and she walked around the corner to find a well-dressed Syrus.

((Hahahahaha, OMG, did that scare you guys? Let's try that again, shall we?))

Takara walked around the corner to find a well-dressed Zane.

He smiled to her and she walked forward, smiling nervously. "Hey Zane."

"Hey." He took her hand gently and led her to a large patch of wooden floor. Soft music began to play and he swept her around. Both had fun that night, laughing as they seemed to soar and float around the room.

He then led her to a table lit by soft candles with a single rose in the glass vase. Zane pulled out her chair and let her sit before sitting in his own chair across from her.

"This is so wonderful! How did you do it?" Takara asked, her brown eyes shining.

Zane chuckled a bit. "I began planning about a month ago. I didn't want you to leave without having one last special night together."

"Oh, Zane . . ."

Atticus brought them a nice dinner, causing a growl to emit from Takara's stomach. She blushed while Zane chuckled and Atticus grinned at her. "Glad to see someone's hungry."

Takara hadn't moved form her room since three o'clock that afternoon. Of course she was hungry!

Dinner was fabulous. The main meal consisted of a moist and delicious roast beef with cooked carrots, potatoes, and a bit of beef broth, with a glass of milk. The desert course was a sponge like cake filled with some kind of yellow sauce and surrounded by warm chocolate syrup. The drink was a sweet white wine.

Afterwards, Atticus assured the young couple that he would be back to clean up later, and to not worry about, just have fun. Then, he and Alexis left to give them some alone time.

She stared out into the night, as the rain was over and the sky had cleared, revealing the perfect night sky scattered with diamonds.

"It's beautiful . . ." She whispered when he joined her at her side.

"Beautiful," he agreed, but he wasn't looking at the sky.

Takara blushed when she felt his gaze on her. "Zane . . ."

"I have something for you," these words were whispered near her ear as his warm breath tickled the fine hairs at the back of her neck.

She felt him shift and then she felt him slide one arm around her waist. He pulled her back and put his other arm in front of her, revealing a golden chain with a tiny sapphire on it, shaped in the form of a staff.

"Oh, Zane!" she cried.

He chuckled and turned the necklace, pulling it around her neck and fastening it. His fingers lingered, brushing softly against the nape of her neck.

"I love it," she whispered, turning in his one armed embrace. "I love you."

He gently kissed her, a soft brush of their lips that spread warmth from the roots of her hair to the tips of her toes.

He picked her up bridal style and carried her around the dark halls, and then set her onto her feet in front of her room.

He opened the door and led her in, closing it softly. He then laid her gently on the bed and settled next to her after taking her shoes off and taking off his own shoes.

He held her to him, nuzzling the top of her head and listening to her quiet breaths. "Good night my angel."

He heard her sigh happily and then felt her drift off into the land of sleep. He soon followed, her sleepy breaths lulling him to sleep.

The afternoon sun shone down brightly upon the tiny island. Birds chirped happily, announcing the gorgeous spring day it was destined to be. Tree branches danced in the wind, and the breeze itself seemed to proclaim the happy day it should have been.

But on the docks, covered with students and teachers alike, only few were happy.

The few that were did not include Melissa, Sasha, and Takara. The three Americans stood with solemn faces as Chancellor Shepard thanked them for coming and for their part against the shadow riders and saving the world.

"You girls are very brave. I hope you come back to visit someday," he concluded, giving each girl a brief hug.

Dorothy bustled over, tears falling from her eyes. "I didn't want to see you girls go . . . But . . . Here . . ." She handed over a bunch of rare card packs. "I know you told me of an old friend back at the Academy. These are for her."

The girls accepted them, and then they smiled at the three boys standing off to the side. Bastion looked miserable, and Zane and Chazz . . . well, the emotionally constipated masks were back in place.

They waved. "Bye!" Then, the girls ran up the ramp. It was pulled back onto the boat and they were off.

Everyone except their friends left the docks, and even then, when they pulled away, only Zane, Chazz, and Bastion were left. The three girls stood at the stern of the boat, and then they lifted their arms and waved.

The three boys lifted their arms in parting, and then the boat was out of sight.

So, that was it.

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