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Chapter 1: Yami's Introduction to the Toilet

A tri-colored, spiky haired teenager, with evenly tanned skin was peacefully resting in his bed, when, out of nowhere, his aibou, Yugi, came in banging a pot and a spoon together.

"Come on, Yami, wake up! It's 1:00 in the afternoon already", Yugi howled.

Yami woke up screaming, "AHHHHH! Yugi! Don't do that anymore, please!"

"Well, then don't sleep so long!" Yugi replied.

Yami sat up in bed, rubbing his red eyes. Yami had no shirt on, but he did have boxers on; which happened to have pictures of the millennium puzzle on it. Yugi tells Yami that he will be in the kitchen.

Lifting himself out of bed, Yami headed for the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, Yami used the toilet. Since Yami knows nothing about almost anything, he calls for Yugi to come to tell him how to flush the toilet. Yugi comes inside the bathroom, and sees Yami examining the toilet; looking for something to flush it.

"Oh, Yami", Yugi complained, "You should at least know how to flush a toilet by now!"

Yami looked at Yugi, blushing because he was embarrassed. Yugi showed Yami the lever to flush the toilet, then left.

"Arigato, Aibou!" Yami called after him, and then he flushed the toilet.

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