Okay, so I know this story is finished…technically…but I was struck by an idiot stick and since I would never be able to get a hold of all of you by PM/email/gmail/ pigeon note/ message in a bottle/ telegram (take your pick) I'm adding this extra special author's note. (yay me for being a dumbass and lacking the foresight to put this up here with the last chappie…)

Right, getting to the point...obviously, the ending of LNG isn't quite an ending very many people are happy with…so…If there is to be a sequel, I want feedback from you, the reader. (Insert image of uncle sam poster) My main question is this: what would you want out of a sequel?? (Other than closure.) What would you want to read about?? Because even though I have a fairly good idea of what the sequel should have, I want to know what your ideas for a sequel are! Believe me, if your idea is utilized in any way, you get total props for your contribution. (That's kinda like a copyrighting 'duh' right?) So, I want to know your opinions! Respond to this however you want, or if you prefer, don't respond to this. Any feedback is extreamly appreciated, this invitation extends to the negative-I'll-kill-your-mary-sue readers as well! (When I say I'll take anything I mean ANYTHING.)

So there we go! Hopefully I'll be hearing from some of you!! Until then, take care!