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Chapter One - Meetings

In the shadows of Mirkwood, three elflings were at play. That is, if you could call what they were doing play. In fact, the three elflings had forgotten how to play a long time ago. The loss of the knowledge of play had been lost to them when the shadow had first began to envelop Greenwood. The wood was now Mirkwood. Long had it been since laughter had been heard in the woods from any elf.

The elflings were defiantly not at play. No, they were practicing at being on patrol, mimicking what they had seen the adult elves do. The only thing any of the three had to look forward to was fighting in the long battle with the spiders and other evils that lurked in the woods. Even though it was practice, the adults still would have been furious at them for the danger they put themselves in. Or the danger the adults thought they were in. Long had Lord Thranduil insist that the elflings were hope. So, even though the three knew how to defend themselves and were as good as any other warriors in the forest, for they were the last three elflings in Mirkwood.

The first two were twins, but not the usual twins among elves. No, these two were a male and a female. They both had brown hair and jade green eyes. The last elfling had blond hair and blue eyes. It was he who heard the horse steps on the path leading up to the palace. They tensed, then quickly sprang into the trees, bidding the trees to hide them. The worry was that whoever came across the path was either human, dwarf, or even worse. The leader of the three stepped forward, pulling his hood over his gold hair. He could already tell that the ones on the path were elves.

"Daro!" Of the many horses that suddenly stopped, two stood out due to whom rode them. One had two elflings of roughly the same size and the other held an elder elf with a small elfling. One could not see their faces.

"Who calls and asks us to stop? We are on the way to Lord Thranduil's halls for a visit. He sent for us himself,"

"It matters not who I am. Who are you, where are you from and what business do you have with our elven lord?"

"We are from Imladris. I am Lord Elrond. As I have said before, Lord Thranduil has sent for us himself,"

"I can not believe that. We have none who are so near death that we need a healer,"

"We come not to heal the body, but another thing. Step forwa so I can see you," At this the three fully emerged.

"They are nothing but elflings!" Elrond raised a hand, shushing the one who spoke.

"I am not an elfling. I am a warrior," At this a few of the elves began laughing. The two elflings who rode one horse looked at the one who had dared to say he wasn't an elfling. They snickered at this, thinking it was a game. To the startlement of all, the elfling unswung his bow and shot it at the path in front of them. At this Elrond dismounted.

"Daro!" Elrond forcibly removed the bow from the elflings hands. He then pulled the hood back. He recognized the elfling for who he was. "Legolas Thranduilian, does your Adar know that you yourself and these two other elflings are so far away from the palace?"

At this the other two elflings ambushed Elrond, as well they could for having been known to be there.

"Let go of our Prince!"

"You are not to harm him!"

"We'll kill you if you do,"

"Better yet, Lord Thranduil will become angry and kill you many times fold," At this other elves of the company dismounted and grabbed them. Elrond gave orders for each of the elflings to be seated with another adult elf.

"I believe it is best we go and speak with him then about this situation."