Author's note - Technokitty mentioned that hidden roof hatches are only accessible from inside. This is correct. Even if Legolas had seen it, he still wouldn't have been able to get down.

Chapter Eighteen - Awakening

Thranduil carried Legolas to the elfling's bedroom. Elrond followed right behind the elven lord. Two other elves had taken Elrohir and Elladan to their guest rooms. Legolas's eyes were still shut. A whimper came from him as Thranduil lay him on the bed. "Elrond?"

"He is having a nightmare friend," It was then that Legolas's eyes opened.


"Are you all right penneth?" Elrond spoke up. Legolas frowned.

"The blue wizards are dead," Elrond frowned and Thranduil turned a little pale.

"Penneth, it was just a dream. Now drink this, and it will help you sleep," Legolas complied and drank from the small flask held to his lips. Pretty soon he was resting peacefully. His eyes open.

"Are they dead Elrond?"

"Why would you ask me that question Thranduil?" The elven Lord didn't answer him. " Look my friend, I have a feeling this dream will not trouble him no more."

"How can you be sure?"

"Was this the first time you found him as of late with his eyes closed?"

"No. I found him like this ... the night Curinir came,"

"He did not mention a dream before. I think it has finally come to pass,"

"And if it hasn't?"

"Check on him tomorrow night. His eyes should be open," Elrond covered the elfing up with a blanket.


Thranduil was in his study recording the days events. It was already noon and Legolas was yet to get up. It was then that he heard the patter of a young ones feet that did not yet have the full silence of an adult elf. Thranduil looked up.

"Good morning Legolas"

"Good morning Ada. Where are Elrohir and Elladan?"

"They are in the stables with Glorfindel and Arwen. Why?" The Captain of the Guard then came in. He was carrying a chicken under his arm.

"Lord Thranduil, where are Elrohir and Elladan? I would like to have a word with them,"

"As I told Legolas, they are in the stables with Glorfindel and Arwen,"

"Then who put chickens in the armory? They flew out when I opened the door."

A giggle came from Legolas. Thranduil raised an eyebrow which caused Legolas to turn and hurry off. "I think you've found your culprit Trenarn."

Trenarn could only look on with a look of surprise on his face.

Author's note. I hope you enjoyed the fic. Legolas won't be having that dream anymore, but Elrond knew that. He's also acting like an elfing again. My next fic will be called Shadow Sickness. It is the prequel to this.

Second Authors note - Inwe put in her review , 'It seems that Elrond knew that Saruman was why did he seem shocked and devestated in the movie'. To put it simply, that was in the movie. In the book, there was no such responce. We do not hear Gandalf's story until the council.

In fact, this goes back to the three elven rings. The maker gave two to Gil-galad and one to Galadriel. He died by the hands of Sauron. Gil-Galad then gave one ring to Elrond and the other to Cirdan the ship builder. Ciridan knew when the Istari came from the West. He was the only one who knew and choose to only tell two others. Those were Elrond and Galadriel. Though Sarumon was the first and eldist and choosen as leader, he choose to give his ring to Gandalf. He also only told two others. These were Elrond and Galadriel. Galadriel also did not trust Sarumon. She wanted the leadership position in the White council to go to Gandalf, but he refused. It was also obvious that he was power hungry from the start. However, though Elrond, Galadriel and Ciridan did not trust him, Gandalf did, because he had been the leader choosen by the Valar. In fact, all the Istari trusted him. So much so that the two blue wizards went into the east with him and vanished.