Written as a drabble request for Jadax! Zelos/Colette.

It Began with Flowers

It began with flowers, as most of Zelos' propositions did. He gave them to her when she was sitting silently in her room when everyone had gone to bed. He'd heard her crying through the walls. She smiled that way she did when she took them and she thanked him, but the smile was all that he'd actually needed.

It continued with support, as per usual... although it wasn't in the same way that he usually did. Girls would whine about anything that they could when they were rich and living in the city. Colette had been through so much, and she knew what suffering was really like, so she didn't cry over nothing. She was stronger than he was, and he tried to inch his way closer... because he knew he should be like that.

And when he stabbed her in the back, she refused to look at him as she cried out to Lloyd over the space between them. Eyes overflowing with hurt, she cried out to him and Lloyd cried back, looking at Zelos as if she was already dead.

She never would have loved me anyway, he thought as he slid the sword from it's sheath.