Disclaimer: I do not own Narnia, unfortunately. I just own an old copy of the books and watch the 9 minute trailer for the movie over, and over, and over again.

Note: This is my first Narnia story, so I hope you like it. Each chapter is a separate piece about each of the Pevensie children. Also, please note that this fic has a Christian theme since that's how Lewis wrote Narnia (another reason I love the series). Each of the chapter titles is a verse from Matthew 5:3-12, the Beatitudes. I tried to write each one to fit the character, though Peter's chapter is based more on John 21:15-17.

And after that long Note, here's the first chapter

Peter: Blessed are those who mourn

Aslan padded silently along the halls of Cair Paravel. As the dawn of the day of the Pevensies' coronation drew nearer, he sought out each child as his will led him. He came upon Peter in the armory, swinging the sword Rhindon which had been given to him by Father Christmas. There was a pensive look on the boy-king's face, cobalt eyes troubled by inner turmoil.

Peter looked up as Aslan growled softly. "I don't think I can be king, Aslan."

The Lion came around to stand in front of the boy. "You deny your worth unwisely, Peter."

"Do I? How can I protect a country when I can't even protect my family? Edmund turned to the White Witch because I was never there for him. Lucy nearly drowned in the river, and then Edmund almost died at Beruna trying to save me." Aslan's face remained impassive as Peter continued. "I couldn't even save myself. I fought the Witch with everything I had, but she was just toying with me. She could have killed me whenever she wanted and if it weren't for you she would have succeeded. I can't be king, Aslan." Emotion spent, Peter knelt on the ground in front of the Lion, eyes to the ground.

"Peter." The boy looked up into Aslan's eyes, deep as the universe. "Peter, do you trust me?"

Peter felt like his soul was being laid bare, and yet it was such a pleasant feeling. "Yes, Aslan, of course."

"Peter, do you fear me?"

The Lion's voice roared like thunder, but was as quiet as a whisper. Peter trembled as he answered. "Yes, I do."

Aslan's eyes softened. "Peter, do you love me?"

In the Lion's eyes, the boy saw a love truer than anything he could imagine. He remembered the Stone Table and what Aslan had done for his brother, for his family, for him. Tears welled up in Peter's eyes and he threw his arms around Aslan's neck, burying his face in his mane. "Yes, Aslan, I love you."

Aslan gently nuzzled Peter's side. "Then believe me when I say that you will be a magnificent king." Peter pulled away, a smile on his face. Aslan returned it before padding his way to the door. Stopping once, he turned his golden head. "Peter, my child, take care of my family."