Disclaimer: I do not own Narnia or any of the characters.
Note: This is a poem I wrote on the spur of the moment one evening while contemplating Aslan's/Jesus' sacrifice. I intended it to be entirely about Edmund, but when I started writing the second verse it morphed into Susan. Then I had to do the others. The poem is about the four children's view of Aslan, in the order: Edmund, Susan, Peter, Lucy.

Edited for a spelling mistake, thanks Miniver!

Why Forgiveness

Why forgiveness given in blood?
What did I do to deserve this grace?
Dark eyes meet golden forgiveness,
Dark heart agape, struck by this love.

Why does my heart tremble in fear?
What doubt fills my troubled mind?
Light laughter covers disbelief,
Light hides the shadow drawing so near.

Why choose me to do your will?
What great strength do I have?
Blue eyes meet warm confidence,
Blue skies shine light on leader's skill.

Why should my heart tremble?
What can I fear near you?
Pure delight found in laughter,
Pure heart shines, a golden temple.