Chapter 7: Connected

Dean sat down in the chair beside Katie's bed and brushed the hair out of her face. Her chest rose and fell in a steady beat making him smile in hapiness. Sam and John had went out for a walk and left Dean to watch over her. He laced his fingers through hers and held her hand firmly, gently massaging the back of her hand with the pad of his thumb.

He chuckled slightly, "The things you do to me kid..." he said softly before planting a light kiss on her forehead

Looking around the white room he sighed in the normality of it all and began to wonder if they made it this bland just to torture the patients further. Dean looked back down at the sleeping woman and yawned, finally noticing that he hadn't slept all night. He thought before gently moving Katie over and climbing into the bed. He laid her head onto his chest and held her in his arms. Bending his head down slightly he kissed her hair and breathed deeply before drifting off to a deep sleep.

Sam and John walked down the sidewalk, both had their hand stuffed in their pockets, both trying their hardest to gaze at anything besides each other.

"So..." John started

"What do you think Dean is doing right now?" Sam asked with a smile

"Thanks for that visual Sam, really!"

Sam laughed and looked over at his father, "Couldn't resist."

John chuckled, "You boys are something else..."

Sam smiled and looked back down at the sidewalk, "Do you think he really loves her?"

John looked at his youngest son with a questioning gaze and Sam continued, "I mean, Dean he just doens't seem the type to just fall in love with some random girl..."

John smiled, "Except for the fact that Katie isn't just some random girl with Dean. Katie is linked to him in a way, if he feels pain, she feels it, if he feels excited she becomes incredibly happy. It just happened somehow, and everytime I had a conversation with the girl, I could ask her what is Dean feeling right now and she could tell me the honest truth. The cosmos didn't screw up in that match and I think 'the powers that be' did something right for once..."

Sam smiled, "Dad?"

"Yes son?"

"Do we have anything better to talk about then Dean's love life?"

John chuckled, "Oh my God..."

Sam laughed and they both headed back to the hospital entrance. As they walked into Katie's room, they could see the Dean and Katie fast asleep on the bed. Katie was in Dean's arms, her hair covering one side of her face and one of her hands entwined with his. Her long legs were thrown over his and one of his arms was around her waist. John smiled and sat in one of the chairs as Sam sighed sitting in the other.

"One of us should stay awake," Sam said suddenly

"Yeah...go to sleep son. I'll watch over you."

Sam smiled, "Wake me up in an hour and then you can sleep."

John nodded with a smile and Sam drifted off to sleep. John Winchester sat and watched the twenty year olds slept.

"They're just kids, they shouldn't be going through all of this," he said weakly to no body but himself, "Just kids..."

Hailey walked up the staircase and headed to her daughter's room. She lightly rapped on the door until it opened and the ten year old girl was standing in the door way, her long dirty blonde hair pulled back in a messy bun. Hailey's breath caught in her throat as she thought of how much the young girl resembled her father and made her way into the girl's room. Reece closed the door and sat down on the bed next to her mother.

"What's up Reece baby?" Hailey asked in a nervous tone

Reece looked away from her mother, "Who is that guy?"

"What guy?"

"You know who I'm talking about! Dean!" Reece said in frusration and threw herself off of the bed

"He's an old friend..."

"Mom," Reece started and Hailey looked down at the ground, "You said that I look exactly like my father..."

Tears brimmed Hailey's eyes as Reece looked at her, worry and anxiety in the little girl's eyes. Hailey cradled her head in her hands.

"What did he do to make you hate him so much?"

Hailey thought for a split second, "He left us, all by ourselves...but your grandfather never losed touch. He always kept a close tab on us."

Reece looked away, "I know that he left us and I hate him for it. I know there's something you are not telling me and I'm going to find out what."

Hailey sighed and left the room. Reece slammed the door shut and sat down at her computer. Going to she typed in 'Dean Winchester' and waited for the results. Two articles stood out and she thought that she was going to puke.

"He's a murderer, he's dead...He's supposed to be dead..." she seethed before shutting down the computer and deciding to handle this on her own

Katie opened her eyes to see her men in the room and smiled. Moving her head up, careful not to wake Dean, she looked around the room once more. She stopped cold when she saw something lurking in one shadow of the room and shook her head. A man came out of the shadows and before she could open her mouth to scream he had shot all three men and the gun clicked once more. He smiled and came closer to Katie who was too shocked to do anything and pointed the gun at her face.

Katie: AHHHH

Dean: (cover's his eyes) Holy shit woman... its just a story!

Bianca: Heh, I killed your sorry ass Deany Boy

Dean: (glares at Bianca) Bite me!

Bianca: Yes Please

Katie: (laughs) No, he'll get rabies!

Bianca: (hits Katie over the head) Hey! I'm nice to you!

Sam: I feel so excluded...

Bianca, Katie, Dean: Shut up Sam!

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