you know what? i could try to explain this, but i'd rather not.

Roxas bolted down the stairs. "What happen?"

Naminé immediately shot a serious look at her Nobody comrade. "Someone set us up the bomb." Roxas's mouth dropped open with shock. Axel crossed his arms, as he leaned up against the table.

Roxas's house in Twilight Town was empty—the only remaining people being a disgruntled Naminé, and a rather agitated Axel. Before Roxas could say anything more, the television screen behind Naminé flickered on, to a loud static.

"We get signal!" yelled Axel, suddenly turning to look at the buzzing machine.

"What!" exclaimed Naminé, turning as well. Roxas hurried between the two, sitting down on the floor. Axel hurriedly flipped through channels on the box, trying to find a clear station.

"Main screen turn on," he muttered to himself, before slamming his fist on the thing. The picture went clear. All of a sudden, Roxas could make out the picture. Somehow, Hayner had taken over the world.

"It's you!" Roxas yelled, pointing accusingly at the screen. Then, he remembered the television couldn't hear him.

"How are you gentlemen!" said TV-Hayner. Roxas growled at the television. "All your base are belong to us." Hayner's hands formed a sort of pyramid. "You are on the way to destruction."

"What you say!" Roxas shrieked at the television. He watched in horror as armies of Yuffie spawned behind Hayner. Axel screamed like a girly man, and Naminé bit her lip.

"You have no chance to survive make your time," said TV-Hayner. Idly, the fat friend of Hayner's who tried to eat his camera waddled around in the background. "Hahahaha." An evil grin crossed Hayner's face. All of a sudden, the door broke down, and the Yuffie army started to pour into the room.

"Captain!" Axel yelled, immediately going for his weapons. Almost sequentially, Riku burst into the door, Keyblades flying. He chopped down some Yuffies and guarded himself beside Naminé.

"Why the hell are you calling him Captain? What's wrong with you guys?" Riku asked, panting. All three of them and TV-Hayner gave Riku weird looks.

"Take off every 'Zig'!" Roxas roared. Riku raised an eyebrow at him.

"What the fuck is a Zig?"

"You know what you doing."

"What the fuck?"

"Move 'Zig'."

Riku stared, before he was abruptly pushed by Axel into the open mouth of a Yuffie, forever disappearing into the epitome of darkness.

"For great justice," said Roxas, planting Riku's Keyblade into the ground. He would always be remembered.