Previously: Xander and Anya got married on Valentine's Day and now live in Del Mar, California, 45 minutes south of Kara's house, but they still visit.Tara, Buffy, and Dawn work at The Magic Shop now to take up the slack from Anya leaving. Spike splits his time between Sunnydale and Kara's. Kara was asked by the Powers to watch over Los Angeles. She rescues and protects humans and demons, alike, who all have destinies for good. Her latest charge has just shown up at her door…

Chapter 1

March 4, 2002

Kara led the man with the baby into her kitchen. He placed the carrier with the sleeping infant on the counter.

"Would you like some tea?"

"Yes, please, how did you know?"

"I figured from the English accent that you could use some. So, Wesley?" He nodded. "Tell me what brings you and a baby to my door."

Wes took a seat and sighed, suddenly tired after the adrenaline rush of trying to get safely out of L.A. "The baby, Connor, is who actually needs your protection. Are you familiar with the demon Sahjahn?"

Kara tilted her head in consideration. "Time traveler, right? Skips around the dimensions. Very bad news, but not nearly as old as I am. No one's killed him, yet? He certainly has enough enemies."

"He's alive and well, and wants Connor out of the way or dead. Sahjahn manipulated a prophecy; spread around false copies that stated the son of two vampires would be killed by the father. Connor's actual destiny is to kill Sahjahn. I only discovered the truth in the last 24 hours. Lorne said that if any one of us needed to run, we should come to you, and find safety. I hope that he wasn't too presumptuous?"

"No, not at all. I gave him that phrase for a reason. If he told you, then he trusts you completely, and so will I. Who are the boy's parents?" Kara set a mug of tea in front of Wesley before having a seat across from him.

"You've heard of Angel?" She nodded. "Angel and Darla, his sire, are Connor's parents. Darla staked herself in November to give birth to him. He's truly a miracle child, though we have no idea how normal he will be as he matures. I've never read of another case like this. I've worked with Angel for three years now, and the past few months have been the most intense for all of us. Wolfram and Hart wants to experiment on him, Sahjahn wants him dead, and Holtz wants to use him as revenge against Angel for killing his family. We scattered tonight when they attacked the hotel."

"Where will the others go?"

"I don't know. Angel will try to keep them safe. Goodness, Cordelia doesn't even know what's going on. She's on vacation with a friend. She would be heartbroken if anything happened to Connor. He will be safe with you, yes? I can't stay gone too long. Wolfram and Hart might track me here."

Kara put her hand on Wesley's in reassurance. "He'll be fine here. It's not the first baby I've taken care of, and hey, I'm a goddess, right? Lots of power to protect him. Go tell his father that's he safe here as long as he needs to stay."

"Thank you – I realize I don't even know what to call you. I actually pictured you –"

"Taller?" she joked.

"Different," he said, smiling.

"I reserve the 'goddess look' for Ossiriand. I'm still Kara Taylor, voice teacher and sister," she said with humor.

"Well, Kara, it was a pleasure meeting you. We'll be in touch, and hopefully, the threat to Connor will be eliminated soon." He stood, starting to leave.

"Wes, I have plenty of guest rooms and you look exhausted. You can wait to leave until morning –" "Kara, luv, did you forget to lock the door?" Kara heard the growl welling up from his demon before he finished his sentence. She rushed to greet Spike in the entryway.

"Why do I smell Peaches in the house?" he growled lowly.

"Peaches? Oh, you mean Angel – Spike, calm down. He's not here," she said quietly.

"Explain," he grunted.

"One of his crew is here for protection. That's why you can smell Angel. Concentrate – does it actually smell like Angel, himself, has been in the house?"

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. "No," he muttered, chagrined. He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her waist, nuzzling into her hair. "Sorry, kitten. You know how I feel bout 'im."

"I know, baby. Now, come meet our guests." She took his hand and led him into the kitchen. "Wes, this is my boyfriend, Spike. Spike, this is Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, and the baby is Connor."

"You're William the Bloody!" Wes exclaimed.

"Great, pet. You let a bloody Watcher into the house."

"Wait, you're a Watcher?" she asked, surprised.

"I used to be. They dismissed me over 3 years ago. Uh, Kara, are you aware that your 'boyfriend' is one of the most notorious vampires in history?"

"Bloody right, I am. Not that you Watchers have anything right in your books about my life. So, Peaches has a former git workin' for 'im? Let me guess: English, here, is the researcher."

"Spike, be nice." Kara elbowed him in the ribs. "Wes, he's just giving you a hard time. He's harmless, really." "Hey!" "Have you eaten today? I can make something quick."

"Thank you, Kara, but I really should go."

"Wes, it's late, you look exhausted, and it's no trouble to put you up for the night. Have a seat, and I'll whip up a quick meal." Kara's tone brooked no argument. Wes nodded, and had a seat once again. He was too amazed by the powerful presence of such a tiny woman to argue any further, and a good meal would be nice.

Spike smirked, enjoying seeing the other man cowed so easily by Kara's authority. Personally, he loved when she got bossy. He left the room to hang up his coat, and take off his boots. Kara didn't like him tracking dirt into the house, and it had rained recently.


Wes let out a sigh of relief he hadn't realized he'd been holding when the vampire left the room. He had so many questions about how these two came to be romantically involved, especially considering the last news he'd heard about William the Bloody a few years ago.

"That smells wonderful," he complimented.

"Thanks. It's just frozen stir-fry, but it's tasty. In understand now why the Powers wanted me to pick up the slack in L.A. A Champion who's also a single dad is pretty rare."

"The Powers speak to you? Do you receive visions?"

"Nah. I was just sent a messenger. The Goddess Kalari worked with the Powers during her lifetime, especially as she came to have an affection for Earth and humans. It took them mere days to find out I was back again. I won't be one of their pawns, but I will help out where I'm needed, especially when it's close to home. I have to pass through L.A. to go to Sunnydale, anyway."

"I don't quite understand..."

"Why I go to Sunnydale? I took a class, for fun, at the University for Fall 2000, met Tara, who dates Willow, best friend of Buffy, and so on. I was a normal human, until June of that year. While staying in Sunnydale, I learned about what I'd become, and all the Hellmouth stories, too. Met Spike. Last November, my transformation was complete, joining me with the essence of Kalari, and now I am both. The Sunnydale crew means a lot to me, and we both take patrol nights to make it easier for Buffy to stay in school. The girl is a remarkable Slayer, but her confidence in being Buffy could fit on the head of a pin. But you probably know that your boss has something to do with that."

"Eh, well, I wouldn't presume…"

"It's okay, Wes. I'm not going to blame you for your friend's actions. Would you like something to drink? I have the usual sodas and juice, or if you go down in the basement, you'll find something stronger." She set the plate in front of him.

"Perhaps later. Actually, Angel works for me, technically," he murmured.

She smiled gently. "Well, then, good for you. Vampires can be a bit rash sometimes, yes?" Kara placed a bottle in the microwave for Connor. "Speaking of which, where did Spike disappear to? Would you excuse me?"

"Of course."


Walking into the foyer, Kara extended her senses. Ah, bedroom, sulking. She teleported next to him, startling him from the book he was reading on the sofa.

"Warn a bloke, luv. Getting too lazy to use the stairs?"

"We have a guest, you know. You could try being polite!"

"I didn't invite him or the sprog here, pet. I don't want anything to do with a connection to the Poof. Peaches should handle his own cases, not dump them on us. Figures, though. The wanker never did a bit of work his whole life. So, what's after the boy, and what kind of fight are we expectin'?"

"No one should be bothering us tonight. The house is shielded from locator spells. I think Wes just needed to get him out of the way for a night so they could take care of the threat. As for the reason Angel's involved….that's an interesting question."

"How so?"

"Well….that's Angel's son."

"What, he actually went about adopting? Doesn't sound like the selfish git I know," he said skeptically.

"No, Connor isn't adopted. He's Angel's…and Darla's."

"Darla! She's dust! He offed her when the Slayer was first in Sunnyhell."

"I just know what Wes told me, and he wasn't lying, I'd sense it. Will you come downstairs and be nice?"

"Fine, kitten," he sighed. "Just for you." Spike put his shirt back on and followed her out the door.


Wes was feeding Connor when they entered the kitchen. His curious eyes took in the couple, noticing Kara's complete ease around the vampire, and Spike's familiarity with the kitchen. The vampire took a pitcher of what he assumed was blood out of the refrigerator and poured some into a mug, before heating it in the microwave. His arms wrapped around Kara, where she stood eating, nuzzling into her neck. Wes had never seen anyone comfortable with a vampire so close to their neck before, and it was fascinating. If he didn't already know better, he would just assume that this was a normal, human couple.

"Something you want to say, Watcher?" Spike's piercing eyes pinned the man, and he found he had to look away.

"No, uh, forgive me. It's just an…unusual situation." To his credit, neither Kara nor Spike could smell fear coming from their guest.

"He's just not used to a vampire being affectionate, honey. Haven't you said that it isn't safe for Angel to date?" Kara's hand stroked soothingly on his arm.

"I meant no offense. I'm merely curious, since the last tale I heard of you was when you tortured Angel for the Gem of Amarra. Obviously, there have been some changes in your, er, life," Wesley said.

"You can blame the government for that. Had a chip put in my head shortly after I got back to Sunnyhell. Haven't fed off a human since, or seen Dru."

"Kara mentioned you both patrol. Did Giles or Buffy decide to pay you for the help?" As unconventional as Buffy had been when he knew her, Wes couldn't grasp a Slayer just handing over aspects of her duties.

"Nah, it's just fun to kill demons," Kara replied. "I should make sure the guest room is ready for you. Excuse me, boys."

"Now, how about you explain how this kid came to be, since vampires are supposed to be incapable," Spike stated.

"Well, there was a prophecy." Spike snorted at this. "The specifics, however, are that Wolfram and Hart resurrected Darla, as a human. They eventually brought in Drusilla to turn her, and…"

"And she and my grandsire ended up in bed. Big surprise, there."

"Quite. Anyway, Darla showed up 9 months later and ready to give birth any day. Connor's soul affected her while he was in the womb, and she ended up staking herself to bring him into the world. We've been trying to keep him safe from several factions ever since. There was a raid on the Hyperion tonight, so I brought him here. Lorne…are you familiar with him?…he said that any of us would find sanctuary here with the correct phrase."

"And Peaches actually plans to raise the little tyke?"

"He's the father. Why wouldn't he?"

"It's not like he can give the kid a normal life. He can't take him to school or baseball games during the day, Watcher. Not to mention all the demons that want him dead just because he's a vampire with a bloody soul. What does Peaches know about raising a human?"

"Valid points, honey, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't try. If Angel loves his son, that's what really matters. The other stuff can be worked out. Connor obviously has several people around him that care enough to help. Wes, the room is ready when you want it."

"Thank you, Kara. I think I'll take you up on that now." He picked up the carrier with Connor in one hand, and the diaper bag in the other, and followed Kara up the stairs.

She showed him to the room Giles had stayed in that first Christmas.

"Lucky for you, I had a playpen around from when my best friend used to bring her daughter over as a baby. Connor should be more comfortable. The door over there is the bathroom, and there are clean towels and such."

"Thank you, you've been most gracious. The room is lovely."

Kara giggled. "You remind me of Giles. Always so proper, even in a casual setting."

Wesley blushed. "Yes, well, I imagine Rupert and I had a similar education."

"Anything in particular you would like for breakfast? It'll just be the two of us, vampires sleeping through the day, and all."

"As long as there's coffee, anything will be fine. We often survive on doughnuts at the hotel. I'm…sorry to disrupt your evening…"

"You mean Spike being grumpy? Don't worry about it. He just doesn't like surprises, so he puts on the 'Big Bad' act around strangers. Just treat him like a regular guy, and he's a teddy bear. Good night, Wes. If you need any help with the baby, just knock on the door at the end of the hall."

"Good night, Kara."


"William Browning, what am I going to do with you?"

"What?" he asked, looking up from the newspaper.

"I tell you to be nice, and you start grilling the poor man."

"I was nice! I just asked how the sprog came to be."

"And then you couldn't resist the dig on Angel."

"Well, yeah, pet. That's a given."

"Please be civil if he's still here when you wake up tomorrow! Who knows, maybe you have something in common?"

"Besides being English? I highly doubt it," he scoffed.

"Spike, this is me you're talking to, remember? I've seen your college diploma, and the books, and you tutoring Dawn. Under the right circumstances, you could have been another researcher for the Council. All that I'm saying, is that if he's here, don't be an ass. Are you coming to bed?"

"I don' know. All this talk about my grandsire kind of put me out of the mood I was in earlier," he replied, pouting.

"Okay. Guess I'll take a shower by myself, then."

Spike sat there for two minutes, before the image of Kara naked and wet had him racing up the stairs, too.


Kara handed Wes the cup of coffee. "You look like you could use this."

"Yes, thank you. Connor requires a change and feeding at 6 a.m., so I had an earlier morning than usual. I left the bedroom door open in case he cries. How did you sleep?"

"Very well, as usual. It's always quiet here, which helps. Could you keep an eye on the eggs? I have to feed my dogs."

"Of course." His thoughts went to the others, hoping they were safe, especially Fred. Best put those thoughts away, mate, before you're wanting to grab the Scotch again.

"Okay. While I dish these up, why don't you get our little friend? It's nice outside."

Wes was puzzled, but went upstairs, anyway. Connor waved his little arms and giggled. Wes scooped up the boy and grabbed a rattle, then went back down to find Kara, who was on the deck.

"How did you know he was awake?"

"I heard him giggling. Super ears, Wes. Think of me as part cat."

"Ah. Fascinating. Do you enjoy being more than human?"

"Most of the time. I've been able to live my life, still. I bet this little guy is going to grow up to be special, too. How's the food?"

Kara had scrambled eggs with onions and potatoes. There was also a bowl of fresh mixed fruit on the table.

"Good. Would you believe that Angel can make breakfast? He's actually good at it, too, though come to think of it, he hasn't cooked since we moved to the Hyperion. I didn't realize last night that your house sits on so much land."

"Yeah, there are 2 acres behind the house. That's parkland beyond the fence. I ride the horses back there in good weather. The dogs love to explore, too." She turned away to point something out, and a rattle hit the back of her head. "Hey!"

"I'm terribly sorry. I wasn't paying attention to what he was doing."

"It's okay, Wes. He'd have to hit me a whole lot harder to do any damage. He thinks it's funny, though. Look at him. May I?" She held her hands out to take the baby.

"Oh, certainly."

Kara placed him on her lap, bouncing him lightly on her knee while she ate. Batou came over to visit, and Connor cooed in amazement. The large canine sat still as Connor patted the soft fur in wonder. He had a toy to cuddle at home that was soft like this, but this one moved! Batou endured patiently as the boy examined as much of him as he could reach with his tiny hands.

"Your dog is remarkably well trained."

"Oh, definitely. He won't make a move without my command, and he's very patient. Very smart. I couldn't ask for a better guard dog. Batou, (lie down)."


"I wanted to train him in a language few people know, so he'll only obey me. That way, I never have to worry about a burglar telling him to back off. My blind friend trained his guide dog the same way."

"Very sensible."

"Would you like a tour?"

It was a nice way to pass the morning. Kara and Wes talked and exchanged information until he called the hotel in the afternoon to check their status. Angel seemed to think it was safe enough now, so Wes packed up Connor's things and prepared to leave.

"Here. Attach this charm to Connor's crib at home. It will protect him while you guys are sleeping, and give an alert if anyone tries to take him. I'll be there in the time it takes to teleport."

"Thank you for all your help. I'm sure Angel will appreciate this."

"Take care, Wes. Bye, Connor. Be good. Don't throw things at nice people." Kara tickled his little belly, making him squirm and giggle.

Wesley drove off in his SUV before sunset.


Okay, for those of you new to my stories, let me catch you up. Xander and Anya moved because Xander got a job promotion. They'll be up most weekends still so Anya can check up on The Magic Box. Spike and Kara have been together since the previous July. Buffy has been dating Will Hunter, a high school drama teacher and old friend of Kara's, for almost a year. Willow and Tara have been to the coven in Devon for training, and still live in the UC Sunnydale dorm. Dawn is a typical high school girl of 15. Joyce and Giles are dating as well. Sunnydale comes into play in the next chapter. This chapter picked up directly from where my last fic left off, showing a day in the life of Kara helping people. This is definitely an ensemble piece.