by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Shinji Ikari, Tenjho Tenge, Ranma, Love Hina, Appleseed, Inuyasha, Tenchi, Sailor Moon, Project A-ko, and GI Joe.

Warning: there are no Eva's, Angels, or Gendo in this story. This is basically an AU where Shinji and a unique group of individuals get together for unique purposes.


It was late afternoon as the young man stepped through the doorway to his home. He was greeted by his mother.

"HI-YA!" the woman shouted as she leaped at him with outstretched foot to his head.

He quickly ducked the attacked, dropping his bag and cartwheeling over it, turning to face his mother as she started somersaulting toward him. She flipped into the air and came down hard, on the place where her son had been.

She looked up as the boy let loose a head-high sweeping kick that would have taken her head off had she not leaned back to avoid it. She spun around in a mad circle, spring boarding back up onto her feet as she leap to kick him again.

He blocked the kick as she started throwing punches left and right, adding a few roundhouse kicks when he moved out of punching range.

"Hold still!" she shouted as she ducked low and swept her leg under him.

"Make me!" he replied as he backflipped through the living room, into the dining room.

He leaped into the air and landed on the table. The woman froze at that.

"How many times have I told you to keep your feet off the table, young man?" she shouted.

"67." he answered.

She frowned. "That's was a rhetorical question, Shinji."

"I know. I also knew you wouldn't get me up here." he smirked.

"That's not fair." she pouted, placing her hands on her athletic hips.

"Neither is being attacked by my own mother when I get home from my first exhausting day at school. Bad enough I was getting into fights there." he said as he dropped to the floor. "See? Didn't even get any dust, dirt, or a smug on the surface."

"Just like your father." she smirked. Her eyes shifted to something behind him. "Speaking of..."

Shinji spun around as a sai flew through the air at his head. He quickly slammed his hands together and caught the blade between his palms. He lowered the weapon to see an athletic man dressed in black, a mask and visor covering his face.

"FATHER!" Shinji shouted as he dropped the sai and lunged at his father, hugging him around his waist tightly as the older man wrapped his arms around the boy. "You're back." he said, looked up at the man in black as he rubbed the boys head.

With one hand he started making gestures that both Shinji and his mother could understand.

(I am sorry for being gone for so long. It was not my will.)

"I know, I'm just glad you're home." the boy said with tears in his eyes.

(Me too. How was your day?)

"Oh, pretty good. Very active, actually." Shinji answered.

"And what's this about getting into fights at school? And on your first day too?" the mother asked.

Shinji grinned sheepishly. "It's... complicated. Sufficed to say I met the academy's thugs, and they thought I was easy pickings." he explained.

(You beat them, didn't you?) The father signed.

"It was them or me. But yeah. Didn't even get a scratch."

"Well, that's a relief." his mother said. "So, did you meet any cute girls?" she asked.

A finger snapping brought her attention to the man in black. (Deunan, you know better than that!) He signed.

"Oh, come on, Snake, I'm his mother and I have a right to ask such questions." she said.

(I'm sure the boy has homework, even on his first day. Once he finishes that, then we'll hear about everything that happened today.)

"Fair enough." she relented. "Shinji?" she looked over at the boy.

"On my way." the boy said as he picked up his backpack from the front of the door and headed up to his room.

As Shinji ascended the stairs, he heard his mother speak.

"You can't blame me for being curious. It wouldn't be impossible for him to meet a nice girl." Deunan said to the man.

"Actually, I'm engaged." Shinji exclaimed as he headed up the stairs.

These three little words were enough to throw the woman into a shocked silence. The man already silent.


(((Flashback to the morning)))

The young man stepped onto the academy's grounds. He was a little nervous, but that was to be expected when one enters a new place.

It was his first day at the Toujou Academy and Shinji Ikari was naturally jittery. The only consolation was that he was going to where his cousin Ranma was attending. He hadn't seen Ranma for a couple years and he was anxious to meet him again.

His mind was so preoccupied on Ranma that as he walked onto the grounds he suddenly stopped as he noticed two figures before him. The first one was taller with a muscular build, dark skin and dread locks. He was dressed in a black track suit and had a boombox mounted on his shoulder. His partner was shorter with spiked up blond hair, paler skin, yet no less athletic. He was dressed in a black school uniform with a long coat that seemed to furl around his legs like a small cape/cloak.

"I'm Bob Makihara." the dark man said.

"And I'm Souichiro Nagi." the blond haired young man said.

Shinji bowed. "I'm Shinji Ikari. I just transferred to Toujou Academy today."

"We know. And on behalf of the student council, we'd be happy to collect The New Students Fee from you." Bob said as Nagi stuck out his hand in front of Shinji's face.

"New Students Fee?"

"1,780.35 yen, if you please." Nagi smirked. (It's equivalent to $15.00, I settled on the amount from the movie Sky High)

Shinji's smile faded. He may have been new, but he wasn't THAT new.

"I don't think that's right." the younger boy said.

"Well then, how about this: Pay up, or get beat up."

Shinji looked back and forth between the pair for a couple of seconds.

Now, an experienced fighter can size up any opponent, determine if they are stronger than them or even how skilled. Shinji was no exception. From the look of these two, they were probably twice, maybe even trice, his physical strength, and no slouches in a street fight.

But that didn't make them unbeatable.

"Then I guess I'll take... Option C." Shinji said.

"Option C? There is no Option C." Bob said.

"Yes there is. You just didn't know it existed."

"And what is Option C?" Nagi asked.

"You leave me alone, or I'll beat you up."

The pair looked at him, and laughed.

"You? Beat US up?" Nagi asked.

"That's a laugh!" Bob grinned.

"I admit it's actually two choices, but it is preferable to my getting robbed by a couple thugs." Shinji replied.

"That's it!" Bob shouted.

The pair lunged at Shinji, who dropped his backpack off his shoulders and into his hand. He pulled it back up and deflected Souichiro's punch, spinning around to leg sweep Bob, whose forward momentum carried him face-down into the dirt. Souichiro recoiled and attacked, prompting Shinji to drop his bag, allowing him to easily leap over the blond-haired young man, flip around, and kick him in the back. The impact knocked him off balance, ending him face down in the dirt himself.

Shinji landed on his feet and picked up his backpack.

"I have to get to class." Shinji tried again to be reasonable.

The pair got back up and attacked again.

Persistent, aren't they?

Shinji threw out his backpack, spinning it around towards their heads. This was to cause them to relent and avoid being hit, which unfortunately left them open for a spinning right foot heel strike that knocked them both down.

Shinji looked back and saw both Bob and Souichiro lying on the ground in lumps of battered flesh.

He hefted his bag over his shoulder and headed towards the main building.

"Please excuse me, but I don't want to be late for class." Shinji said as he walked off.


Shinji's meeting with the principal had been rather quick. Despite his youth Shinji had been accepted to Toujou Academy because of his excellent academic records and martial arts talents. The principal just needed to talk to Shinji about a couple things.

"Now Mr Ikari as it's your first day here at Toujou Academy, there are naturally a few things you need to be aware of."

"Such as rules."

"Yes. But also of specific procedures we have here."

"What kind?"

"First and foremost, this school has a distinct hands-off policy when it comes to teachers getting involved in student arguments and scuffles."

Shinji furrowed his brow. "If the students start fighting the teachers don't step in?"

"That's correct. The student council has it's own executive branch, which is referred to as The Enforcement Group, that handles these matters. A joint student/teacher council oversees specific recruitment and allows the executive branch to handle these... problems. They've been quite successful since their indoctrination at keeping the peace. But there are other groups in this school who help maintain the peace. When it comes to education, the teachers have priority. But personnel matters are handled by the students. By allowing the students to deal with their own problems we are providing them the exceptional opportunity to learn and grow on their own. Life, is the best teacher." the principal grinned. "It's one of our little mottos."

Shinji didn't think that was a good idea, but could understand it. The students are allowed to solve their own problems, which causes no trouble for the teachers, which means the teachers are free from any form of responsibility.

It's like the wild west here. The gangs fight it out and the authority figures loose nothing.

"You might want to consider joining one of the martial arts clubs. All things considered, it's safer."

"I'll look into that." Shinji stated as he got up out of his seat, nodded to the principal and then exited the door.


Shinji breezed through two classes: Math and Science.

Need to thank Aunt Washu for those science lessons. Wonder how mom ever hooked up with her? Shinji thought as he headed towards the cafeteria.

He passed through the hallways of the academy and passed an older looking girl, about 18 he figured. She had long black hair tied in a ponytail and brown eyes. He paused for a second and stared.

Is that... no it couldn't be. I'm probably just imagining things.

Shinji continued on down the hallways, when suddenly he heard a violent explosion.

What the... he gasped as he turned around and saw a young child, presumably three years old, dressed in a red shirt and purple skirt, both of which seemed a little large for her, with long lite lilac hair and carrying a sheathed sword, practically sprinting around the corner, as if the devil was on her heels.

She ran past him and suddenly hid behind another young man who Shinji had only seen in science class. He turned the opposite way and froze as he saw the oddest thing.

"Where Is She!" the chaser shouted.

The woman appeared to be an upper classman, but not wearing a traditional school uniform. Instead

she wore what appeared to be a high-tech black and purple bathing suit with a black boots, silver arm guards and a face shield. She had long bluish hair flowing down her back and seemed like the athletic type in every way.

Oh... this just go weirder. Shinji mentally groaned as he looked from the woman to the child who was hiding behind the boy.

The woman groaned. "Get over here you little bitch!"

That was it. Shinji may have been new, he may have been a lower classman, and he might not have known what was going on, but this was unacceptable.

The upper classman stomped towards the little girl. "I said get over here right..."

"That's Enough!" Shinji shouted as he stepped in between them.

Everyone froze. Especially the three year old and her apparent antagonist.

"What the hell..." the upper classman exclaimed.

"Leave her alone!" Shinji glared.

"Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?"

"Ladies first." he offered. And I use that term loosely.

"My name is Biko Daitokuji. I'm a senior and heir to Daitokuji Technologies."

Shinji balked. He had heard of that company. Who hadn't? It was the largest manufacturer of high tech weapons and military-grade hardware in the world. During the war they had provided the only weapons available that gave the military the edge they needed to win the war. High powered guns, armored vehicles, fighter jets, and the latest in robotics technology.

And apparently custom made battle suits.

"And who are you, little man?" Biko asked sizing up the young man, who she figured by his size was about 14 years old, yet seemingly athletic.

"I'm Shinji Ikari. This is my first day at Toujou Academy."

"A newbie?" she gasped. "Alright, look, the principal has no doubt explained the situation here. The students solve their own problems, and this is a problem between students, not a concern of yours, so kindly step aside and I'll consider this matter with you, overlooked." she said as she stepped up to the three-year old.

Shinji moved again to block her path.

"I don't know what the problem is between you and this girl, but your intentions are clear. I can't allow you to harm her."

Biko glared at the boy. He had guts, especially to get into a conflict he knew nothing about between two people he obviously didn't know. She actually liked that.

While the pair were arguing, another pair were talking.

"Masatake? Who is that boy?" the young girl asked.

"I don't know, Maya. I think he might be in my science class." he older boy said, kneeling down to speak to her.

The boy was Masatake Takayanagi, a martial artist and a nerd by education. He was a member of the academy's science club and had only had one class with Shinji. The girl was Maya Natsume, who was far more than she appeared.

"Look, lower classman, I've got a score to settle with that bitch!" Biko shouted. "So, move aside, I won't ask again."

"Then I should tell you, upper classman, that I cannot stand by and watch you attack a helpless little girl, not matter the reason." Shinji said, resolve in his voice. "Nor is it proper for a lady to swear."

Biko sighed. She wasn't expecting interference in any form, and right now, she didn't care.

"Fine, then. Obstacles first."

With that she lunged at the boy. Shinji dropped his bag and leaped back to avoid her punches and kicks as the rest of the students started clearing a path. Shinji started back flipping down the hallway as Biko gave chase.

"Stand Still!" she shouted as she kicked again, taking out a section of the wall.

"What martial arts school did you attend?" Shinji asked as he rebounded off the wall and into the air to avoid being crushed. Great, that super suit of her's allows her incredible strength. No way I can match it. He thought as he continued to dodge her attacks. But maybe...

"You're going to pay for getting in my way!" she shouted.

"I already regret it, isn't that enough?" he retorted as he dodged another attack.

"NO!" she shouted, actually connecting with a fierce kick.

Shinji managed to block the attack by crossing his arms over his chest. However, the blow shattered the bones in his arms and sent him skidding across the floor. Surprisingly he still stood upright.

"ARGH!" he groaned as he let his hands fall down to his sides. The pain he felt was unreal.

Biko saw this and pressed a button on her right wrist guard.

"You put up a good fight, but I'm afraid this is where you come to an end." she said as she aimed her weapon at the boy. "I'll be sure to notify your next of kin."

Suddenly, before she could fire, a strange figure he hadn't noticed before, a busty and beautiful young woman with flailing lite lilac hair appeared out of nowhere and kicked him to the side.

"LOOK OUT!" the woman shouted as she leaped up and kicked Shinji in the shoulder, propelling him off to the side as she vaulted towards Biko.

However, the kick had inadvertently thrown him into the girls locker room.

When he woke up he found himself on a tiled floor, his arms still in pain and his head as well.

"Ohhh. What hit me?" he groaned as she tried to sit up.

"Excuse me." a female voice suddenly spoke.

Unaware of where he had landed, Shinji spun around and froze as he saw a beautiful young woman with long brown hair and wide brown eyes staring back at him. But what really caught his attention was the fact that she bore not a stitch of clothing.

That simple fact caused Shinji to pass out, minus the traditional nosebleed a teenager like him would normally suffer at seeing such a sight. The split second before he did though, his mind took note of the young woman, who was both well-endowed and had curves in all the right places.


Shinji was awoken by a soft weight on his body, and a rather pleasant pressure on his face. When his eyes finally started working, he opened them, finding his face flush against that of a girl with brown hair. Her eyes closed and she was moaning lightly.

She was kissing him!

When she finally stopped kissing him, she pulled back and opened her brown eyes to stare into his blue ones. She smiled sweetly at him.

"So, my fiancée is finally awake." she said to him, practically straddling his body

That knocked him for a loop.

"Your...what?" he asked, clearly confused.

"Fiancée, silly. You." she smiled warmly at him.

He suddenly noticed the towel she was wearing fall off her naked body, which caused him to pass out once again.


Author's Notes:

Hope everyone likes this story. Ever since I saw the preview for Tenjho Tenge that came in the Appleseed animated movie, and read the profile in Absolute Anime, the website, I decided to write this story. But as I wrote it, I decided to give it a life of a different venue.

Basically what I did was add a few other incredible characters from other animes.

Deunan Knute from Appleseed is Shinji's mother.

Snake Eyes from GI Joe Sigma Six is Shinji's father.

Ranma Saotome is Shinji's cousin.

Washu Hakubi is Shinji's aunt.

Biko Daitokuji is from Project A-Ko.

And the characters from Tenjho Tenge: Maya, Aya, Masatake, Bob and Nagi are all Shinji's classmates and eventual friends.

I basically wrote this story when I read the part of Aya and Nagi and how they got together, so to speak. Since Nagi kept rejecting Aya, I figured I'd write a story that gave her someone who wouldn't reject her, someone who could use a little kindness and care. Like Shinji.

Even though Shinji does come from a loving home, he still is lonely in most respects because of a variety of situations and his father constantly gone for his work.

However, in order to make Shinji worthy of Aya, I had to upgrade him. Make him both tougher and smarter and even make him a warrior. I also have something unique planed for him later on.

Anyway, the next chapter should be up soon, unless I load them both at the same time. Right now, that's how it's looking.

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