by Gunman

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Chapter 7

A Day In The Life

Shinji Ikari stirred in his bed as the first rays of sunlight streaked into his room. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes with his right hand, but when he tried to lift his left, he felt it was pinned.

He looked over and felt his nose become buried in a wavy mass of brown hair that could only belong to one person he now knew.

Oh, for crying out loud! "Kasumi!" he said softly.

The girl stirred as she look up at the boy with sparkling eyes and a dazzling smile.

"Good morning, Shinji-kun." Kasumi smiled as she leaned forward and kissed his cheek softly. "Did you sleep well?"

It was a peaceful sleep when I didn't know I had a bedmate. He mentally groaned. "Yeah. I did." he said, not wanting to offend her. "What time is it?"

"Almost six. You go and take a shower. I'll have breakfast ready when you come down." she smiled as she got out of the bed and walked out of the room.

Shinji was lucky that she at least deemed to wear clothes and wasn't naked. Even if those clothes consisted of a pink tank top and pink running shorts. This did little to hide her shapely body, but at least she wasn't naked.

Aya might do something like that. He thought, remembering how uninhibited the Natsume sister seemed.

And then Shinji panicked.

Oh, god! Aya! What's she going to do when she finds out about this? Probably cry and make a big fuss, then come over and challenge Kasumi for me. That's not going to go over well with Akane and the others. Ohhhhhh what am I gonna do now?


Shinji eventually got out of bed, got his shower and dressed, and came down to find a rather great breakfast meal prepared for him. He almost pitied Dr Tofu for letting such a great woman slip through his fingers.

After eating and gathering his school books and homework, Shinji was off, with a large lunch that his 'fiancée' prepared for him.

He trotted to school, though he was in no way in a hurry.

"Good morning, Shinji." a familiar voice caught his attention as he turned to see a sexy young woman with long flowing purple hair dressed in a short-skirted version of a martial arts gi standing at the corner he was walking to.

"Maya-san!" Shinji replied. "Uh, Aya isn't with you, is she?" he asked nervously.

"No. She went on ahead to meet you at school. Why? Do you miss her already?" the woman teased.

"Uh... it's... complicated."

"Care to tell me about it?"

As the pair walked to school, Shinji told Maya about what happened.

"I see. That is a problem." the young woman exclaimed.

"Yeah. It's bad enough your sister wants to marry me, like now, but how exactly am I going to get out of this dilemma?" he asked.

"Don't know what to tell you, Shinji. I've never encountered a problem like this before."

Shinji gave her a dry grin. "You'd think a girl like you would have guys flocking to her."

Maya smiled a little. "Thank you. But I'm not really interested in romance at this point in time."

The pair continued in silence until Maya let out a groan.

"God, I'm tired. Morning workouts are a killer." she said, rubbing her back with her left arm. "Hey, Shinji, could you give me a piggyback ride?" she giggled.

"Piggyback? Aren't you a little old for that?" he gasped.

"A little." she said as she suddenly shifted from her sexy seventeen-year old form to her adorable eight-year old form. "How about now?"

"That's Not Fair!" he groaned as he hunched down, allowing the girl to jump on his back.

"Strong with the Force, young Ikari is." Maya joked as she was carried by Shinji towards the school.

"I don't believe this." Shinji sighed as he continued walking.

"That is why you fail." Maya joked as she poked his cheek.

They were about three blocks from school when they were stopped by a familiar person.

"Maya." the long, lite lavender haired girl said.

"Biko." the eight-year old lilac haired child said.

"May I have a word with you?" Biko asked the girl.

"Should I come with you?" Shinji asked his rider.

"Don't worry. I won't turn my back on her. But stay close anyway." Maya said as she jumped off and walked up to the taller girl.

The pair walked a short distance, Shinji keeping both of them in his line of sight.

"So, what is it you wish to talk to me about?" Maya asked.

"Membership." Biko said.

Maya balked. "Come again?"

"I wish to join your Juuken Club." she explained.

"Okay, I must have a hearing problem. You, want to join us?" Maya asked in disbelief.


"Alright, practical question: why?"

"My reasons are my own." she said, haughtily.

"Not good enough, lady." the girl said, shaking her head.

Biko knew it was going to take the truth to get in.

"It's about Shinji." Biko stated.


"Not many people could have stood up to one of my battle robots and survived. I find that kind of strength... fascinating."

"You want to join our Juuken Club... to get closer to Shinji?" Maya asked, slightly worried now.


Maya turned slightly to look back at Shinji out of the corner of her eye, trying not to make it seem as if he was the one they were talking about.

Poor guy. Looks like another one has taken an interest in you. She turned back to Biko. "Even if I believe your reasons, you'll forgive me if I'm more than a little hesitant at this sudden request."

"Of course. But, I find that even a club that has strength like yours, can use all the allies you can get. And unless I'm mistaken, money and technology are still powerful allies."

Maya was actually considering this. While she and Biko had some history, mostly bad, she had to admit that Biko did have access to considerable wealth and technology. The money she may not be willing to share, but the technology could be a different story.

"I need to talk to the others about this." Maya finally said.

"Of course. I'll expect to hear from you soon." Biko said with a civil smile as she walked off.


"She wants to join?" Shinji asked, shocked, as soon as Maya had returned to his side and jumped on his back.

"Yes. And it's something we must consider in-depth." Maya said as she rode.

"Are you sure?" he asked. "After everything that she's done to you? To me?"

"Yes, Shinji. Biko may be a pain in the ass, she may be arrogant and have selfish reasons for wanting to join, but she does make a good point."

"She does?"

"Yes. Money and technology are powerful allies, and Biko has them in abundance."

"You can't be serious!" he groaned.

"Like I said, it's something we have to consider."

Shinji just sighed. "You're the boss."

"By the way, what's in the backpack?" the girl asked, feeling herself sitting on a lump.

"Kasumi decided to make me a lunch."

"But Aya's made you a lunch. She's waiting at school with it."

"I kinda figured as much." he groaned again.


Masataka Takayanagi flew through the air and threw a roundhouse kick that knocked down several of the thugs in one shot. He landed with grace and strength, leaping up to finish off the leader of the gang, kicking him hard in the chest to toss him into a dumpster.

He grabbed his bookbag and dusted it off before heading off towards school.

Punks. He huffed. They keep trying to run me down, taking me by surprise. Not very good at it, that's for sure.

Suddenly, he saw Shinji with Maya on his back, actually she was sitting on his backpack.

"Maya! Shinji!" he said, trying to keep things civil with the other boy.

"Good morning Masataka. Have any trouble with that street gang?" Maya asked.

"No trouble. They keep trying to take me out and they never seem to learn." he replied.

Shinji looked behind the boy and saw more than two dozen gang members.

"Wow." Shinji said.

"Nothing but a light workout for Masataka." Maya smiled.

"Light?" Shinji exclaimed.


"IKARI! You Punk!" the sadistic looking Ryuzaki Tsutomu appeared out of nowhere and growled at the boy.

"Ryuzaki?" Maya gasped.

"What do you want?" Masataka asked.

"To kill this punk for humiliating me!" Ryuzaki shouted, pointing at Shinji.

"You tried to rape an innocent girl! Tell me I shouldn't be concerned, you degenerate!" Shinji spat.

"You really think I care what you think! It is the appropriate punishment for the serial violence that those two punks caused."

"Two punks? Serial violence? You mean Bob and Souichiro?"

"You mean the Executive Committee authorized you to rape that girl?"

"Yes! Because of your interference, I'm On Suspension!"

"I've heard enough to this." Shinji said as Maya hopped over to Masataka's shoulder as the boy dropped his backpack on the ground. "You're a sick, twisted perverted psycho who should be locked up for life or put down like a dog!"

Maya and Masataka just looked at the boy. It was Maya who sensed the growing aura coming from the boy.

Uh-oh! She gasped, pushing Masataka backwards.

"I'm ready to take you on, interloping punk!"

What happened next surprised everyone present, excluding Shinji.

Shinji's fists glowed with energy as he suddenly blazed towards Ryuzaki, surprising him with a fierce punch to his face, knocking him backwards and sending him into a stone wall once again.

"Whoa!" Masataka gasped.

"Really!" Maya said.

Shinji powered down and just looked at the defeated man, who was still alive.

"Looks like you've got another enemy." Maya said as Shinji walked back and picked up his bag.

"Just my luck." the boy huffed as he walked off to the school.


"So, what's the plan?" Masataka asked Maya, regarding what Ryuzaki had said after the trio were a few streets away.

"We'll need to take this up with your brother." Maya said to him.

"Do we have to?" the boy asked.

"'Fraid so."

"His brother?" Shinji asked.

"Masataka's older brother Mitsumo is the leader of the Executive Committee." Maya explained.

Shinji looked at the boy in shock.

"Long story." Masataka said to Shinji.

"We need to go see him about this matter." Maya said.

"Do you want me to come with you?" Shinji asked.

"Thank you, no. Masataka and I can handle this. You should get to school. We've got your cell. We'll beep you if there's trouble." Maya said as the girl leaped from Shinji's backpack to Masataka's shoulder.

"Alright, see you later." Shinji said as he proceeded down the street to school.

"You don't like him too much, do you?" Maya asked the boy when Shinji was finally out of earshot.

"Uh... it's not..." the boy tried to protest.

"It's because he saw Aya naked, isn't it?" she grinned. "Which is why she's so affectionate to him."

(Sigh) "Yes."

"First of all, that was my fault. Secondly, Aya has a more traditional mind set that even I didn't have. Which includes loyalty. And thirdly, Shinji has great potential, or haven't you noticed?"

"I have noticed." he agreed, wondering if his reason for disliking Shinji was because he had the affection of a girl he only recently had developed a crush on. As he thought about that, it realized that it was rather petty of him.


Shinji continued on to school when he reached a park that he had to cross through in order to get to the academy. It was there that paused when he saw three people emerge from the brush.

The first was a tall young man with brown hair, dressed up like a samurai from the Edo Period, complete with sword at his hip. The second was a muscular boy dressed in a yellow shirt, black pants and a spotted bandana over his brow.

However, the third boy he recognized immediately.

Mousse! What's he trying to do, ambush me? Shinji thought.

"There He Is!" Mousse shouted.

"Huh? Where?" the boy with the sword asked.

"There!" Mousse pointed to Shinji.

"What are you talking about? That's not Ranma!" the boy with the bandanna said.

"Ranma? You know my cousin?" Shinji asked.

The samurai boy's brow furled. "He's your cousin is he? That is more than incentive for us to destroy you!"

"What? Why?"

"Each of us has a reason for wanting revenge against the vile Saotome!"

"I'm Ryouga Hibiki and Ranma ran from a duel that we were supposed to fight. Ten Years Ago!" the boy with the bandanna said.

"You stole the woman I love from me!" Mousse shouted.

"Uh! Near-sighted idiot!" Shinji mumbled.

"And I am Tatewaki Kuno! I too have suffered the lost of my destined love at the hands of the reprehensible Ranma!" the samurai boy stated.

Ooh, big word. "I don't believe this." Shinji groaned.

"It is your misfortune to be associated to the evil that is Ranma Saotome."

"Alright. If you wanna bad-mouth me that's one thing. But talk ill of my cousin and that's the last straw! Ranma's no coward, even ten years ago he wasn't one. And I don't believe that he wants to have a girlfriend now, so stealing those you profess to love makes even less sense. Furthermore, I'm Shinji Ikari, not Ranma Saotome, so get a new prescription, four-eyes!" he shouted at Mousse.

"In place of Ranma, you will do!" Kuno shouted as he lunged forward, his sword drawn.

The trio flew at Shinji, who tossed his heavy backpack, which also contained Kasumi's food inside, into the nearsighted Mousse's stomach. Because of the large amount Kasumi had made, Mousse was knocked down.

Ryouga leaped into the air and came down hard, causing Shinji to dodge as the young man slammed his fist into the ground, nearly causing a small earthquake.

Whoa. Strong guy. Shinji exclaimed.

Kuno attacked with his sword at blazing speed. Shinji dodged every slashing attack, all the while thinking he should have brought his own sword.

Ryouga got back up and joined the fray. Out of the corner of his eye, Shinji saw Ryouga advance at him. Figuring Ryouga to be stronger than him, Shinji was forced to rely on his speed and agility. Ryouga leaped at Shinji, causing the boy leap backwards, which made Ryouga over-lunge his punch, which Shinji caught and used to toss the boy on his back. Kuno came in with a strong downward slash to his body, but only managed to hit Shinji's arm as he moved to the left.

ARGH! Damn it! Got my shirt and my arm. Shinji groaned as he moved again.

Ryouga had recovered by now and was quick to attack the stunned Ikari.

Punch, Punch, Kick, Jab, Punch, Uppercut, Roundhouse Kick!

Ryouga laid into Shinji and hard, dropping the boy back against a large tree.

Kuno and Ryouga moved towards Shinji to hurt him more as Mousse came to. Kuno stood between Ryouga and Mousse as they surrounded Shinji and moved in for the kill.

Fortunately, they didn't see his eyes glow.

Kuno lead the attack, lunging ahead of the other two. But quicker than they expected, Shinji sprang up and caught Kuno's sword as he tried to bring it down into Shinji's shoulder. He caught the blade with the pointer and middle finger of his left hand.

What? the kendoist gasped as Shinji pushed back on the blade, sending Kuno tumbling down the sidewalk.

Ryouga clenched his fist and charged at the young man, the boy pulling a pen out of his back pocket and easily deflecting each of Ryouga's punches and kicks.

What the heck... he got so powerful all of a sudden! Ryouga mentally gasped.

Mousse shot his chain-weapons at Shinji, only to have the boy spin his arms wildly, causing the chains to be wrapped around his wrists.

Did he just... oh, not again! Mousse cringed.

Shinji pulled on the chains as he leaped into the air and snapped the chains like a whip. The sudden wild movements, though looking chaotic, actually wrapped around the trio, securing them tightly as Shinji kicked at the now bulk-captive trio, slamming them into the large tree. He tossed the chain around the tree then took Kuno's sword and used it like a stake to secure the chains, putting the blade through the chain links and stabbing the tree with it.

His eyes stopped glowing as he turned to the tree.

"I am sorry for this." he said as he touched the tree-trunk, sap now starting to run out of it like blood. He turned back to the now bound trio. "As for you three, if you want revenge against someone, try going after that person. I've got to get to class."

The young Ikari grabbed his backpack and ran off to school while the trio struggled in vain against the chains. And all this time, Shampoo was watching Shinji's fight.

Ranma's cousin is strong. The amazon thought. Perhaps strong enough to challenge to fight? She wondered with a smile.


Shinji made it to school without any more fights, passing through the large gates and running into someone who didn't want to fight him.

"Hey, little brother." Sango said as she smiled affectionately at the boy.

Shinji grinned at that title. "Hey, Sango, what's up?"

"Not much. You?"

"Same old." he shrugged.

Sango then noticed the slash mark on Shinji's arm.

"What happened?" she gasped, tenderly grabbing his arm to get good look at the injury.

"Oh, let's just say I have my cousin to thank for this." Shinji grumbled.

"Ranma did this to you?" a confused Sango asked.

"Not exactly."

Shinji then told Sango what happened a few minutes ago.

"You're kidding me!" she gasped.

"Nope." he shook his head.

"So they tried to hurt you just because you're Ranma's cousin?"


"Well that's just..."

"SHINJI-KUN!" a new voice shouted.

"Oh no." Shinji gasped as he was tackled from the side by one Aya Natsume, yet not strong enough was the impact to cause him to fall over.

"OH! Shinji-Kun! I've missed you so much!" the girl gushed.

How? You see him virtually everyday. Sango mentally grumbled.

"I made you a wonderful new lunch for you to--" she suddenly paused when she managed to pull herself away and noticed his arm. "What happened to you?" she gasped.

"Oh, you know, the usual." he said without much concern.

"Take off your shirt."

"HUH?" Shinji and Sango gasped.

"I'll stitch up the cut for you." she smiled, pulling a first aid kit out of nowhere.

However, Sango was on this.

"Oh no you don't! You just want to see Shinji naked!" Sango argued.

"I can't tend to his wound or darn the shirt with him wearing it." Aya argued.

"It's a cheap excuse!" she argued.

"You're cheap!" Aya angrily countered.

"Why You..." Sango spat as she tackled the younger Natsume girl to the ground.

Shinji quickly left the battling pair and headed to the nurses office.

He knew there were few things you didn't get in the middle of.

Cat fights were one of them.


After meeting with the school nurse and getting a quick patch, Shinji proceeded to his first class.

While the teacher spoke, he looked back to see Aya and Sango's reflection in the window, their hair and clothes looking rather rumpled. He could only shake his head at this.

After first period Shinji proceeded to his next class. As it turned out, this was the weekly cooking class, held on Wednesday alone.

Shinji wasn't sure why this was, and even less sure why he signed up for this class. Maybe there was something inside him that wanted good food to eat. Lord knew his mother wasn't that good a cook. She was a soldier for crying out loud. She did try, but half the time she burnt stuff, which lead to his either trying to save the meal, cook it himself, or order out.

Usually the third choice.

"Shinji?" a familiar voice snapped him out of his musings.

"Lita!" Shinji gasped as he greeted the girl. "Should have figured I'd run into you here."

"Yes, I did mention I was tops in my cooking class." the girl smiled.

"But there is only one class here a week. Why is that?" he wondered.

"Well, since not a lot of people actually wanted to learn how to cook, but because we were already set up with the equipment the school decided to make this a regular, one-block-for-the-week-class."

"Guess that makes sense." Shinji nodded.

"Shinji?" a new voice caught the boys attention.

"Huh? Bob? What are you doing here?" Shinji gasped, shocked to see the large dark-skinned punk nearly towering over him and Lita.

"I like to eat." he said simply. "And it looks good on my school résumé so that the teachers don't give me a hard time. Like I really care." he huffed.

Right. What with all the serial violence you and Souichiro have accomplished. Shinji thought.

"And it was either this or take an art class." Bob continued.

"Why wasn't that appealing?" Lita asked.

"Apparently graffiti isn't considered art." Bob answered.

Shinji rolled his eyes. "Right."

"That and it's rather juvenile." he said, like it was beneath him.

"Right, right, right." Shinji just agreed.

Class started and was a good thirty minutes in, when Shinji noticed someone trip and dump the contents of his bowl into Bob and the student next to him.

"Oh, god..." Shinji groaned as he motioned for Lita to take cover.

"Grrrrrrrrrr!" Bob growled as he grabbed his bowl of half-made bread-mix and shoved it into the boys face.

Said boy tumbled backwards into three other students, knocking them down and spilling their own food into a half-dozen other students.



"I don't believe this." Shinji groaned as the variously-prepared food was now collecting frequent flyer miles.

"Why not?" Lita asked as she crawled over to his counter, ducking food as she went. "Fighting's the norm at this school."

"It's not that." he said as he picked up one of the bran muffins. "How bad does someone have to be to make these?"

Rapping the muffin on the floor, he was rewarded with what sounded like two rocks striking each other.

"Oh." a wide-eyed Lita gasped.

The pair stayed below the firing-line until the bell rang. The instant it sounded, the food stopped flying and everyone filed out of the classroom.

"Un-be-lievable!" Shinji groaned as he walked past the teacher, who was wearing a trio of pies on their apron's and face.


"No! You have to eat this!" Aya cried as she tried to force the octopus-like creation down Shinji's throat with chopsticks.

"But Aya-san!" Shinji protested.

"Aya-CHAN!" she whined.

"Aya-Chan!" he corrected himself.

"Eat! Eat!" she chimed.

"Would you leave him alone!" Sango shouted at the girl. "You're gonna choke him trying to cram that stuff down his throat!"

"No one asked you, incest-girl!"

"Bite me you little skank!"

"Little? I'm bigger than you!" she said, poking her own breasts.

Shinji was sitting out in the school yard, surrounded by his friends from the Juuken Club: Maya, Aya, Sango, Masataka, Bob, Souichiro, Lita, Raye, Ranma, and Shampoo.

Because they were in the Juuken Club, it made some sense to eat together. Though Souichiro had to be dragged along. He wasn't the social type.

Lita was were telling Raye about the food fight. Shampoo was telling Ranma about Shinji's fight with Kuno, Ryouga and Mousse. Maya and Masataka were telling Bob and Souichiro about Shinji's fight with Ryuzaki. And Shinji was tying to avoid getting pulled into the middle of another fight between two rather attractive women.

Suddenly, Shinji's head turned upwards and turned sharply to the right.

"EVERYBODY MOVE!" he shouted as he shot forward, grabbing Aya and Sango's hand to pull them out of the way.

Ranma instinctively grabbed Shampoo's arm and pulled her away. Bob and Souichiro were running. Lita and Raye were scrambling. And Maya and Masataka were following suite.

WA-BOOM!!! a fierce explosion struck the place they had all been sitting as the group turned to it.

"What the hell!" Bob shouted.

"What is that?" Ranma gasped.

"Is everyone alright?" Lita asked everyone.

Shinji sensed it was going to happen before it did. Maya thought. Are his powers getting stronger?

The eleven strong group looked over at the fiery hole as a large paw clawed its way out of it. In seconds, a giant tiger-creature leaped out and stared at them.

It was at least ten feet in height and almost twice as long. It was bright orange with black stripes, a pair of long sabertooth-like fangs sticking out of it's mouth, a strange straight horn sticking out of it's forehead, thicker and shorted than what a unicorn's horn would be. It also had two tails.

"I am here for you, boy." the tiger grumbled.

"Oh, look. A talking tiger." Souichiro said, trying to act not-so-impressed.

"Me? Why? What did I do?" Shinji asked.

"That is not for me to say." the tiger replied.

"Look, if you're a friend of that giant snake that tried to capture me a few days ago, then I'm not going with you." Shinji declared.

"You have no choice." the tiger said, his two tails twitching.

Shinji and the others recognized this as an aggressive/attack stance and readied themselves for battle.

"Wrong, stripes." Shinji stated.

"GRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!" the tiger beast growled as he leaped towards the boy.

The others quickly disbursed as the tiger creature came down hard, snapping and snarling at them, looking around for Shinji.

In an instant, Lita and Raye transformed into their Sailor Scout persona's. Sango had transformed into her demon-hunting clothes. Shampoo had pulled out her bon-bori and readied herself for a fight. Ranma, Bob, and Souichiro were scattered around, trying to make sense of things, though Ranma had little trouble with that. His cousin was being threatened. Maya and Masataka were trying to get their own powers to elevate after being knocked down. And Aya was hugged Shinji protectively.

"You stay away from him, you monster!" Aya shouted.

"I will be taking the boy and you cannot stop me!" tiger growled.

"Wanna bet?" she cried, pulling her sword out of nowhere and attacked the feral fiend.

"Aya, no!" Shinji shouted as the girl sped towards the tiger, slashing as it with her sword, only to get in one hit to it's paw before he batted her away with said paw. Claws tearing at her clothes and skin.

"AYA-CHAN!" Shinji shouted as he raced towards the fallen girl.

Maya noticed that the tiger's paw quickly began to heal.

Incredible power. She thought as Masataka exploded forward, leaping high into the air and coming down hard on the tiger's head.

The tiger roared, but did nothing except toss the boy off his head. The others got into the fight as well.

Sango tossed her Hiraikotsu at the tiger. Shampoo tossed her bon-bori at the tiger.

"MARS FIRE POWER!" Raye shouted as bolts of fire shot out her hands at the tiger, slamming into it's right side.

"JUPITER THUNDER POWER!" Lita shouted as bolts of lightning exploded from her hands and electrifying the tiger's left side.

While the others joined in the fight, Shinji raced over to Aya.

"Aya-chan! Aya-Chan!" he cried as he caressed her cheek. There were four large slash marks across her body, each wound bleeding profusely.

"Shin-ji-kun?" the girl gasped weakly, barely able to keep conscious.

"Don't worry... rest. I'll take care of this." he said as he brushed a stray lock out of her eyes. He leaned down to kiss her forehead tenderly, before rising up to face the creature.

A small smile spread across her lips as unconsciousness took her.

Bob and Ranma were cast down. Masataka knocked over by a fierce paw-swing. Lita and Raye were captives of the tigers tails. Sango and Maya were off to the side while Shampoo was racing towards Ranma.

"This thing is tough!" Sango groaned.

"Tougher than the last one." Maya stated.

"Then we'll have to be tougher." Shinji said as he stepped forward.

It was Maya who noticed a strange energy radiating from him. He walked over to Souichiro Nagi and grabbed his arm, helping him up.

"What?" the blond-haired boy gasped as he was lifted to his feet.

"Come with me." Shinji said, somewhat distantly.

"What are you doing?" Souichiro asked, struggling to get free of the boy's grip. He's pretty strong. He noticed, unable to get out of his grip.

"Awakening your potential." Shinji said as he stepped in front of the boy, throwing his hand back and slamming it against his chest.

In an instant, a powerful surge of ki-energy flowed into the crazy-haired boy, sending a literal shock to his system. His eyes glowed with intensity as his latent power awoke within him.

Maya and the others watched as their powers surged from them, whipping wildly like shredded pieces of paper caught in the breeze.

"Maya, do you see that?" Masataka asked.

"Yes. It's rather hard to miss." Maya replied.

The tiger beast growled at the boys as they approached.

"Sango, your Hiraikotsu!" Shinji shouted.

"Huh?" the girl gasped in surprise.

"NOW!" he shouted.

Sango hurled the giant boomerang at the boy, who caught it easily in his hands, twirled it around, and launched it at the tiger. The Hiraikotsu flew over the tiger's head, across his back, and slammed into the two tails, releasing both Lita and Raye and dropping the giant boomerang next to them.

"Let's finish this freak." Shinji said, calmly. "DRAGON... FANG... STRIKE!"

"DEMON... PURGE... FIST!" Souichiro growled.

Their words formed without conscious thought, their attacks borne out of the power that flowed into their bodies from deep within their souls.

"ATTACK!!!!!" the pair shouted as the tiger leapt at them, their hands thrown out. Shinji's right and Souichiro's left, moved in synchronized form as the pairs power surged forth. Their fists slammed into the tiger's face, their powers unleashed, and engulfed the giant creature in a fury of power and light that blinded everyone in seconds.

Within seconds, silence fell around the group as the light died and the wind from the energy blast died as well.

Their vision regained, they saw the two boys standing alone on the field.

The tiger was gone.

"What happened?" Ranma asked.

"Shinji and Souichiro. They... destroyed the tiger with one shot." Raye exclaimed.

"But... how?" Bob asked.

"Shinji somehow awoke Souichiro's latent powers." Maya explained.

"Latent power?" Bob asked, thoroughly confused. "He has power?"

"But why did he do it?" Masataka asked. "He woke up Nagi's power to help him defeat that thing. Wasn't he strong enough to handle that thing on his own?"

While the group recovered and pondered, Maya saw Shinji rush over to Aya and gently pick her up, cradling her in his arms.

"I understand now. When Shinji's power manifested in him, he sensed that Souichiro also had some special powers. They were hidden, deep, but he could still tell they were there." Maya noticed as she watched the boy pick up her sister and carry her to the infirmary. "He did it so that he would be able to carry Aya, possibly heal her when he got her to the infirmary."

"Clever girl." Sango huffed as she retrieved her Hiraikotsu.

Just then, an attractive girl with long blond hair ran up to the group.


"Mina?" Raye gasped. "Mina Aino? What are you doing here?"

"My family just moved to the city and I got transferred to this school." the blond explained. "What just happened here? What was that giant tiger you were fighting?" she asked, pausing as she noticed Shinji walking away with a brown-haired girl in his arms. "Who's the kid? He's cute." Mina said.

"Which one?" Lita asked.

"The brown haired, blue-eyed boy." Mina said, pointing towards the departing Shinji.

"That's Shinji Ikari. And if you're thinking of going after him, you got competition." Lita smirked.


"He's Aya Natsume's fiancée." Raye confirmed. "The girl in his arms."

Mina just looked on as the boy walked away.

Giant monsters attacking. Super powered heroes and fighters. Cute boys everywhere. She thought, noticing Ranma, Masataka and even Nagi after Shinji had left. It's just like old times. I think I'm gonna like it here. She smirked.


Shinji missed out of the rest of his classes, stating medical reasons.

The reasons being... he was staying with Aya during her recovery.

It was actually his plan to awaken Souichiro's latent powers in order that he wouldn't have to use all of his against the tiger. Therefore he would have something left over when he used his powers to heal Aya's wounds.

Aya eventually woke up in the infirmary bed and saw the brown-haired mop of Shinji's head resting next to her. He was in a chair, his body hunched over the bed, resting next to her blanket covered leg. She smiled as she stroked his head, ruffling his hair a little. She then looked down and saw that she had no scars from the tiger, and only her uniform bore any evidence of such an attack.

And he kissed me. Aya thought. Granted it was only on the forehead, but Shinji had done so out of concern for her. And since she was alive and healed, and he was right next to her, it meant that he had won against the giant tiger.

Aya smiled as she reclined back into the bed, her hand continuing to stroke Shinji's hair as she just watch him with affection.


School eventually got out of school and everyone headed home.

Shinji was hoping that nothing else happened, yet that didn't seem possible.

Not with my life. Shinji groaned as she approached his house.

However, when he arrived at the house, Shinji froze as he saw the unconscious trio of Kuno, Ryouga and Mousse lying on the front lawn.

He saw his mother, his father, Aunt Washu and Motoko-sensei just standing behind a hard-breathing Kasumi holding a rather large mallet in both hands.

"What happened?" he asked his mother as soon as he made his way to them.

"About five minutes ago, these three show up and say that they're here to hurt you, Shinji-kun. When they said that, Kasumi went totally nuts. Before we could get into the fight, she pulls out this huge mallet and beats all three of them into the ground like camping stakes." his mother said.

"Wow." he stated, just looking at the scene


"Who are they, Shinji-kun?"

"Oh, just a bunch of guys who've got a grudge against Ranma."

"Ranma? But what does that have to do with you?"

"I'm his cousin, so they figured they'd hurt Ranma by hurting me."

"Warped logic."


"So... how was your day?" his mother asked.

"Oh... lots of fighting, giant tigers, awakening the hidden powers of a friend. The usual." he said as he stepped inside the house.

He had homework to do.


Author's Notes:

Well, I finally updated this long overdue story. Hopefully everyone enjoyed it.

I've added another monster, introduced a new character (Mina-Sailor Venus), and have awoken Souichiro's powers.

I'll probably awaken Bob's powers later. Or at least give him something to make him more than a brawler on this team.

Lot of this chapter came from suggestions and ideas from shinjithegoodsharer.

Thank's by the way.

And for those of you who are wondering, I'm planning on having other characters, not just Shinji, become romantically involved with each other.

Next Chapter: a brawl at the bowling alley with the Enforcement Group, two new monsters, and a pair of sexy sisters, posing as teachers, who have come to the school looking for Shinji.



Alternate Ending

Snake Eyes leaped into the air and came down hard and Mousse barely avoided the foot. He swung around and flipped up, kicking the dark-garbed man in the chin. Snake Eyes rolled with the kick and spun around the land a roundhouse on the boys face, knocking his glasses off.

"Well, that's an interesting fight." Washu said as she watched from the porch, continuing to stuff popcorn into her mouth. "One can't talk, one can't see."

Second fight...

"I'm going easy on you because you're a woman!" Ryouga said as he threw another combination of punches at Deunan.

"Don't do yourself any favors, boy." Deunan said as she dodged the punches and leaped into the air, throwing a roundhouse kick that knocked the boy for a loop. Mostly because he didn't think she was that tough.

He would pay for underestimating her of course.

Third fight...

"Stand down, woman! You cannot beat me for I am a man!" Kuno bellowed as he raised his sword up and came down hard, right where Motoko had been.

"You certainly are conceited like a man!" Motoko said as she quickly dashed forward and nailed the boy right in the gut. She crouched low and sprang at full force, bringing the hilt of her sword against his chin, knocking him back.

Just then Shinji arrived.

"What's going on here?" he asked Washu as he continued to stare at the three fights.

"About five minutes ago, these three show up and say that they're here to hurt you, Shinji-kun. When they said that, your mom and dad and sensei went totally nuts. Just took to fighting them straight out. It's been like this since then." Washu said as she offered him some of her popcorn.

"No thanks." he said, just watching the fight, where his mother was now sitting on Ryouga's butt bending his legs back.

"Who are they, Shinji-kun?" the redhead asked as Snake Eyes put the now blind Mousse into a choke hold.

"Oh, just a bunch of guys who've got a grudge against Ranma." he replied as Motoko had disarmed Kuno of his sword, had resheathed her own, and was beating his butt with it.

"Ranma? But what does that have to do with you?" Washu asked.

"I'm his cousin, so they figured they'd hurt Ranma by hurting me."

"Warped logic."


"So... how was your day?" Washu asked.