A/N: (Part two) After A Christmas Miracle. Now AU (thank you very, very much) Woody and Jordan wonder how you get from here to there, then something unplanned comes up.

"Where's Jordan?" Bug asked Lily, absently flipping through the folder in front of him. Lily stopped cold.

"This is the weekend." She said, shaking her head to clear it as he looked at her with no recollection. "Her and Woody? Romantic trip to LA weekend?"

"When did that happen?" He asked closing the file in disgust, he needed Jordan.

"Um… have you been in a cave or something? It's there 'first time having you know.. Weekend'. " Bug screwed his face up at her.

"They're telling people this?" He grimaced.

"No," said Garret's voice from behind him. "You just have to be a complete moron not to know it. Haven't you seen them mooning over each other? Trying not to rip each others close off over the corpses?"

"Woody's always looked like that." Bug said flatly.

"Yeah well, haven't you noticed her looking back a little more.. intensely?" Lily laughed.

"Why, again, are we all discussing this?" Bug grimaced.

"This is a big step for Jordan, Mate!" Nigel added sticking his head into the office.

"Great the gangs all here." Garret growled dryly.

"I hate to burst your fragile reality, Nige, but Jordan's not a virgin." Bug said, flipping his eyes to his friends. Lily made a astonished noise and playfully smacked him on the arm.

"Well we can't all be you, Bug." Nigel grinned at the look of death his friend shot him. "But we all know that sex and love are not even on the same planet if you're Jordan. More less wrapped up in the same man, it's a big step."

"Jordan would kill us if she knew we were discussing this." Lily laughed.

"Yeah. Especially the part about disrobing in autopsy." Bug quipped.

"Enough." Garret said self consciously. "Can I help you with what ever you needed Jordan for?" He looked at Bug, who shrugged.

"It'll take everything to the next level, Jordan." He warned.

"I'm ready." She stated nodding her head to affirm her response. "I'm ready for that. You know I am."

"This is a big step for you." Woody said turning her around in his arms, with a playful smile on his lips. "Commitment. Finality. Entrapment for eternity with an orphaned, cheese farmer from Wisconsin?"

There were so many places in LA that they could have chosen as the spot to have this conversation, but she'd chosen the roof top.

He looked uneasily over the edge of the roof. Woody hated heights and she knew that. He was sure she wanted him to feel as nervous as she did.

"You doing okay?" She grinned at him.

His initial smirk turned into a grin as he kissed her neck.

"It's not me I'm worried about." He teased. "I'm not the one with the commitment issues."

"I don't know, maybe you're right? Maybe we should wait a little longer." She breathed in mock panic.

"Nope sorry, Jordan. Not this time." He looked at her sly grin. "I'm prepared to take you by force if necessary."

"Oh really?" She hadn't expected that to sound as seductive as it did. His eyes flashed as pulled her dramatically to him and kissed her hard.

"Really." He said firmly, loving the look of passion in her eyes.

"Maybe we should go back to the hotel now? I'm getting a little cold." She sputtered looking up at him with wide eyes.

"Funny, I'm feeling a bit hot." He shook his head. "But I wouldn't want you to get sick."

"I love how your always watching out for me, Detective."

"I just want everything to be perfect." He'd done everything. Roses, candles, chocolates and oils; all perfectly placed around the room. He had dimmed the lights and turned on the music before he left. "It won't be if you have frostbite." Woody grinned proudly at the thought his romantic prowess.

She watched him. Slowly moving closer until she was against him. He wrapped his arms back around her and she ran her hands up and down his chest. Moving slowly side to side, kissing opposite sides of his neck and throat. She felt him responding to her movements. He pulled her tighter to him, pressing his body up against hers. They had a rhythm, a nice routine they had fallen into, but tonight was the night.

She let one of her hands slide down to his groin, investigating the evidence of his admiration. Pushing him backwards into the elevator, she ran her thumb up the crotch of his pants firmly pressing against him. He pressed into her, soft moans escaping in bursts.

"You're killing me, Sweetheart." He said honestly his eyes slamming shut. She pulled back from him abruptly. "I didn't mean to stop." He whimpered, reaching out for her.

But she had stopped. She'd stopped the elevator. She moved back to him giving him a familiar look.

"Jordan?" His voice was almost alarmed. She brought her hands back to his erection, caressing it as she unbuttoned his pants and slipped her hand inside his boxers folding her hand over him firmly. His head dropped instantly to her lips, fighting to remain in control. She began moving her hand, feeling his clamp down on her shoulders. "Jordan." He sounded amazed, he took a staggered breath trying not to make noise.

She had been surprised at first, that he was loud in bed. She'd been shocked at how her touch had sent him into complete ciaos. Even now, after almost having sex as many times as they had, he reacted the same way. As if he was amazed by her each time, as if each time was the best he'd ever had.

She saw him bite his lip when she looked up to kiss him. She smiled meeting his lips firmly, quickening the pace of her hand. He brought his hands to her waist and hitched her skirt up, slipping his fingers like hooks between her skin and his favorite pair of panties. He pushed them down from her hips and brought his hand back up to her body.

Payback time. Her knees gave out almost immediately. His free hand tightened around her waist and she held onto his shoulders.

She was not normally loud, she was not normally this easily fazed, but she found herself gasping for air. Her quiet whisper of his name became louder each time. He looked at her, his chest heaving in silent question. His eyebrows furrowed, You're sure?

She nodded wrapping her arms around his neck tighter as he pulled her up to him. Slamming her body into the wall of the elevator. She pushed his boxers away with her toes before wrapping her feet around him. He pushed her up, quickly looking at her again for confirmation.

She smiled at him, loosening her grip enough so that she slipped down. He was amazed by her, flexing her hips until all it took was a small movement of his body. She actually gasped when he was inside her.

He moved slowly at first. Building up in speed until she was screaming clawing at his shoulders. She could hear him telling her he loved her, telling her she was beautiful.

She pressed forward into him and he stumbled back. Sinking to his knees he felt her take over the motion. Her feet were on the floor now, she had better leverage. He pressed into her, his breath hot on her skin as he struggled with the blessed agony of Jordan's body on his.

"Oh God, Jordan." He said again, loudly, pulling her in even tighter as if he could press them into each other. "Oh my God."

He lifted her up enough to reposition her legs higher around him moving more forcefully. She cried out again, pressing her fingers into his skin.

He pulled back long enough to pull off her shirt, silently thanking God for front clasping bras. He moved her mouth along each breast in the way he knew she loved, while carefully keeping up the rhythm.

She pressed her hips to his, sharply increasing the speed as her cries became more and more frequent, more and more frantic. He tried to follow her pace, her body arched against his.He'd never seen this from her before, this panicked ecstasy. Her pitch grew higher, in the way he knew it did just before she climaxed.

He pressed himself close as she pulled him to her grasping and clinging like he was going to vanish. She screamed his name and it echoed off the walls of the elevator.

He fought to prolong this, not wanting it to end. "I love you." She gasped softly moving her arms lovingly around him. "I love you."

She met his eyes the second time she said it, catching him as he finished, letting out a low primal moan. He held her tightly for a few moments before rising to his feet and pulling her along. She pulled his pants and boxers over to him with her toe. He grinned and kissed her.

"We just.." His voice trailed off and he laughed shaking his head back and forth.

"I know." She turned back and looked at him grinning, her nose scrunching up in embarrassment.

"You made me wait four and a half years, only to have mind blowing sex in an elevator because you've totally lost your patients?" She nodded as he stepped into his pants and pulled them up. He put her panties in his pocket. She unfroze the elevator, burrowing under his arm.

"I had the hotel all ready." He chuckled again, trying to sound hurt and failing.

"It'll take us thirty minutes to get back there." She ran her hand up his chest. "In my clinical observations I'd have to say I've found that to be time enough."

"What do you want me to bring to wear? Anything special?" She'd whispered in his ear the morning before they left. She'd waited until just before he'd walked back to the precinct.

"Something easy to take off Jordan. That's all I care about." He'd told her, kissing her.

She stood now, nearly naked in the door way, a soft flowing robe made of lace and silk. His heart stopped, mouth open in awe of her. She was right, a half an hour had been enough.

"You are so beautiful." His voice was low and intense. It made her suddenly shy, until he walked towards her brushing the robe off of her shoulder slightly and kissed her. "You can't be shy now. You molested me in an elevator."

"You poor thing. Your gonna need more counseling." She purred unbuttoning the shirt she'd practically ripped of him earlier.

"I was thinking of some more hands on therapy." He kissed her neck. "Do you know any good doctors?" He picked her up and moved her towards the bed.

"Actually, I am a doctor." She pressed her hands against his chest, gently before shoving him roughly to the bed. "And I have some intensive physical therapy in mind." She pulled his arms up over his head. "It will require your complete and total trust in me." Her face was inches away from his. "And complete submission. I'm prepared to take you by force if necessary."

"Jordan Cavanaugh," He said seductively. "When have I ever been anything but submissive to you?"

"Good boy."