A woman sat at her writing desk, smiling as she watched four children play in the sun, two girls and two boys playing with a ball and some sticks in the garden of the great English mansion.

Looking at the beautiful children and the lovely woman who watched them, it was hard to believe that she had once fought in a great battle and led an army to their victory, to all she just looked like an English lady in a comfortable house, not a Transylvanian ex-vampire who was the daughter of the devil's right hand man...

She took out an old leather book and began to write:

Dear Diary,

It seems like so long since I fought that war, such an eternity, and yet is seems like just yesterday at the same time, I have all but forgotten what I once was, and my children shall never know. My children are so beautiful, my lovely Cassia and Richmond, and little Peter and Tulula; they live happily here and think they are a normal family. They have friends and a life, and I am happy for them.

They never found the Skull though, and sometimes I worry that that accursed man is lurking around the next corner, waiting to take one of my children, or my wonderful Gabriel.

He makes the most wonderful father, always conspiring with the children and plotting some hair raising new scene; why, only last week we went to Wales and camped on a mountain, quite an experience. The children made fires and stick huts with Gabriel and I finally finished the account of our adventures. Our great story was so short, and yet, once it is on paper I realised just how far we traveled in that short time. Just how many adventures we had, and how very lucky we were, for I have no doubt that luck was what sustained us those eight months.

My father visits often, always he has presents for the children and me, he and Gabriel are thick as thieves, galloping around on horse back, sometimes they take Cassia and Richmond with them when they ride into the hills, and they always come back with such stories of their adventures.

In fact, Cassia has started writing a book about it, though she exaggerates quit a bit, they are mostly truthful accounts of what they get up to.

I love my new life, dear Diary, it is wonderful to feel and breath, to love properly,

Forever yours,

Lady Misha Van Helsing

Misha stood from her writing desk and walked out onto the veranda, a man leaped out from behind the door and flicked her over his knee.

"Misha, I shan't allow you to spend another minute in the gloomy house" said Gabriel, bringing her slowly back up and kissing her. "Let's leave the children with their governess and go for a ride"

"You're on" said Misha, kissing him back and running into the house.

Five minutes later, two figures on horse back could be seen riding down a hill towards the sea, and vanishinginto the sunset...



I am very very sorry these took sooo long to do, but I got writers block.


Van Helsing 3: Shadows Returned.

TheVan Helsing fammily is summoned to Rome, but the events that unfold are truely horrific, for the Devil, angered by God's kindness in saving his righthand man, unleashes a rain a terror on the earth, horrific creaturesspringout of the ground and peoplen drop like ants with a deadly plague, and only one family can stop them; TheVan Helsings.

Bye for now, you should expect VH 3 sometime in the mid to lat6e autum.

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