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Chapter 1 – Dumbledore's goddaughter

For the second time that night, Harry woke up shaking. Something was wrong...The night was cloudy and he couldn't hear anything outside. Privet Drive was definitely silent.

He looked at the time. Twelve minutes to his birthday. Since his return Harry could not sleep without having nightmares. Always the same one, Dumbledore lying in the Hogwarts' green path, asking Harry to do something... to save him... but Harry for more he run he couldn't get near Dumbledore...Dumbledore was screaming "Harry!". His face and his eyes always in Harry's mind, the same dead body in the ground.

It was being like when Cedric died. The same nightmare over and over. Harry didn't sleep a full night since Dumbledore's death, always seeing Dumbledore's body jumping to his final destination: Death.

Once he said that death was just another place to discover. He wasn't afraid of it. But Harry was, he didn't want anyone to die nor he wanted to experience death.

Harry knew his mission. He had to travel soon. He was just waiting for his seventh birthday and then he could leave Privet Drive forever. He thought about what his best friends told him. They want to follow him in his mission of tracking the Horcruxes. Harry was feeling a bit guilty...he didn't want to put his friends in more danger than they are already. Oh, how much he misses everyone! Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Hagrid...Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Lupin, Tonks, Bill and Fleur, Fred and George... Dumbledore and Sirius... These last two brought sadness to Harry's heart. Even thinking about them made him punch his pillow trying to control his tears.

He knows he could have done something to avoid their death. How could he not do something? How stupid could he be? He had all the evidence in his hands but he just didn't predicted the future. Harry look once more to the fake neckless in his desk. And who the hell is R.A.B.?

Since he got back he has been searching for someone with that name. Nothing, he had found nothing about the neckless. He looked at the time again: Five minutes...four...three...two... one...

'Happy birthday, Harry' said a woman's voice. Harry jumped scared and say a woman near his door. This woman was wearing a dark blue robe and had her face hind in it.

As she walked to Harry, she pulled back her hood allowing Harry to see her face. Her face was pale, small lips and nose, a perfect face with green eyes that Harry found beautiful. Her hair was light brown with some reddish curls. As soon as Harry noticed she was very close to him, he jumped out the bed and grabbed his wand.

'Who are you !' – Harry pointed his wand to the nameless woman 'Are you a Death Eater!' Noticing a smile in the girl's face he regret his question.

'No, I'm not a Death Eater, Harry. But even if I was, do you think I would came here and wish you a happy birthday ? I would have killed or cursed you when I came in.' smiling she sat at bed 'I'm your new guardian I'm Hannah, Dumbledore's goddaughter.'

Harry looked at her more suspiciously ever. Dumbledore's goddaughter ! How come? Although he was not very convinced he put down his wand. He had no idea Dumbledore had a goddaughter...

'My...,what! How can I be sure you are not lying to me?' asked Harry in a soft and loud but sure voice.

Before she answered, another person walked in Harry's room : Lupin.

'Harry, how are you! Happy birthday!' Lupin gave Harry an unexpected hug 'Oh, your father and your mother would be so proud of you. You are an adult ,now.'

Harry smiled. He now knew why the girl was there, he was going to the Weasley's. Lupin ordered Harry to pack and so did he. Hannah put her robe again and she was given a broom.

Harry stopped packing and stared at Lupin.

'This is too good to be true... who are you too?' he tried.

'Harry, see' Lupin showed his left and right arm 'Do you see any mark? No, right?' Harry nodded, Lupin continued 'Now, lets go, pack your things silently, we don't want to wake up your Aunt and Uncle.'

Smiling again, he finished packing but when he looked to the place where Lupin was he couldn't be more surprised.

'Aunt Petunia! I' m sorry, aunt petunia. Did I wake you up?' Harry, after sixteen years living with the Dursleys, was getting along with his Aunt. She had been even nice to him in the last month. 'I have to leave now as I told you I have something to do that cannot wait long...'

'That's not it, Harry, my boy.' Aunt Petunia was almost crying, so unlike her. 'Your mother left this with your teacher, Dumbledore... He gave it to me to give you when you, at the age of seventeen , left home to became whatever you became. It belong to your father's family, I don't know what it is. I just know James gave it to Lily when they married and she left it for you.'

Aunt Petunia gave Harry a small package. He open it and he saw a locket. It had his mother and father picture in. Harry's eyes were filled with tears. His parents were waving at him. It wasn't all. In the back said: "Love can change the world as you changed me. JP"

'It is my mother's locket, its round and has their picture in it.' he manage to say as Aunt Petunia was trying to see what was in the secret package Dumbledore has given her last May.

Aunt Petunia had tried to open it to see what was in it but she could not open it for more she tried! She didn't love Harry but she was conscious of the danger he was in. Her parents had been tortured and killed in the name of You-Know-Who and her sister had been killed leaving her with a baby child named Harry. It had been hard to put up with the boy but now she pity him, she was unsure of his life from now on.

'Your pals are waiting for you outside, boy. I wish you luck, I am aware of the danger you will have to deal with.' Aunt Petunia hugged Harry as she never did before, then she unhugged him and left the room without looking back.

Harry did the exactly the same thing when he left the house. Out side were Lupin and Hannah waiting for him.

'Where are we going?' asked Harry.

'We are going to your house Harry. You are the owner of Sirius's place, now. We started to use it as the Head Quarters of the Order again. Now, lets go, I don't have to worry Molly and Arthur. We must be there by morning I have to help to peeper the weddings' ceremony' answered Lupin, saying some word he pointed to Harry luggage and it disappeared.

All was dark and cloudy when they left Privet Drive but when they arrive it was almost morning. It was still dark and foggy. Lupin showed Hannah a piece of paper with the address of the house : Grimmauld Place, number 12. They all entered the house. Harry couldn't be more anxious, he wanted to see his good friends. But They were nowhere to be found.

Not in the bedrooms nor in the sitting room. Harry looked everywhere and as he was opening to see the dinning room he realized that neither Lupin or Hannah were with him. "Strange" he thought.

He opened the doors and –

"Surprise!"everyone cheered. After hugging and kissing everyone, Harry sat down. A surprise party for him! For moments he forgot he was in his dead godfather's house and that soon he would leave for a dark and unknown destiny.

His eyes were on Ginny. She looked as beautiful as always but something was bothering him. She looked very sad and pale. Oh... how much he would give to kiss her once more! "Ginny, my sweet and dear love" Harry's heart was hers of course but Voldemort couldn't know about it or she would be hurt and he as well.

Hermione was laughing, Ron was near her with his eyes fixed in her as Harry in Ginny. Harry knew he loved Hermione. He was now sure that Ron loved Hermione because of his attitude towards her.

Mr and Mrs Weasley were talking and Tonks, Lupin, Bill and Fleur were talking as well in group. Just Hannah and Harry were a bit out of place. They all wished Harry a happy birthday and gave him presents, but nothing was better than the surprise party they planned for him. It was his best birthday ever. He just wanted to sleep now, as they all wanted.

Although they wanted to sleep, they had many things to do before going to bed. First Mrs Weasley informed Harry they would go to The Burrow in the evening. The Burrow was a second home for Harry, he loved it. There he felt he was part of a big family.

Between cleaning up and washing up Ron and Hermione collected many Black's belonging. They put it all in a big bag. They cleaned and collected things from the house-elf bedroom.

They thought Harry would like to see the things before selecting the ones to keep and the ones to throw away, so they kept it to take to The Borrow. Harry couldn't be more happy and sad at the same time. He was starving, he went to the kitchen and made himself some juice and a sandwich. He was watching a boy playing in the street, unaware of the problems the World was facing.

'Harry, Harry-' called a soft voice, Ginny was just behind him. She put her hand in Harry's neck as he turned. 'Oh, Harry! I missed you so much!' she cried.

She was crying silently but Harry tried to pull her over. He wanted to kiss her and hug her forever but... She was thinner and her eyes were sparkling. Ginny grabbed Harry and pulled him towards her. Her hands were again in Harry's neck.

'Ginny, we can't!' Harry couldn't control his feelings any more. Ginny kissed him and he kissed her. All Harry tried to avoid, all he wanted was to protect her! But her kiss... oh, her kiss... it made him regret all he had to do...it made him hate even more Voldemort and all the suffering he had already caused and was causing in Harry's life.

Seconds, minutes, days... who knows how much time Harry and Ginny had been kissing in the kitchen when someone came in. They broke apart. Ginny was very embarrassed Mrs Weasley just entered the kitchen and was staring at them.

'Mrs Weasley, I'm –'

'Come on, Harry sweet, I know you and Ginny were dating but I thought you had broken up. Ron told me.' Mrs Weasley said seeing Harry's face. 'I would be very proud if you dated my daughter, Harry. I love you like a son. The Weasleys own you plenty. You are part of the family, Harry.'

Harry was so embarrassed that he took the first opportunity he had to run away from the kitchen. Lupin wanted to talk to him, it was urgent. He was in the sitting room when Harry sat near him. His face showed how much he has been suffering because of the werewolf part in him.

We was thin and pale as ever but Harry saw happiness in his face although he looked rather distant and worried as well.

'Harry, I have something to ask you.' he started 'I think you don't know but due to the last events me and Tonks decided to marry in the same day as Bill and Fleur.' he paused as waiting Harry's reaction. Harry happily give Lupin his best wishes. 'As none of my best friends are alive, I would be proud if you consist on being my best man. After all, you are one of my best friend's son and a very very good friend of mine'.


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