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Chapter 33

Easier than we thought



She paced around the room. He was late. Again.

Where was he? They were supposed to go find the Horcruxes tonight.

'Where are you, Albus?' she asked herself as she looked out the window. It was raining and the sky was clouded.

She sat at her sofa only to stand away impatiently.

She saw a man walking to her house but it was not the one she was expecting.

He entered her house and dropped his coat on one of her chairs. He sat silently on the sofa while she stared at him.

He looked ten years older. There were vestiges of sadness and tears on his face or were they tiny drops of rain?

Finally when he looked up from his hands, she was facing him on her knees.

'What's the matter, Sev?' she asked.

He looked down before telling her what was troubling him.

'I've done something terrible. I've done an unbreakable vow to Narcissa.'

She stood shocked.

'How could you?!' she whispered still shocked.

'I had to do it. Bellatrix was there too, she would tell the Dark Lord if I hesitated to do so'

'Is this because of the boy?'

'Yes, I have to fulfil his duty if he's unable to do so'

She clapped her hands in front of her mouth and she realised what they were talking.

'Is there any way to break it?'


'Are going to do it?'

There was silence. They both knew this was not easy for the other.

'Promise me you will try to find a loophole in the vow. Promise me you will not kill my father.' She cried falling on her knees.

He looked down and ran his hands through his wet hair.

'I can never promise such thing, my love'

She looked up angrily.

'Leave!' she ordered 'Never return here, Snape. If you kill him, I'll kill you too'

'No, you wouldn't' a third voice said. Both turned to see the said man, Albus Dumbledore, Standin on the doorway.

'There will only be one death this school year and it will be mine.'

(End of Flashback)


She woke up sweating. What was that about? She couldn't remember ever living that but it was there clear as the bright night.

She looked around her. She sat at the chair by the window of her room. His followers were still enjoying the feast in the garden. There was blood everywhere, corpses lying around and screams filling the night.

She stood up and cleaned herself before dressing her black silk robe. She walked through the halls of the Riddle Manor and went to the kitchen for something to drink. She found a Firewhisky's bottle on one of the shelves. She poured some into a glass and sat herself thinking.

It was all black as she never felt before and she liked that. She was enjoying herself for the first time. There were no expectatives no duties and she had power. She liked that. Power…

'Yes, power is indeed wonderful, my child.' A silky voice said from the doorway.

She smirked at her father. She knew he was coming; his magic was so easy to feel.

'If only I knew it before…I would never had disappointed you, my lord' she said bowing slightly.

'Yes. You were a fool and now you have to make up for it. Tomorrow, I will mark you, my child.'

'But where's my punishment? Receiving your mark is a gift not a punishment, my father!'

He smirked. That was his heir. A powerful witch and a good daughter.


Severus Snape glared at the two teenagers sleeping forms.

How was he going to tell them?


'Harry, wake up. Snape is waiting for us' Hermione called.

He opened his eyes and smiled. 'I'm coming down soon'.

They were in Pennsylvania, where Snape had a house near the Wizard's Alley.


When they were done eating he took his opportunity to talk.

'I must warn you. Hannah gave in to her evil side.' The adolescents gasped unbelievingly.

'What happened after we left?' Hermione asked.

'They found me and Weasley in the dungeons. I was trying to hide him but I had to cover it up for them. He was captured' he had to stop because Hermione broke down in tears and Harry started a roll of questions about his well being. HE rose his hand to stop them.

'He's alright, a bit tortured but nothing big.'

'What about Ginny? Draco?' Hermione whispered.

'Mr. Malfoy is unharmed. He was able to run away into the Room of Requirement and he flew when we got there.'

He stopped. Now the hard part…'Ginny Weasley was unfortunately a victim of her brother's obsession with power. Percival Weasley wanted to join the Dark Lord and as a loyalty proof he murdered his only sister.' He let them realised what happened and moments after he had two children crying in front of him. He felt pity for them, something he did not have often.

Suddenly the table was thrown against the wall and Snape saw why Dumbledore trusted Harry to kill Voldemort. He had thrown the table and smack it against the wall as a light evolved him, his anger visible and his love for the younger Weasley evident on his face.

'I will murder Percy!' he stated walking out.


They searched the final items, the last Horcruxes and as they were three they were able to track them down and destroy them easily.

The only one still living was the snake and that one would be killed on the final match.

Four months went by and they already knew everything about the monster they were going to face. Now all they had to do was gather the order and prepare to take action.



'Severus Snape!'

He was sitting by the lake and he was silently crying on the inside.

He heard her sweet voice calling his name angrily and upset.

He had been stupid to call her that ugly name when he loved her so much, when she loved him as well… That was entire Potter's fault. He was unnerving; he was always pranking him, making fun of him…what he didn't know was that the half-blood prince had his girl…well, maybe not after that afternoon.

'Severus SNAPE, I know you heard me!' the girl stood in front of him, unafraid of being overheard.

'What was that all about?!' she yelled at him.

'Nothing' a Prince never apologises, he thought bitterly.

'So calling me a – a- mud-mudblood was NOTHING?!' she spluttered. She grabbed her hand and took the ring he had given her, she thrown it to him.

'Then, there's nothing between us anymore! I think I will accept Potter's invitations next year.'

Said that the girl walked to the Gryffindor's tower with tears in her eyes.

All he did was stay there. Still angry with Potter for ruining another good thing on his life.

(end flashback)

The man in question took his hand to the collar under his robes, the ring still hang there as a reminder of his own mistakes, as a reminder of why she died. She was not supposed to die, only Potter and Potter Junior. Not her… She was meant to come as a concubine for him… He snorted at the thought. How come he was so stupid at that time in his life?

She loved Potter after all. They were meant together. She loved him more than she ever loved him. He overheard her say to a girl friend once that she wished she had accepted Potter's invitations sooner.

He had no place to have destroyed that happiness but he was angry with her and Potter. He always got what he wanted and he, Snape, didn't.

Now, he had to make up to Lily and take care of her baby boy, not a baby anymore but a full grown man that was trying to handle a full room of Aurors and Wizards.

He saw the man hugging a crying Mrs Weasley and Mr Weasley, saying it was his fault Ginny was murdered and Ron tortured in Voldemort's dungeons. Snape almost smiled when Molly hugged Hermione and told her she was glad Harry found someone as special as he. She was mourning her daughter but she knew all along that Ginny and Harry were not meant to be.

Snape rose from his seat at Grimmauld Place and walked around the house wishing time could go back and that he could have done things differently.


Thousands of lives taken and major muggle buildings destroyed. The Order was coping up with the loses and even Draco Malfoy joined them, mainly because of Hermione.

Her relationship with Harry was going well but they've became a bit distant as the date for the battle came. She knew he loved her and that was enough for her and he did think so as well, so she was not troubled by that distance between them.

The night before the battle they made love and as the two were starting to fall asleep he said:

'If I die tomorrow, I'll die a happy man because I had someone to love and was loved as well'

She smiled and kissed him again.

'You won't die'

'I may die, love.'

'I'll be there beside you, you will not die'

'I want you to stay here, safe inside my house.'

'No' she said simply hugging him and falling asleep.


The night was cold, there was a smell of fear in the air and blood was already staining the floor to Riddle's House. Harry recognised the Grant's house and then Riddle's.

He stopped in front of the gates to the graveyard where he had fought Voldemort in person for the first time.

'Are you all ready?' he asked holding his wand and a sword on his waist.

They were thousands but Voldemort was as well. They had Potter and Granger but Voldemort had the Dark Lady. They had some giants and centaurs but he had vampires and werewolves; they had love but he had evil dark arts.

It was all on the open now… He turned to his right side where his love was and kissed her with passion before opening the gates…

'I love you, Harry'.


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