Hmmm. I was at a loss for what to write, but I just had to write something, and then I remembered that a long time ago I had a certain Wolf Fangs request some different pairings, so I decided to write this. XD I'm so insane- but here's a Cloud X Kairi, for y'all but in particular Wolf Fangs! I hope it's liked- the pairing is actually quite cute when you think about it… and XD Tai, if you read this, there's a tiny bit in there for you, vague though it may seem :grins:

Just Like Him

She peered uncertainly about the deserted First District, unsure of her surroundings. Violet eyes blinked, resting a moment on a something –mailbox? her mind queried silently- a moment before moving onto the various shop signs situated around the place.

So this is Traverse Town… she mused, clasping her hands behind her back and stepping out into the empty square. Her senses were heightened with curiosity and excitement; she could almost feel the cold stone cobbles jab into her feet where she stood on the border of two uneven stones, one jutting up slightly more than the other. Sora's been here. I can tell. I wonder what he thought of it? It hasn't exactly changed much, from what I remember of it...

The last time she had seen Traverse Town, she'd been hustled in the world entrance by Cid, unable to look anywhere but right ahead, and so had not seen much. It looked much as she had pictured back then, rushed straight to the Third District to a small, safe house. Not really a tourist's way of seeing it. Not that Traverse'll ever be a tourist attraction... and if it were, I doubt I'd actually come here for the sights,she thought wryly.

Flicking longish auburn hair back over her shoulders, she headed for the steps facing the World Exit and stepped up them, slim legs flexing well-toned muscles with each step. Half-lidded blue eyes followed her progress; the owner of the gaze, a black-clad figure, moved out of hiding once she entered the Accessory Store.

I remember you...

Hands behind her back again, and looking for all the world like the little girl she obviously wasn't, Kairi walked into the store, smiling. Her eyes flickered over everything in the cabinets, the fireplace, the counter-

"You. Need somethin'?"

She beamed in response to the gruff tone, spinning in the light. "Cid! You don't recognise me?"

The rough-shod middle-aged man grunted, squinting to get a better look at her. A toothpick fell out of the corner of his mouth, the end gnawed to splintering. "...nope. Who're ya?"

That made her giggle, eyes flashing a lighter shade of purple. "Kairi! You never guessed!"

"You're right- I didn'. Kairi, what're you doin' here? Why aren't you at the Destiny Islands?" Straw-coloured hair glinted dully in the light as he moved out form behind the counter, curiosity written all over his craggy features.


His eyes narrowed in suspicion. "What're you doin' here, I said?" The man repeated.

"I... um... just wanted to come see everyone?" She flashed a smile- oh-crap-that-so-did-not-work!- at him.

The eyes, if possible, narrowed even further.

He was not impressed.

"Fine!" The girl threw her arms up in the air. "I got sick of Sora mooning over Namine, and Riku sighing over the way she looks at Sora... it's just irritating. I wanted something of my own to do."

"You wanted somethin' of your own to moon over, you mean." A thick blondeyebrow arched at her; she cringed at the forward statement.

"No... I wanted a friend?"

The man wasn't going to let her go with that- he had known her grandmother, Shera, far too well for that. Very well, she amended with a smirk. "Where're you stayin'?"

That made her cringe even more, pink material creasing over her shoulders with the motion. "Well, Cid, I haven't really been here by myself before..."

"I live in th' Hotel." He said flatly. "You can't just board wi' me- I pay m' own rent, dammit."

Kairi blinked. "Really? But I thought you owned that little house in the Third District-"

"He owns tha' now," Cid flapped a hand dismissively. "You got munny? I can't pay for everythin' for ya."

Another cringe, and a mental one at the thought of what Shera would say if she could see her in this position now. "Well. Uh. I was kinda hoping to find a job around here somewhere?" She said, hope and questioning mingled in her tone.

It wasn't the right thing to say, she soon realised as Cid exploded. "Wha'?" He yelled, eliciting several squeals of "Keep it down, kupo!" from the Moogle residents upstairs. "You're plannin' on staying here? For a long time?"

"What's wrong with it?" She countered defensively, giving her red hair a defiant toss. "I'm capable, aren't I?"

"Well for one," he hissed, grabbing her wrist, "You're a Princess of Heart. You aren't supposed ta work like that!"

"What?" She yanked her arm out of his rough grip, anger rising. "So I'm supposed to sit around all day acting like a lady? No thanks. I did that on the Islands. I've had enough of it already! Why do you think I left my best friends? Or don't I have the right to want to feel useful every now and then? Hey?"

"I'm packin' you back on the firstship to th' Islands-" he began, snaring her wrist in his big hands again.

Her rebellious thoughts- my very own over-protective grandfatherly person, goddammit, being the tamest of those- were interrupted by the entry of a figure. Violet eyes widened at the sight of a spiky-haired, wiry blond. A large sword -bloody massive- was slung casually over one shoulder- the other boasted a metal wolf's head on the black material.

Cid." He said.

Ohmigawd, his voice's just as cool as the get-up...

Blue eyes glanced over her, as if he had heard her thoughts, but he continued his conversation with Cid. "I want the Fenrir chain ready for me tomorrow. Can you tell the Moogles to speed it up?"

Cid grunted sourly, obviously expecting the question. "They'll work at their own pace, 'less you wanna threaten them..." He told the other man- he'd just as obviously had his story prepared.

The blond shook his head at the other's words. "Don't need to do that," he said quietly. "Do you want me to show this girl around?"

Kairi grinned at that- he'd just put Cid on the spot, making him seem rude if he didn't offer her name, and rude if he told the spiky-haired guy she wasn't staying for long, to which she would definitely reply with something along the lines of "Screw you, I'll do what I want" or something like it. Deciding to spare the mechanic-turned-salesman the embarrassment of it- he was likely to flame right up if that happened, she remembered from early childhood memories sparked by conversations over the years- she bounced forward to the blond and offered her hand."I'm Kairi! Arelative of Shera's-" she fought down insane giggles at the look on Cid's face "-and I'll be staying here for a while. I'm even hoping to get a job here, actually." She grinned. Cid wasn't going to live this down for a long time.

He took the proffered hand briefly but firmly. "I'm Cloud."

"So, Cloud." Resist the urge, Kairi, resist the urge- dammit. She gave in. "What the hell kinda name is that?"


The answer sent her into giggles, and she collapsed against the wall. She hadn't felt as free since she'd left the Islands. Probably because Cloudlooks just like Sora..."Okay then... Cloud, where's the best place to eat around here?" She grabbed his hand, ignoring the flinch that indicated barely any human contact generally occured with this man and others, and hauled him out the door after her, grinning at Cid's expression, and also ignoring the fact that she barely knew this man. "I'm hungry!"

Wow. I was just thinking how nice it would be to write a chaptered fic for this... would anyone read it? Review it, for that matter... I really think this pairing works :blames/praises Wolf Fangs for the idea XD: If anyone would, let me know and I'll see about making this a chaptered fic. I actually think it's a lot like Roxas X Kairi. But that could just be me. And we all know I'm insane. Kshaw. Short ending. I think it needs to be continued.

...but would you?

I so would.

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