Mending Broken Wings

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Summary: Due to her loss of memory, Tsunade assigns Sasuke to help Hinata to recover from her amnesia. What will happen in the middle of the mission? How would two lonely people mend their broken wings?

Finding true love when you least expect it.

Through her obliviousness she touched his distant soul, kindled his desire for love and spoke directly into his lost heart.

bgm- "stole" by Kelly Rowland


Her almost lifeless figure suspended in the cold damp trunk, ornamenting the tree like a bloody display of a woman's body draped with thin blue strings from her neck down to her feet. The image of her severely wounded body was so vivid in her mind as if she could see a mirror in front of her showing her clearly how pitiful she looked like. Activating her Byakugan, a black and white image of herself appeared in her psyche: her ankles are tied firmly together, her waist covered with a bundle of strings , and her arms placed over her head –both of the joints at the base of her hands were bound in the same manner as her ankles. The other parts of her body –her arms, legs, neck, and chest- are also covered with strings but not as much as the three mentioned regions.


There are large pools of blood beneath her feet. There are also streams of blood in her waist, in her wrist, and in her ankles. All of those heavily entwined body parts serve as the bloodletting of her physique.

The only sound she could hear was the rippling of the drops of her blood from the tip of her toes down to the pool. Not even the tiniest sound from her surroundings reached her ear… Only the ripples.

Closing her white stormy eyes, Hinata deactivated her eye jutsu –angry veins disappearing slowly in her temples. Her Byakugan costs a lot of chakra, and there is no point of wasting her precious chakra tonight.

The strings –glowing with blue chakra- tightened and dug deep in her flesh every minute, causing a lot of blood to taint her pale skin with red flowing liquid.


She screamed. Panted. Screamed.

How long will she be in a state like this? She wanted to eradicate the strings but there is definitely no escape. She could no longer withstand the pain; there was no choice but to wait, until death succumbs her soul.

It was the moment in which she was standing between life and death… Between pain and survival…

I am a kunoichi of Konoha…

Curling her hands into a fist, she forcefully fought against the strings and struggled to remove them from binding her. Moving her knees to slid her feet upward in order to escape the bale of strings, Hinata gritted her teeth and activated her Byakugan as if getting some energy from them.

I will never give up…

She screamed in pain but still remained on doing the adjustment of her body's position. Clenching her jaws once more, she managed to give off more adrenaline and pushed the strings a little away from the tree.

I will take the risk of dying…

The cut in her wrists deepened, almost reaching her pulse but it didn't matter to her anymore. What was important for her at that moment was the slightest light of survival that's glowing from a distance.

A few inches away from her… There is hope.

A few meters away from her… There is light.

A few light years away from her… There is life.

Instead of doing nothing…

Her heart pulsated absolutely fast when she felt the little-by-little development of her battle. But development doesn't actually mean she managed to untangle a single chakra-filled string or loosen its attachments. The small amount of the light of life faded away when the strings tightened its hold in her petite bloody figure. The strings flickered glaringly with a blue hue and strengthen the bond between her and the tree. It vigorously pressed her back against the cold trunk and tauten its grasp on her.

Blood trickled her arms as it flowed slowly from her pulse, the right corner of her mouth drew blood.

She's going to die here…

Only death awaits her…

Closing her half-opened eyes, she heard some rustling of leaves and cracking of crispy twigs. Even the slightest sound of displacing water from puddles echoed through the deep and dark forest. Alas! There is life! Still listening keenly in the sign of distant life, a surge of happiness welled up within her and a slight feeling of relief filled her.

"Do you really think you could escape from my chakra-leeching strings, princess?" an eerie voice asked her. The unknown predator walked a few steps towards her and said, "I assured myself that you would only be mine tonight, princess."

The little feeling of optimism that someone would rescue her drifted away and her heart sunk in deep hopelessness. Slowly averting her eyes to her spectator, sadness filled her insides and her mind raced –knowing that the unknown man's presence would only mean trouble… and death.

"Glad to see me again, princess?"

She scanned the ninja through her half-lided white eyes and realized the man looked so familiar yet she could not remember a single detail of their first meeting.

The silver haired ninja was wearing a forehead protector of the Sound Village and a pair of rounded glasses hid his eyes. As he stepped in to the light, Hinata noticed that his hair was tied to his back and his features show some sort of evilness… Some sort of greediness…

"Wh- who are you?" Hinata managed to ask though she was nervous and out of energy. "Wh- why are you c- calling me p- princess?" Her voice quivered though she failed to notice it.

A satisfied smirk stretched across his lips as he strode towards his prey. "Princess, do you remember how you got stuck in there?"

Suddenly, she recalled herself fumbling as a rope caught her feet, causing her body to be placed upside down and how the splitting headache throbbed inside her head. Oh how fast those actions are, she could not recall every single detail.

"Did concussion filled you during the moments I haven't announced my presence yet?" he scoffed and scanned her bloody sweater and pants. "You are so pitiful tonight, princess."

She stared at him half heartedly as if she could not bare to look at him any longer. "Y- you are not answering m- my question yet. Who are y- you?"

"You don't know me? Don't you remember me, princess?" He smirked. "I saved you once. Without me, you had absolutely coughed out all your blood during the Chuunin Selection Exam. Without me, we're not alone tonight." He drew his face close to her so that she would only be the one who could hear him. "I. Am. Kabuto. You owe me your life."

Their faces were so close that their noses almost brushed. She wanted to spit in his face but she doesn't possess enough courage to do it.

His name echoed in her mind, she remembered how a lot of the villagers gossip about him. The traitor who joined Orochimaru and left Konoha. He was known for being a good medical ninja, but instead of serving the village, he ran away to destroy it. "Y- you are O- Orochimaru's f- follower?" she asked, figuring out if what she knows is right.

"No," he answered grimly. "I am his servant."

Trying to keep her composure, she struggled to keep her eyes open though a minute of comfortable doze was absolutely tempting.

Try to keep yourself awake Hinata, coz once you close it, you won't be able to open them again.

Closing her tired eyes, she squeaked, "W- why are you doing this t- to m- me?" She breathed.

"It's none of your business, princess."

Watching his hand drawing closer and closer to her, Hinata almost felt a soft cloud fleeting around her and pushing her to have a deep sleep, however, the pain in her wrists -made by the handcuffs- and ankles was still there and hurting her. She woke up at the instant his hand cupped her face.

"Be thankful I didn't scratch your pretty face, princess." His eyes trailed from her face down to her chest as if measuring her breasts. "Beautiful… You are really beautiful and interesting…" He faced her wide-eyed. "You are much more beautiful than that nosy and irritating Sakura. That's why-." He cut his sentence curtly and grabbed a kunai from the pocket in his thighs with his free hand and raised the little weapon in the air.

Closing her eyelids tightly, she heard some slicing and cutting but then she could not feel any pain. She did not feel the kunai touch her skin. Was she that used to pain? When the slicing session was over, Hinata opened her eyes and was surprised by what she saw.


"Won't you drop it?" Sakura asked, completely annoyed by Naruto's lamenting for the emergency mission. "If you're not going to shut up, I'll let you eat my fists!"

"It's not my fault, you know!" Naruto retorted childishly. "I'm at the middle of my sleep, then that old hag-!"

Sakura's fist hit Naruto's jaw hard and it seemed like it could break his bone. "Never call Tsunade-sama an old hag, or else-!" Sakura threatened her teammate, eyes as wide as dining plates.

Sakura's powerful blow sent Naruto reeling backwards. He could clearly see some –five to be exact- stars circling around his head.

"You two stop it," Kakashi ordered, waving his gloved hands in the air to emphasize his words. "Aren't you ashamed of yourselves? Kurenai's team is here. I suppose the two of you doesn't want to get humiliated."

"Dobe." Sasuke mumbled under his breath, his arms crossed in front of his chest.

Kakashi turned to face Kurenai and walked towards the pretty jounin who was plastering a melancholic face. He took Kurenai's hand to his and smiled. "Don't be sad, Kurenai. We'll find Hinata-chan soon." He pressed his palm against hers and in a split-second; a thick puff of smoke appeared in Kurenai's palm and eventually revealed a small brown dog wearing a forehead protector of Konoha resting in her hand.

"Hi." the small search dog greeted the weary red eyed kunoichi.


Hinata gasped at the sight of the result of the silent and painless attacks of the kunai. She was completely naked and bloody. To her luck, her long night blue hair slightly –just slight- covered the private regions of her body.

"May I say that you look absolutely tempting, princess."

She was in the verge of crying, in fact her tears are already hanging in her lids. But she thought it best not to cry. There was no point of crying tonight, it would only give Kabuto the greatest delight he could ever have in his whole life.

Her features darkened as she spoke, "Please, leave me alone."

In her silence, she realized that the strings are not cutting her flesh like what it did before.

He refrained from giving her physical pain but she was now persecuting with emotional pain for loosing her dignity.

"Leave. Me. Alone." she said courageously though she knew she was just pretending to be brave in front of a villain.

"Why should I?" he touched her jaw through his fingers and caressed her pale cheek with his thumb. "After all my effort to bind you in that tree while you are sleeping? After planting several traps for you in this forest?" He went closer to her to whisper in her ear. "I did a lot of bothersome stuff to formally meet you, princess."

His breath trickled her and she found it… insulting. How dare him do this to her? If she could only free her arm, she will surely give him a blow on his face.

His hand traveled from her face down to her neck. "Nice skin. It could be a replacement for the most expensive porcelain. I am really sorry for wounding your delicate skin, princess." His free hand fingered her hair until it reached the front on her bosom. "I had already touched your chest when I healed you during the Chuunin Selection Exam. But that's seven years ago! I can't believe you have fully grown into a woman! You are seductively delicious!"

"P- please… Leave me alone…" she pleaded, hot bitter tears flowing in her face. "Let me go…"

He kneeled in front of her and ogled at her thighs. He wiped the stream of blood in her leg and let out a chuckle. He stood up and rubbed the crimson liquid in his fingers in front of her.

"Your blood is special," His eyes widened. "That is why we are interested with you."

His tainted hand rested on top of her head. She eyed him suspiciously.

"W- what are y- you going to d –do?" she asked anxiously, her heart pounding hard in her chest.

"Just wait… and relax."

All of a sudden, she felt as though the top of her head was thunderstruck. Then, some flashbacks of her life came in front of her widened white eyes.

Her mother dying in her arms when she was three… Her father telling her that she was worthless when she was five… Her teammates training with her when she was eleven… Her cousin attacking her in the Chuunin Exams when she was twelve… Her father denying their relationship as daughter and father… Naruto kissing Sakura…

As every memory flashed in her eyes, one-by-one, she felt each one of them slipping away from her hands together with her consciousness.

When Kabuto released her head, the strings also freed her body. She fell in the cold damp grassy earth, face slumped in the mud and body searing with pain. Despite the throbbing pain in her skin, she still couldn't keep herself from sleeping. There are lots of things that happened tonight. And she's too tired to think about all those things.

"Naruto…" she whispered to herself as she watched Kabuto walking away.

Then, everything went black.

To be continued…

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