Title: Disconnected

Author: Stormy (travelingstorm)

Fandom: Gravitation

Pairing: None, though Yuki/Shuichi is an established given

Notes: I swore I wasn't going to do a Gravi fic. I swore. And here I am. Drabblish, stream of consciousness thing, Tatsuha's POV, angsty, a different spin on how he is, compared to how he's received.

Timeline: I own the DVD's, I've seen the OVA's but I don't have the manga series, so this is set sometime after the showdown in New York. Somewhat of an AU I guess, because of the small changes I've made and Yuki's 2nd hospital stay.

Summary: When Yuki is hospitalized (again), Tatsuha's unsurprised to find he doesn't much care.

When the phone call comes that Eiri's back in the hospital with another bleeding ulcer, I automatically began making the herbal tea Father favored, adding a few of the 'special' ingredients that would knock him out once he finished ranting.

Then I sat back and waited for the phone call from Mika, who was hysterical and babbling about how she was failing as a proper sister. I shushed her and reassured her and then spoke to Tohma who was pretty much doing the same thing. Well. Except for the sister part.

They asked me if I wanted to come to Tokyo to be with them during this time; I assume it's so we can all suffer together and Mika can lament over how we didn't do enough for our brother.

I declined their offer.

They protested.

I hung up.

I have no interest in visiting that arrogant prick who claims to be my brother. I have no intention of waiting by his bedside like he never did when Father was hospitalized last winter with pneumonia. I could care less about my siblings and their state of mental health, considering they've never thought twice about mine. They have no idea the burdens I've had to shoulder since Father declared I would be taking over the temple. They don't want to know. And so I don't care.

The phone rings again. It's Shuichi who cries, and rants, and raves about how Yuki's dying and leaving him alone and it's all I can do to murmur the same generic reassurances to him that I gave to my sister. In the background, I hear a nurse asking for relatives of Yuki Eiri and Shuichi abruptly hangs up on me.

Father is weaving back and forth on the tatami mat, and offers almost no resistance as I muscle him to his bedroom. All I can hear are mutters about his wonderful 'first-born son' and how perfect life would be if he would come home. I get him somewhat settled on his futon and he shoots me a glare, reminding me of my temple duties, before passing out.

Mika and Eiri don't know that Father pulled me out of school two weeks before, claiming to the school board that I was undergoing my monastery studies with a private tutor. They don't know it's because his health is failing and he can no longer keep up with the demand for his services, or that he was becoming paranoid that my continued school career would tempt me away from our family business, like it did Eiri.

Nothing effectively cuts off friendly ties more then dropping out of school. I don't see my friends anymore – they're all busy preparing for university applications and job offers. The only people I see are the mourners at the funerals I preside over, and the worshipers that come for services. No friends, no family, separated from reality, and trapped here with my life plotted out for me. Of course no one cares, because they're too busy worrying about the darling of the Uesugi Clan who once again drank himself into the hospital over things that happened to him almost eight years ago.

I used to care. No one should have to go through what my brother did. But I have my own problems, and I can't bring myself to worry about the stranger with my brother's face anymore.