This fanfic is a result from having too much free-time and reading a fantastic fanfic, "Levitas Fragosus" by BlackMercifulFaerie. You see, originally I started writing this fanfic around January 25, as a small little joke to myself because I was bored and needed to entertain my mind with something. And so, I started writing more and more on the pieces of paper I put together just for this whole story, and then I started to read the fanfic I practically advertised. I was inspired even more about my little story, so I wanted to write this out and see if anyone else likes it.
Eventual shounen-ai for RoyxEd, which could possibly lead to yaoi (I'm not sure, I haven't decided yet).
This is an MPREG, which means, one of the males in the previous pairing will get pregnant. And I'm sure you all know whom I'm talking about.
Explainations of alchemy, which could make sense, yet make no sense whatsoever, so beware of a brain blow-up.
Also AU.
Disclaimer: I do not own FullMetal Alchemist, and with my crappy luck, someone else probably, might have, wrote this kind of idea up. If so, I plead the fifth.

Mistake's Growth


"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
-Walt Disney

It had been quite awhile since they had last been to the Eastern Headquarters. Edward Elric was actually there for something other then a report to his superior. Actually, the Fuhrer, King Bradley, had ordered a medical check-up for all, due to a virus spreading around the whole nation. Everyone had to get a shot, especially military. Even though Edward hated to admit it, he needed one of those miracle shots. Not to long ago, Edward and his younger brother had witnessed just what the virus could do. It was a truly disturbing thing to see, luckily the virus had only spread to such a terrible effect on a farm animal.

Alphonse was sad because said farm animal was just a baby chick, whose mother probably had the virus within its genes then transferred it to the chick when it was born. The chick was only around two months old, and just the two days that Edward and Alphonse were exploring the town, the chick's internal organs blew up and rotted on the inside. Part of the organs even gushed out of the chick's mouth. Edward didn't know what this virus could to humans, and he didn't want to know, so he decided it best to obey the military this time around. Besides, it wasn't like the town had any lead any closer to the Philosopher's Stone.

So when the train stopped, Edward was nearly eccentric to jump off the train and start running to the headquarters, breathing in the fresh air around him very happily as his legs could finally move from the evil train of hell ("It was only a four-hour ride Niisan!") that was overstuffed with babies and grumpy old men and women. However Edward stopped and blinked as he saw a very familiar looking blonde, cigarette attached to his teeth and a slight look that said, "I'm bored, but whatever." on this face,

"Havoc!" Edward actually grinned and continued grinning as Havoc gave back a small grin himself, "What are you doing here?"

"Hey Boss," Havoc simply replied, taking his cigarette from his mouth for a second to blow some smoke out then attached it back to his mouth, "I'm here to give you a lift."

"Why? I'm sure that the colonel is perfectly aware that Al and me are capable of walking." Havoc's smile twitched as he commented back,

"Yeah, but since you two are always traveling around, the colonel says you're at a higher risk rate then any of these people running here." Edward twitched dangerously. Havoc sighed and turned his face away as Edward gave him an evil glare, as though the look could be transferred to him to the colonel. Edward knew he was at a higher risk then the people around him, passing him quickly to crowd around the headquarters, but it annoyed him to no end that Roy Mustang had to use Havoc as his own personal joke. Havoc then started to walk off, of which Edward and Alphonse followed immediately and soon boarded a car. During said car ride, the three caught up reasonably well of the trips that Edward and his younger had been through, Havoc sounded slightly amazed, but Edward was sure it was a show. Then they had arrived to their destination, Edward jumped from his seat nearly eagerly as Havoc showed him the way to the waiting office.

On the way, they were greeted with the nearly stony gaze of Second Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, she nodded casually to the two boys, letting them know that she was grateful to see them, and that they had not been worse for the wear. So Havoc continued to drag the two and the brothers both saw people they had fairly recognized (which was a little awkward when one of the Youswell miners cried out, "Hey kid, I'll buy you a drink while we're here!") when they soon arrived in a small waiting room. Havoc went to the nurse waiting at a counter as Edward and Alphonse took a seat. Edward snickered lightly as Havoc started to lightly flirt with the nurse, who was trying to put the tone in her voice that would tell Havoc to "Shut up, go away".

"Man Al, I'm glad you don't have to get a shot, because they hurt like hell." Alphonse's highlights in his armor either seemed to laugh or roll their eyes at Edward, but whatever the reaction, it made Edward feel a little bit better. Havoc bid the two good-bye with a dark pout, shuffling outside the door with a loud moan and sigh. And so, with the lack of anything else to say, time passed by slowly, with many people shuffling in and out of the office behind the counter, when soon, eventually, Edward's name was called over. Edward stood up and gave Alphonse a sly wink and walked behind the door. The nurse at the counter nodded and pointed down a hall,

"Just go to room 2741 and sit there, the doctor should be with you shortly." Edward nodded, understanding the procedure and walking to said room. The numbered room was typical of little cubicle rooms of a doctor's office, a large table in the center and several counters everywhere with a lot of medicinal things that Edward wasn't too sure of, having never really studied the medical profession. Well except for the biology of a normal human, but Edward didn't think that counted for much if he didn't know what to do if there were a problem with the certain body-parts of a man or woman. Edward sighed and jumped on the table, feeling the paper rustle underneath his slight touch, sneering lightly as he looked around the counters. Edward's impatience and curiosity were starting to build as the door swung slowly open to reveal a very old man with white hair and shocking brown eyes. The old man trudged slowly through the room and closed the door behind him, a loud sigh coming from exhaustion. The doctor turned around to look at Edward and told him to take off his coat. Edward had done so and the man seemed a little shock,

"Your right arm's automail?"

"Yeah, why, is there a problem?" The doctor shook his head, in another tired way, and moved around the room, groaning slightly, searching the cupboards,

"Oh no, no problem at all. It's just the serum for the flu," Edward rose an eyebrow at the geezer, thinking him as more insane then he could have possibly thought, and was really considering on running the hell out of the room, "goes through one's most active arm, because the blood stream circulates throughout the whole system, however the serum is different for each arm, and even legs." The doctor finished, squinting at a labeled bottle, that had came from a cold counter, and grinned eagerly.

"I see..." Edward replied back, humoring the old man as the man filled a needle shot with the white liquid from the bottle.

Meanwhile, there was a nurse wandering down the halls, a frown deeply set on her face as she rubbed square classes against her nurse shirt. "Where in the world is the doctor? The old man can't see anything without his glasses, he can hardly read! where is that silly old fool?"

So, with a bandage across his left arm, and a sucker in his mouth, Edward walked nearly triumphal, which made Alphonse nearly snicker from the confident form of Edward Elric. Edward moved his sucker around in his mouth, facing Alphonse,

"Why don't we get a room?" Edward suggested and Alphonse just nodded, knowing it the room was just a state of peace for the older Elric. However as the brothers started walking out, Edward was slightly pushed back, of which Alphonse caught him easily enough, seeing a panicking and rushing Cain Fuery. The two watched the black-haired man run after a certain dog, of which of who had some paper in his mouth.

"BLACK HAYATE! BAD!" Fuery scorned, still trying to catch up to the dog. Edward stared blankly as an idea came to his mind and he whistled. A few seconds later, there was a lightly trotting Black Hayate pup with an excited look on his face while an out-of-breath Cain Fuery followed behind.

"What's this about?" Edward asked, patting the dog slightly, not having much contact with the trained pup, and tearing the paper from the canine's mouth.

"The colonel gave those paper to Black Hayate, hoping that he would get rid of them." Fuery took a deep breath and that moment Edward felt a little sorry for him because the man (though sometimes looked even younger then himself) was obvious not as made for physical movement. That, or he had been chasing Black Hayate all around the HQ, and neither though suited Edward well.

"Really?" Edward stared down at the paper forms that were in his hand. The ink was all melting together, however Edward could make the gist of it because it was just a recent soak. If Edward acted quickly enough, he could reassemble the ink to their original words and dry form and Roy Mustang would get such a lecturing from Hawkeye, that would be entertainment enough. Edward gave an evil grin, which alarmed the two sane people around him and he clapped his hands and gave Fuery the paper, walking off feeling very cheerful.

Payback was a bitch, especially when he took the surrogate name as Edward Elric.

Two Months Later

Weird things started to happen Edward. And not the kind of weird things that usually happened to him when he went searching for the Philosopher's Stone. No, the weird things related to his own body. Which Edward found very, very, well...weird. It was as though his entire body was starting to change on him. Edward would constantly get stomach cramps that would have him bed-ridden for a day, at least until Alphonse got a good form of food down his throat, Edward stopped eating as much as he did, never feeling up to it (and so the cramps would begin again). Then Edward stopped sleeping on his sides, he just slept on his back, and for some odd reason he couldn't get to sleep on the sides of his automail or human arm as usual. Then there would be a lot of trips to the bathroom (which was bad when they were chasing after whoever said they had the Stone, Edward would have to veer off-course, telling Alphonse that he would be back). And one of the last things that Edward would do, is get up in the middle of the night, and puke his guts out, making him bed-ridden for another day. Needless to say, it wasted a lot of Edward and Alphonse's time. However, it wasn't until Alphonse forced his brother back to Central (Roy Mustang had received a promotion, therefore the moving of headquarters), when he knew that something was very wrong with his brother.

"E-Ed!" Edward looked over at Alphonse with a twitchy look, after having take a large gulp of a drink he was given from someone on the train earlier, the drink tasted so damn disgusting that he wish he just threw it away.


"Y...You drank...milk!" Edward blinked, slowly too. Too slowly, as he looked at the container he had been holding, and clearly labeled on the bottle, was a large lettering of 'MILK' on it. Edward frowned, he would usually notice things like that, but something was compelling him to get a drink, and so he had drank. Now, this may not seem as big as a deal as Edward or Alphonse was making it, but everyone and their two-bit whore knew that Edward Elric despised milk more then anything on the planet. More then the villains that he constantly met over his journey, more then Roy Mustang! Edward frowned and looked over at Alphonse with a pale face, and Alphonse almost looked as pale, but it was a trick of the sunlight around. So, mostly because they were worried if Edward had caught a terrible disease, the two brothers traveled faster to the headquarters, looking for the hospital district in the whole part of the militia. Edward has burst into the door as Alphonse yelled to the nurse at the counter, "Help, my brother's really sick!" Edward continued to the back, a deep-settled frown on his face, but then he bumped into a man shorter then he, and far much older.

"YOU!" The doctor blinked, taking off his square glasses and rubbing them, then placing them back on his nose and he stared at Edward with a pale face.

"Edward Elric?" The man squinted slightly, a frown now appearing on his face.

"Yes, and you've done something to me, you quack!" Edward started to rear back his automail arm in anger, but then he stopped. A loud sound overtook the moment and Edward clenched his stomach, groaning in pain and leading himself away from the doctor to lay on the many chairs all bunched together, giving a few little kicks and twitches every once in awhile. The doctor stared over at the scrunched up form of an alchemist and looked over at Alphonse, frowning lightly.

"Is this an example of the symptoms he's been through lately?" Alphonse nodded to the best of his ability and the doctor asked Alphonse to grab his brother to lead him to a more comfortable spot. Another table with lots of paper, Edward hated the paper, especially right now. "Now, Elric, I've been told you're the Full Metal Alchemist, does that mean you assemble things to their original state instead of changing it into a different form?"

"I AM AN ALCHEMIST!" Edward screeched, then burrowed his head beneath, moaning loudly. The doctor adjusted his frames and smiled slightly when a nurse with frightening orange hair came in,

"And is the information I was told, is that you perform alchemy without an array, correct?"

"Yes, that's right...but what does that have anything to do with my brother's condition?" Alphonse asked, staring directly at the doctor with a tone that seemed to be a large frown.

"I think I know what's wrong with you...Elric, don't do anything when I tell you our hypothesis, because if you move around in the condition you're in, it will do more harm then good for you."

"Just tell me what the hell is wrong with me, and fix it!" Edward groaned, but then he thought more upon it. What if...what if he had the virus? What if that serum didn't work because of his left arm? Or maybe it was because of his automail? The extra iron could prevent the blood circulation throughout the whole body, if that was how it went through his blood. Edward knew he was overacting, but he didn't know what else it could possibly be!

"...Elric, we believe you're pregnant." There was a long dark pause, mostly of which Edward was trying to register what the doctor had just said. And even though he was suggested not to move, he did anyway, he stood straight up from his stomach cramp, glaring at the very old man.

"What?" This was a sick joke, but he was relieved that it wasn't the virus that had been slowly dying. But this? Pregnant? Edward Elric was a man, thank you very much.

"Well remember when you got that shot?" Edward continued to glare at the doctor, waiting for him to have a point. Said doctor sighed and looked away, the nurse handed him a clipboard, "It was actually sperm." Edward stared over at the doctor with wide eyes, and he shook down to the core...EW!

"HOW THE HELL COULD YOU MISTAKE SOMETHING LIKE THAT FOR THE CURE?" Edward yelled, and was about to get up from the table to give the doctor a piece of his mind, but he was pushed back by the nurses hand gently back unto the table.

"I misread the labels, I wasn't aware that sperm donor's tubes were so close to the left-handed cures." Which explained the glasses, now that Edward thought about it. But still...pregnant? What the hell kind of joke was this quack trying to pull? "We believe it's because you can perform alchemy without an array, even though you're probably focusing the array in your mind, we think that because the array wasn't specifically focused on something, it formed different organs and an egg, which seems to have bonded with the donor's sperm."

"That's impossible!" Edward yelled, "Where the hell would I get the internal materials to make women parts, and have an egg?" The doctor looked thoughtfully at Edward,

"How has your automail been lately?" Edward blinked, not seeing what that could possibly have in common with his new organs (or so Doctor Quack said).

"Well I actually checked that with my mechanic a few weeks ago, she said that the interior of the automail I last had was...missing..." Edward stopped, realizing what that had meant with a frown.

"Exactly, the iron and other elements came from your automail, and the blood to form the placenta and due to the elements of your own sperm, it made it possible for you to have eggs."

"Then why hasn't niisan been having menstrual periods?" Alphonse piped in, though to Edward he sounded a little excited. Edward gave Alphonse a glare that said, 'Don't tell me you buy this crap', but Alphonse avoided his gaze, still sounding cheerful.

"Well, we believe that he is pregnant. For every...person," The doctor paused at the word, frowning timidly then shook his head, "pregnancy is different. So Elric here, probably isn't going to go through any periods until six months after the child's birth because that's when his body can recover from having the birth. The reason he isn't having them right now is because of his hormone levels, since his body is used to normal male hormones, it probably needs to get used to his organs and the moods that come with it."

"Why are you even saying all of this? It's not like you're serious!" Edward finally gasped, trying to see if there was anyway that this was a sick joke and that he just had the flu. The doctor frowned,

"I'm afraid it's very serious Elric."

"But...I can't! I can't be pregnant!" Edward yelled, waving his arms around, trying to think up a reason why he couldn't be pregnant. It all made too much damn sense to his alchemical mind, but to his more practical mind, it screamed at him and tried to bat the head of the doctor.

"I'm afraid you very much are, Mr. Elric." The nurse actually spoke softly, looking sympathetic toward the younger boy, "It's not as bad as it may seem...I was a pregnant teenager too."

"But if the sperm of the donor's help make the egg, then how the heck did it make a baby?"

"There is more then one little tadpole within the whole complete thing Mr. Elric, and it seemed to have succeeded in making its journey." Edward gapped, there was no way this was happening to him! He wasn't pregnant! He was a male!

"B-But..." Edward stopped in his argument, finally realizing it to be the truth. How else would he have these symptoms, he knew that if it had been the flu, it would have gone away a long time ago, if it had been the virus, he would most likely already be dead, so...he was pregnant. As Edward went into his own little world, Alphonse questioned,

"So, who's the father?" The next words spoken from the doctor's mouth, made Edward pale and broke his little world into tiny pieces as fate seemed to have it in for him.

End Prologue

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