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Mistake's Growth

Chapter Nine
Loose Threads

"If a man does his best, what else is there?"
-General George S. Patton

If Roy hadn't known any better, he would have said that he and Edward were already going out. Ever since they got back to their small household, Edward seemed to be beaming and enthusiastic to do nearly anything for the older man. Roy also noticed that whenever he would sit down, Edward would settle himself quite comfortably beside him and every once in awhile place his hand over Roy's own hand. Roy wasn't annoyed or anything (actually quite the country), but Roy couldn't help but feel like he was getting looks from everyone in the office.

He swore Riza knew the conversation they had by the brooke, and because Riza knew, Hughes had to know. Roy never liked to hear his name in the rumor mill, even if he hadn't heard any rumors. But if Hughes knew, then something was definitely up. Roy knew, as a responsible adult, he should have the power to stop this from advancing too much too far so soon, however... Roy just didn't feel like it. Actually he really liked it when Edward would give him a smile, or randomly hold his hand at home. Roy knew that Alphonse probably also knew, because of the fact that the armor would leave whenever Edward would get into his lovely dovey mood.

Roy sat there at his desk at the moment, signing dull papers quickly with his hand cramping up quickly for the overuse of his wrist and pursed fingers when his door swung open. Roy didn't look up, though he would have really liked to have a distraction from his current task, until said figure that came into the room dropped something on his desk. Roy looked up and blinked, momentarily confused. Roy was sure that Edward had decided to take maternity leave and Edward had promised himself he wouldn't go near the military headquarters until he had delivered said baby, so why was Edward here right now? Roy then decided to look at the object that Edward had decided to drop on his desk. Roy had faintly recognized it; memories of his childhood flew to him for a moment.

"Edward...is this...a boxed lunch?" Old Xingan style, a little black box that Roy guessed would be stuffed with a big portion of rice with a filling in it, then some fruits or vegetables on the side, and finally some little form of fish or meat on the side. Edward looked away and nodded,

"Yeah, a boxed lunch. Al said you forgot to take his lunch today." Edward moved his metal hand around as though it was a very stupid and troublesome waste of his time to come down here to give Roy a boxed lunch. However Roy could tell that Edward had practiced that signal just so it would seem like Edward was here for that reason, but the truth was... Roy stared at the boxed lunch and grabbed it, Edward had made this.

Oh this boy was definitely crushing on him. Roy didn't mind, actually when he was a child that was one of the best things to receive from your significant lover. Roy found himself smirking; Edward was just being so cute. Edward seemed to dislike Roy's seemingly random smirk so he yelled, "Hey, it's nothing special! If you're not going to enjoy it, I'll take it myself!" Edward frowned and Roy couldn't help but feel a little quirk at the edge of his mouth. Edward was overacting...but that was okay. Only Riza would know that Edward was trying very hard to be himself and hide the fact that he had fallen in love with Roy.

"No, no, that's fine. You can go back home now hagane no." Edward huffed for a moment then nodded, rubbing his stomach for a moment then turning, inwardly looking like he was wondering what he should eat for lunch that day. A boxed lunch...huh? Roy opened the boxed lunch and smiled, just like he had predicated, and seemed to be made in a very much Edward way. Roy then thought momentarily in the back of his mind while grabbing the ancient (yet obviously newly clean) chopsticks that was at the side of the compartment built food, he had yet to actually eat anything Edward made. With a small smile, Roy snapped the sticks together and let the little small fish roll tumble down his throat.

It tasted good.


Lyra stared blankly at her telephone that was not really her telephone at all. Lyra then gave a short accusing stare over to her guest, and the man ignored her stare, staring at his hands for a moment as though they were much more fascinating then a completely smashed phone. Lyra then sighed loudly, placing a small jug of milk next to the shattered telephone and continued to stare. Why in the world would this man even bother smashing it to bits? Was he talking to someone he didn't want to? AUGH, how was she going to make reports to Dante now?

Not that Lyra wanted to talk to the old hag, but it would not be wise at all to avoid talking to the ancient woman. Lyra gave another loud sigh, trying to get on Envy's nerves (though somehow miraculously failing) and turned to the dark-haired being. Now that the phone was out, she would have to give Havoc some other number to talk to the blonde.

"Hey, I'm going out, do you need anything?" Envy grunted and Lyra understood that as a 'no' and nodded. Lyra then paused on her way out to the door and frowned, knowing better now that it was best to inform this stranger of whatever she had heard of Edward, or get some twisted punishment for withholding information. "Hey...It seems the baby's development looks good, though they think it might come early." Envy looked over at her with a strange look then grunted again, turning back to the windowsill. Lyra was inwardly glad it didn't seem to stir any feelings in the dark-haired man and walked out. Envy did not move from his spot until he was positive that the dark-haired woman left for a long while.

When he did move, he moved out, closing the window to survey the outsides glaring lightly around in a slight paranoid motion. He knew who 'they' was and Envy was very anxious to getting away for the moment from the thought. That was the closest his 'family' was getting close to Edward's future child, and all they were doing was examining it? What was Dante up to? The green-haired homunculus blended his appearance to be of an adult man who didn't stand out from the crowd he soon joined. While he had been angry and upset at the even mere mention of his half-bastard brother, he was somewhat strangely calmed down from the thought of his future niece or nephew.

While he was sure he just wanted to get rid of the thing as soon as it was born, he wasn't quite so sure why he wasn't already trying to go out of his way to kill it. There were many ways he knew he could hurt the child inside Edward without killing the alchemist with it, so why wasn't he doing it? Envy wasn't stupid, he may, at times, be led to by what were 'emotions', but it didn't stop him from questioning his less then stable mental motions. Envy felt the mental debate add up in his mind, but before he could really think anymore, he felt someone bump into him harshly.

"Sorry." Envy had to bite back a bark as he recognized the voice. Edward just passed him lightly though after apologizing, not aware of people slowly going out of their way to avoid the pregnant boy with the loose hair. Envy glared, watching as the boy moved, it was obvious that Edward had just done something that made him happy. The boy was practically skipping with cheery emotions that Envy had really only seen with girls who had just met with their boyfriends for an important date. Tch. That had to mean Edward had visited the bastard flame alchemist. Envy felt hatred cross for a second at the thought of Edward's happiness because he decided to do the stupid thing and fall in love. Oh well, that anger was short-lived now that he realized the truth of it. It's not like they would be able to openingly express it, and even though it was only a little torment, it was enough to quell his anger. Envy knew humans, and more often then not, all humans wanted more.

Envy then noticed something, after glaring the retreating form of the fullmetal alchemist and felt light curiosity. There seemed to be someone following after the cheerful blonde, and the idiot was too much in his lala stupid land to notice it. Though he didn't know why he was so concerned, the idiot could take care of himself (as much as he loathed to even THINK that)...but why was it a girl following him? The woman had a dull look on her face, as though permanently stuck in a wonderful daydream. The woman stopped abruptly though and turned around, as though deciding that she was going the wrong way. Envy looked to see that she was following a new woman (a pregnant unsteady woman holding on her husband's arm). Though he didn't really care...it seemed strange in his mind. Oh well, not his problem. What he didn't notice though, Envy followed after Edward from a far distance.

Edward had stopped his cheerful happy skipping and gave a somewhat loud moan and started to hobble his way through the streets, people every once in awhile trying to offer help but Edward would refuse in a not so polite way and somehow it was funny, especially when there were many young men trying to flirt with the blonde. It was funny because Edward would cry out rape and then run off, leaving the stunned men to be alone while they may or may not get caught by an official officer on the side. Of course whenever Edward did this, he would end up groaning and forcing himself to find a way to sit down and complain loudly to his ever-growing stomach, and appear somewhat insane to many people. It just seemed funny, and Envy really had no idea why. After Edward stopped sitting on the bench (and lecturing his not born child) he started to move towards a store.

Said store was a grocery store and Edward looked really hard at the entrance for quite awhile. Eternal debates were never fun for Envy, even when he knew what Edward was thinking half of the time (because Edward was predicable, and an idiot), but it really didn't matter as Edward took the steps in to glare at the many food products hanging out freshly. Envy watched as Edward grabbed a small basket and would grab random fruits and vegetables and other things that one could cook with. Envy even watched when Edward had a ten minute wrestling match with the milk, before giving in and buying the ten bottles of milk to probably feed himself and the other idiot, while complaining loudly again to the baby, of course. Because honestly, what kind of baby of Edward's should like milk?

The blonde moved, paid for his assortments of food and drinks, then started walking again, but this time back into his stupid happy land where everything was made of sunshine and flowers and rainbows. Pregnant women may be moody, but Edward Elric was much more moody then any woman Envy ever had the honor to impress as. Envy felt a little bristle of irritation as he had followed after the blonde with no effort whatsoever of hiding or even trying to stalk after the boy. It was annoying for the idiot to be so...unguarded. The idiot should be reminded to be kept on guard at all times, even if he was inflicted with the horrible evil hormone that women gained more and more after puberty. The bristle became more and more clear but Envy knew if he did a move now, there would be no doubt that his mother would have his head. That, and Envy wasn't stupid, he was sure that Sloth and Pride were on his feet to where his whereabouts were, because he knew they wouldn't take their sweet and precious time to finding him.

Edward paused in his steps and looked around for a moment, noticing his surroundings, and seemed to blank out for an uncharacteristic second and turned a corner and seemed to smile lightly at the sight of a two story house. Ugh, how disgusting. Edward seemed to dive in the house and somehow, the homunculus that had been trailing him, just let himself stay away. Somewhat bitter feelings emerging. It was so stupid to be so jealous of him, but he just was. It made him feel a little stupid, for standing there in front of the almost glowing household, staring at it with hatred. What was going on? It was almost like he was second guessing himself now! That's stupid! Envy was Envy; he would hate his bastard father forever and would hate his half brothers even more! Forever and ever and ever! Angry again, Envy turned, and planned to find an outlet for that day.


Well, there was nothing to say about this situation except that it was weird. The dark-skinned man jumped to the side of the sewer walls, avoiding the body tackle from the overly sinful gluttonous being. At least the other one was avoiding him; apparently she didn't want to get near him. While Scar had yet to really figure out was why, but it really didn't matter at the moment as he ducked down and forced himself to slip into the small sewer waters. He gave one slight groan in the water as the homunculus body dived right after him, only helping his escape with a huge large splash. The Ishbalan used the confusion to dive in the dank waters to a turn and didn't resurface (though how much he wanted to) until he felt the slight tickle on his neck disappear.

It was hard of course, because he was like every other breathing human being and he had to breath and disgusting sewer water that was barely recycled did not help the fact, but Scar had managed to get away for the careful moment and felt himself glaring at the small bits of the light's surface that would peek through every hundred feet. How did those forsaken being find him? Scar had only been traveling underground to avoid upstairs for awhile, at least until he could get to his destination. Which was originally far from Central, but he might have to stay a bit, he thought, glaring at his right leg for a moment.

He had been shot at and it was a careless mistake, but it still made it harder for him to fight without all of his balance and footing, as his speed was his outstanding aspect. But seeing as the strange alchemic born beings were after him, he would have to find a place to rest and it would have to be somewhere safe and where they would least expect it. A frown crossed his face, at the thought. The last place where they would expect him...


Alphonse watched as his brother collapsed heavily on the couch with a goofy smile upon his face. Honestly, Ed could be so troublesome when he was like this! The couch nearly sank to the ground because of Edward's more heavy parts but the blonde seemed genuinely cheerful and so happy that Alphonse didn't even bother to summon up the strength to disappoint the boy. Ah, if they really needed to they could just buy the colonel a new one.

"Gave him the box lunch?"

"Uh-huuuuh." Edward gave the induced drug voice and sat up, groaning for a second because the weight of the baby shifting with him. "I think he liked it." Edward said almost shyfully and Alphonse almost burst out laughing. So this was an Edward in love and someone loved him back, huh? It was pretty funny, especially when Alphonse remembered Edward getting up and slaving over the menu, as he wasn't quite sure what the colonel actually liked or not.

"That's good." Alphonse replied, moving towards his older brother who gave another beaming smile. It was really nice to see Ed smile so much, as it used to be such a rare thing and only happened in the very rare occasions where everything seemed to be going alright. Those days had been dying, but at least Edward seemed to be stronger now. Alphonse felt a little mean and asked in a teasing manner, "How's it feel to have a boyfriend?" Edward jumped at the question, glaring at his brother with a deep blush.

"W-What are you talking about? He's not my...my boyfriend!" He yelled in a frustrated manner and Alphonse felt giggles in the back of his mind. Edward was just so easy to tease! Edward then glared down at his stomach for a moment, feeling it with his human hand and sighed. "I think the baby disagrees."

"Ah, so the baby is smarter then you!" Edward gave a dirty glare at the comment and looked away in a somewhat pouting motion. Alphonse laughed again and only gave Edward the chance to sigh, "So? How's it feel?" The older brother paused at the question and debated in actually answering his little brother. On one hand, he was being a little smart-ass and teasing him, but on the other...well...Alphonse would then know, and he wouldn't have as much trouble as he did when Edward had found out he was in love (granted the thought that Alphonse would more then likely not fall in love with another man had never entered Edward's mind).

"Good." It was a simple word, but it was that simple to summarize. Edward felt good and it had been the best he had felt in a long time. While Roy still had not openingly returned his feelings, Edward was at least able to show Roy how much he cared, even if it was through little motions and just being close to the dark-haired man. It made Edward feel really happy to be able to show him, even if they had to only have private company. Roy wasn't outright rejecting him, and...that just made him happy and good.

"Just good?"

"Well it's hard to explain!" Edward moved his hands, frowning at Alphonse's tone. Ah, his little brother would understand someday! The traitorous thought crossed his mind and stupid word 'Maybe' and Edward had to close his eyes and force himself not to imagine Alphonse in his armor forever. Jeez, he hadn't even thought about Alphonse during his love crisis, and he still had to wait until he gave birth before they could even get restarted on the quest for the Philosopher's Stone. Now...though...Edward felt a little worse as he felt himself wavering for a second. He wanted to stay just a bit, to bond with his baby and a little more with Roy. Edward knew though, if he did that, he'd probably want to stay that way forever. NO! He wouldn't let that happen! Alphonse came first! Then he did, but Alphonse first! Edward sighed to himself, he was being stupid again, and it had to be annoying for his little brother.

"Well that isn't saying much considering who's trying to describe it." Alphonse replied back, a smirk in his tone of voice. Edward gave a quick glare to his brother then threw his arms around almost dangerously and yelled back,

"What's that supposed to mean!?"

"Nothing niisan, nothing."

"LIAR!" Edward pointed his metal limb at Alphonse then stood up rapidly (giving a groan in the back of his mind as his legs protested) as a sound echoed from upstairs. It seemed to be a large BAM as though something huge almost fell through the floor. Edward stared at the ceiling uneasily and Alphonse followed suit. It took the brothers awhile before both bravely deciding to creep up. It would actually be the first time they both went up the creepy stairs, now that Edward thought about it. There had been no reason to go upstairs before, so why bother? Alphonse helped Edward up the stairs though as they carefully stepped each nearly creaky steps. "You have any idea what's up here Al?"

"Nope." They reached the end and it led down to a long hall. There were only two rooms that delved into the sides and at the end of the long hall could have easily been a room that could have been mistaken as the attic. Paranoid, both of the brothers looked down the long hall and moved their heads in a suspicious manner; it never hit the all silly they looked. It seemed to be awhile before the eldest of the two started to move and he took to inspecting the room on the right. Opening the door in an eerie creek, he peered inside and found himself staring at the broken pieces shards of glass littered all on the floor. Alphonse went to the second room down the hall as Edward went into the room entirely. A frown crossed the blonde's face for a moment as he picked one of the shards, seeing splattered blood across its impurity.

Jeez! What a crappy realtor if they didn't mention to Roy that someone broke the mirror in the bathroom upstairs! Edward felt a bristle of irritation but took it upon himself to take the task to pick up a few pieces (until his back argued that he shouldn't even be bending down) and placed them in the sink as they were all large pieces. Edward looked closer at the broken mirror and saw the imprint of a fist shattered deeply into its frame. Huh, someone had to either be mad with his or her reflection or something else entirely. After all, you can't accidentally hit a mirror. "You find anything niisan?"

"Just the bathroom! What about you?" Edward called back, giving a sigh for a moment and rubbing his back as it ached something almost fierce. Alphonse kept quiet for a moment and Edward blinked, turning to exit outside the bathroom to find his younger brother looking over a book. "What's up?" He asked, only slightly worried his brother hadn't replied when he asked. Alphonse looked over at him and kept silent for a moment then replied,

"I found one of the colonel's alchemy journals." Edward piqued at this and nearly jumped to his little brother, giving a cocky smile. Alphonse though closed the book and coughed for a second, "That bookshelf was the thing that fell down." He pointed to the area that the bookshelf had fallen before Alphonse must have picked it up. Edward stared at all of the books then back at the one in Alphonse's hand.

"Let me see." Alphonse shook his helmet head and Edward felt a strong urge to pout come on. "Oh come on!" Edward started to reach but with his staggering shortness and Alphonse's huge arm gap between the two, Edward had no chance of reading the journal. So Edward uncharacteristically gave up and moved to the shelf, picking at a Xing volume and gave a short glare over to Alphonse before making his way back downstairs. Alphonse gave a sigh, feeling slight worry for a moment; he didn't expect his brother to give up so quickly. Alphonse then opened the journal once again and felt an ache.

It was definitely an alchemical journal, but it wasn't in its normal style that Alphonse knew it should have been in. It wasn't heavily hidden in a mass of woman's names, dates, and times, but instead it was written all out, as though Roy wanted to get caught for even daring to write it. Alphonse stared at the journal even longer, placing a finger on the transmutation circle notes. Alphonse didn't know what it would do if his brother discovered this, but he was sure Roy wouldn't want Edward to know. Alphonse flipped through the pages though to confirm it wasn't just some doodle labeled as what it obviously was. The whole book was focused on the horrific act and Alphonse could actually feel his armored hands shaking as he read quick scrabbles and the circles would change just a bit each time he saw them again. Alphonse decided to quit, not wanting to end up more curious, because with every little transmutation circle it would have little studies next to it. Ignoring his curiosity, Alphonse placed it up high where he knew Edward wouldn't be able to reach it without cheating and left the room.

Though he was still a little scared inside. The notes were all of human transmutation.


The day has been so long and hard that Roy was very grateful inside to walk into his household and be greeted with the somewhat almost shy smile from the blonde alchemist who was so deeply infatuated with him. Roy then felt a slight frown cross his face for a second, wondering if he should tell Edward the news he had learned almost right after the blonde had left. The man who was suspected for the murders of the pregnant women and young girls was in fact, not the demon who had committed such acts. Surprisingly the suspect had the horrible alibi of robbing a small jewelry store the night one of the murders were taken place. That and another girl had appeared dead as they were questioning the soon to be jailed man. Roy only knew that this meant that Edward had wasted his time dreading the fact that he had gotten away. Telling Edward this information would more then likely have two different reactions...so for the moment, he would leave well alone. Chances were, Edward would find out on his own.

"Hey." Edward started, welcoming the man home in his own little not so subtle way. Roy couldn't help but smile for some reason and moved to sit on his couch (noticing that it seemed to sink in lower then usual) and adjusted his uniform to a comfortable breath. Edward didn't even hesitate to sit next to the dark-haired man and Roy wondered inwardly why Edward acted like this in love. It just seemed so...so oddly tame of the blonde, that it was just hard to believe that this was the same boy who could easily decapitate you. But perhaps that came from the new-founded estrogen that was rushing through Edward's veins?

"So what has hagane no done all day to occupy his time?" Roy asked lightly, a small smile staying on his face from the question he had just asked. Edward found himself blinking and found embarrassment flow. Roy wanted to know how his day went? That...that was flattering, for some really weird reason. Edward turned a little before answering,

"Oh not much. I just went shopping and found some new Xing books upstairs." Roy had never felt his heart and blood freeze so abruptly in his entire life. Upstairs? The boy had went upstairs? Why did Roy feel so worried about this? Inwardly he knew that this time would have to come sooner or later, so that Edward would know more about his demonic and hypocritical self. But had it really come so soon? And why was Roy so terrified by this? Was he really that deeply in love with the blonde? Roy forced his mouth open though, fearing that his throat would freeze along with his blood and heart.

"Really?" Roy felt terrified by what the blonde could possibly reply.

"Yup! Why didn't you tell me that you had textbooks that showed how the Xing language works? That would have been a LOT more helpful in the beginning!" Relief warmed his heart and blood as Edward gave the man a slight frown from his statement. Roy took a deep breath to himself, feeling happy yet saddened more of the thought at the same time. Why was he just delaying the inevitable? It's not like Edward really loved him like he felt for Edward. Edward was just a growing boy after all; he couldn't really dare comprehend the hard uneven beating that came whenever he attempted to even think about Edward. Roy felt the back of his mind sigh, why worry about it now? Just...enjoy what you can until Edward finally realizes the truth. That's all there was to it.

"Oh how silly of me, I must have forgotten."

"How can you forget something so convenient?" Edward seemed to scoff at his official then shook his head at the thought. Roy laughed lightly and patted Edward on the head, who smacked his hand away with a light frown. There had been a light pause between the two, as Roy could feel his eyes wondering around the teenager, feeling his heartbeat cheerfully. The man hated to admit it, even to himself, but he missed this ache. He had missed it so much, and why did it have to be Edward to fill in the void he had for so very long? Roy then supposed he was just really unlucky. The two sat there quite a bit longer, just starring at each other and Roy wasn't too surprised when Edward leaned up at him and gave him a small peck on the lips.

Edward then looked away with a red blush on his cheek to ask softly, "So...so did you...enjoy your lunch?" Roy gave one blank blink and found himself laughing. Edward did not take kindly to this and felt his face grow red at the man who was laughing before trying to escape to the kitchen. However before the blonde could fully make his quest, he heard Roy's loud distinct shout,

"I sure did!" Edward couldn't help but smile and continue into the kitchen, feeling awfully cheerful to the response he had been given. Roy still sat there, watching after the path of the boy and felt a heavy sigh upon his breath. It had to be Edward, didn't it? Roy touched his lips once, and happily enjoyed the warm heat that seemed to stay to sate his inner demon, even for a moment. No regrets, he thought to himself, not with Edward.


Lyra gave a loud groan to herself and stretched for a moment. Havoc blinked and looked up at the woman,

"Is something wrong?" The other turned her head rapidly and sighed loudly this time.

"No, it's just I remembered something that I have to do." Which was going to be troublesome. She was going to have to find some stupid person who was in charge with the replacement of military property, and for all Lyra knew, that person could be very hard to find. Then again, maybe Havoc knew something? After all, Lyra was sure that they usually ended up replacing something whenever Edward came to the office because of the teenager's angry temper. Lyra then opened her mouth to ask the current question on her mind. Havoc gave a smile and Lyra dared to think he had a nice smile,

"Oh yeah, I know where that guy is. He's not far from the colonel's office actually; I'll point it out to you tomorrow." OH THANK THE HEAVENS FOR THIS ANGEL! Lyra couldn't help but cheer inwardly, as she had feared the worse. She might have to go to straight to the fuhrer and ask directions! That would have been the most embarrassing thing she would have ever done in her life, if she had to do that. Lyra then held Havoc's hand for a moment, letting the blonde across her enjoy the touch. Ah, poor man. He had been through so many women, and was almost literately heart broken, it was kind of sad and made Lyra give all of her sympathy for the man. Havoc nearly seemed in high heaven just because of the hand he was holding, then again, it was Lyra's first time to even get really close to touching him in a romantic nature.

"You must be used to going to the replacer everyday, huh?" Havoc seemed to pause and chewed the edge of his mouth for a second (a habit for wanting a smoke, Lyra thought, sighing inwardly) and replied almost slowly,

"Actually...not recently." The dark-haired woman blinked at this statement and couldn't help but tilt her head slightly in question. Havoc chewed at the end of his lip, this time in deep thought and continued, "Ed's actually been pretty mellow. Which's kind of weird, but I've been told that's because of..." Havoc stopped and shook his head. Lyra felt herself trying to assume what could the other had possibly said. Because of Edward's baby, maybe? Oh that's right, it was supposed to be a deep military secret, and only Edward's 'crew' was supposed to know, well that and the higher ups. So Lyra isn't supposed to know. Lyra then smiled to herself, how far could she push Havoc, she wondered.

"Because of what?"

"Nothing." Havoc quickly amended and seemed to be tight-lipped. Well damn, so he was smart in that aspect. Oh well, that was a somewhat admirable trait, but seemed very troublesome. Lyra then gave the blonde a slight smile, pretending for a second she wasn't irritated by the new fact.

"Okay, hey," Lyra winked slyly and cheered loudly in her mind as Havoc gave a happy blush to her, "have you heard anymore news about that murderer?" Havoc seemed to pause at this question and looked away in an uncomfortable manner. Lyra raised an eyebrow but Havoc slowly replied,

"...We found some disturbing news today." Lyra found herself blinking as Havoc drew near her face to whisper, "We have no idea who it could be now. So be really extra careful when you're by yourself, okay?" The way Havoc said this, Lyra found her throat all clogged up. They hadn't even really released what the original suspect looked like, so now they were sure it wasn't him anymore? Lyra nodded at his warning and whispered back,

"Is there any kind of clue who could have possibly done all of this?"

"'Fraid not." Havoc shook his head and looked away, as though he was slightly unsure of his next question, "Would you mind if I walked you to your room tonight?" The woman could sense that he really didn't mean anything by it. He was actually really truly concerned about her safety, and with the murderer of women on the loose...Lyra nodded and Havoc gave a somewhat sad smile. Yeah, it had to be sad to have to deal with that sort of thing, Lyra thought.


"Colonel, can I talk to you about something?"

"Alphonse, I've told you before once, and I'll say it again, not in my house-"

"Colonel." Alphonse interrupted the man's sentence and he stopped his entire speech. While Roy had never been able to read Alphonse face (well, DUH), but at the moment, he could feel the radiating almost anger coming from Alphonse's armor like body. Roy couldn't help but blink, but then his mind crossed to what the probable idea was to what the younger one had to address him about. At least he had put Edward to bed; then again, that's probably why the boy waited to talk to him now.

"...So you found it, huh?" Alphonse remained deadly silent, and Roy suspected this was because he didn't want to say the wrong thing. How can one say the wrong thing over something that...well, Roy didn't know what this situation could be described as, but a lack of words was not going to help it. "...Are you going to tell Edward?" There was a breeze of silence, and Roy could tell that Alphonse was trying to gather up his words.

"No. I know that's something you should tell him yourself...but...I..." Alphonse seemed to look down for a moment, and Roy could feel the curiosity of a child, "Is this one of the reasons you're not ready for my brother yet?" ...What? Roy couldn't help it; he stared at the younger Elric, who almost seemed ashamed of asking the question.


"I...I mean...it would make sense to me I think. You're afraid of what Ed would do if he found out about this. How mad he might get..." Alphonse hesitated even more and Roy suddenly got the feeling that the boy knew more then he even dared spoke about. "Do you think Ed would hate you for being a hypocrite? Ed...Ed would understand more then you think Roy..."

"It's not just that though, is it?" Roy found himself coldly saying, not even well aware of what he was saying. "I can't be in love with a younger male." Alphonse seemed to flinch at this comment and Roy almost felt like falling. Why was he talking to Alphonse like this? He wanted to protect the boy, not take whatever hope the other had for his older brother. While Roy was confident that Edward would someday find a way to restore his younger brother, he wasn't so confident of when. The only thing that kept Alphonse attached to even this world was his older brother, and while Roy had a hard time understanding the bond of siblings, he understood that Alphonse Elric had to have his older brother happy. If Edward stopped being happy, it made life harder to go through, because even in a body that did not go through puberty, the mind still rounds and edges around the horrible taunts of 'Who's fault is it'.

"...You're right. You shouldn't, but...I know you are. So does Riza and Hughes, and that's why I know you are. Colonel...they want you to be happy, and they're going to help you be happy." Riza and Hughes...? Words he had almost completely forgotten popped into his mind as the night Edward and Roy shared a private dinner in a restaurant came to play. Riza and Hughes were trying to help put him in something he knew would fail? But Riza...Riza knew? Damn that woman! Only she would know if he fell in love again, and only she would try..." Roy..." The man looked up to hearing his name and Alphonse seemed even more hesitant. "Niisan may not show it, but I'm sure he would like to know more about the man who's protected us. Who's shown us a way...If you would just talk, then he would understand. We all just want what will make everyone happy." Alphonse didn't know though. Alphonse didn't know that inside laid a cold-hearted murderer who would let himself be the dog of the military to achieve rank, and someday be the fuhrer of Armestris.

Alphonse and Edward didn't know about the monster that laid deep in his soul. The monster that brought only mayhem, destruction, fire, and chaos wherever he went, and the only place he truly belonged was in the hell known as the military, following the leader until he either became one, or died. Roy felt his tongue dance on his lips and answered very softly,

"What will make everyone happy?"

"Yeah!" Alphonse energetically replied, "And I don't know how I know Colonel, but I just know you'll make niisan happier!" He knew? Hah...it was almost laughable! But at the same time, Roy wanted those words to be true. To have those words be true, would make Roy feel like a man again. To be able to make someone happy for just loving them, oh how long ago had that sort of cheery happiness came and gone? If those words were to be true again, Roy wouldn't even know how to deal with himself. It really was like he was a teenager again; he wouldn't know what to do and wouldn't know how to handle the situation. Except this time...there was more support. "Colonel...it's okay! Niisan would accept you, and...so do I..." Acceptance, was there really truly such a thing? "We...we would understand. Ed would probably understand more then I would."


Oh God, that word felt so out of reach and at the same time ready for the taking.

"I'll think about it Al." Roy lifted his head to the ceiling, seeing as it was just pitch dark despite the little light filtering through from the kitchen. "I'll think about it." That seem to appease the armor-toting brother. Although Alphonse gave the colonel a light push back into the room that Edward was sleeping soundly in, almost seeming like he giggled at the thought. Roy wasn't locked or anything, and the door wasn't pushed closed, but he looked over at the so-called sleeping beauty and smiled to himself. Taking a quick look around to make sure no one was watching (as if anybody would be in his own bedroom!) he creped towards the blonde and gave a solid kiss to the blonde's head, taking a bit of guilty pleasure as he gave way to playing with the boy's hair. Would Ed really? Would Edward really accept him, even if he was such an insufferable know-it-all bastard who only brought misery? As he started to leave, Roy blushed as Edward threw his arms around the man's neck.

"Can't take and leave without letting me get something." Edward gave the man a dark blush with an almost delighted pair of eyes. Roy found himself blinking, only slightly surprised by this kind of Edward. It was funny; he had just been acting so content with little touches and sitting near him, so it was funny to see Edward demand something from him. But, it was also good; something that Roy didn't mind giving into as a demand. A smirk spread to his lips and Edward gave him a frustrated glare at the look on the man's face.

"Oh? What do you wish?"

"I..." Edward seemed abashed from the reply. Hah, was Edward expecting him to just say 'No' and run away? The boy was such a pessimist sometimes. Edward then looked down; his arms still wrapped almost tightly around Roy's neck and whispered in a very unlike Ed voice, "I...would like you to sleep with me...just for the night!" Edward quickly tried to amend what he had suggested, his face turning a dark piercing red. If Roy hadn't known better, he would have said that all of Edward's blood had ran up to his face.


"You-you know! Just stay in the same bed as me! I'm not saying anything perverted or like that!" Edward tried, and Roy found himself laughing, almost collapsing on top of the smaller teen. Roy couldn't help it, it just sounded so silly and so weirdly innocent that he wasn't sure how Edward could even summon up the courage to ask him such a silly request. Edward groaned to himself and let go of the man, turning in humiliation. Though not expecting Roy to flop right beside the blonde, giving him a light smile.

"Is this what you wanted hagane no?"

"...Yes..." Edward seemed to squeak and he looked away from Roy's face. Roy found himself laughing again and Edward only gave a loud sigh, cuddling deep in the blankets he had on. It was slightly surprising though, as Roy found himself taking initiative and went as near as he could to the blonde in an even warmer embrace then the blanket. "...Just like at camp." Edward seemed to whisper and closed his eyes with a smile upon his lips. It was times like these, Roy thought, that he should be able to cherish. Even if Edward accepted him or not.


AUGH, NO! MORNING! Edward found himself only slightly groaning out loud as his own stomach woke him up before the alarm. Why would his baby want food when they had all of this warmth surrounding them both? Edward sighed and stared at the sleeping man hugging him loosely. Damn him for being so...so...him! Edward swung away and groaned as his back felt like it was trying to bend the opposite way. Being pregnant sucked, Edward decided, getting up and moving outside the room. Alphonse was awake (of course) and Edward gave a light smile to his little brother. Alphonse seem to nod back, and even looked like he tried to give his older brother a sly wink. Oh...OHHHH! "Don't you dare say anything."

"Oh I won't, I promise." Why did Edward get the horrible feeling as though Alphonse wasn't going to keep his promise? Edward then just gave a loud sigh, turning to the kitchen to devour whatever smelt good or sounded good. This kid ate almost more then he did! It just seemed crazy! Edward glared at his choice for breakfast for a moment then turned overt to Alphonse, nibbling slightly on it.

"Hey, did Gracia want me today, or was it next Saturday?" Edward asked his little brother, not remembering from the top of his head the date Hughes had dropped off to them. Alphonse tilted his armor head for a moment then nodded,

"I think it's today, yeah." Edward nodded and found himself moving towards the shower. Though stopped as he realized he would need a change of clothes before he could start the day. Edward then quickly dipped into Roy's room, trying his best no to disturb the sleeping man in the bed and yanked a change of pants and shirt. However Roy groaned rather sleepily and muttered to the creeping figure,

"What time is it?" Damn it. Edward nearly hit himself but turned, hiding the clothes he picked (feeling rather silly at the same time),

"It's around four or something." Roy gave him an eerie stare and hit his pillow with his face with a loud groan. Edward couldn't help but hold back a snicker as the man gave another almost whiny groan. Then again, if Edward hasn't been semi-awakened (thanks to the food in his stomach) he would probably done the same as Roy.

"Why are you up so early?"

"I don't give the sleeping schedule around here!" Edward complained to the man, almost throwing his shirt down in frustration. Roy chuckled at this and Edward felt only a slight bit of irritation build from Roy's tired laughter. Well, it wasn't like he was mocking him on purpose or something, maybe he had done something that seemed funny. "Well you go back to bed! Oh, and I'm going to be out."

"Out?" Roy questioned, blinking basically only once as Edward folded his arms.

"Yeah, I'm going to Gracia's house. She wants to give me some tips on raising a baby...and...other stuff." Edward felt his cheeks flare up again (damn it! Why was it that he became so embarrassed lately!? He was acting like some...girl!).


"YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW SO DON'T ASK!" Oh man, Edward had almost forgot about the fact that Gracia was giving him a baby shower. It was just really embarrassing! Even though it was really nice of Gracia, Edward paled at the thought to the fact that the other girls were going to be there too. It was just really embarrassing. Edward then ran out the room, leaving a confused Roy Mustang, who just fell back unto the bed, raising an eyebrow at the ceiling.

"Niisan, you didn't wake up Roy did you?"

"I didn't mean too!" Edward yelled back at his brother, groaning for a moment though as his back just started up again. Agh, being pregnant just gave random pains all over his body and it was really irritating.

"Make sure to say you're sorry when you see him again." Alphonse replied lightly, almost looking like he was smiling. Augh...yeah. Alphonse was right, he should apologize when he saw Roy again, oh what would he do without Al? Edward nodded, moving to take his shower like he promised himself. Roy then shuffled out of the room, looking over at Alphonse who flipped a page from a book over.

"Will you be joining your brother today?"

"Probably not. I'm pretty sure that it's a sacred thing for women." Alphonse paused at his sentence, realizing what he just said and nodded to himself, "Well, most women." Roy raised his eyebrow again,

"Sacred thing for women?" Alphonse flipped another page,

"Yeah, didn't Ed tell you? Gracia's giving him his baby shower today." There was an aching moment of silence between the two and Roy looked away, understanding now why Edward has seemed so embarrassed. Yes, Roy had no right of needing to know something as 'sacred' as that. Poor Edward, being dragged into the world of the opposite sex...It must be terrible...Roy gave a light sigh, feeling even more sorry for the little one he fell in love with and moved towards the kitchen, starting up his own personal elixir of life.

"So dare I ask what you'll be doing instead?" Alphonse looked over to the man who was busy glaring at the water steam in its way through the filters. It took a few moments but then Alphonse found himself slowly replying,

"Probably hang out with teacher or Hawkeye." Roy found himself blinking as slowly as Alphonse spoke. This boy was the bravest of them all, Roy swore to himself, taking a glance over to the full body of armor. Well at least Alphonse was doing something during a day, Roy knew he'd be nearly all alone in the office today, filling out the paperwork of hell. "Though if I can't do that, I'll just come back here and read some other interesting books I found of yours." Alphonse seemed to finish, flipping a page to a simple book.

"Huh?" Roy asked, rubbing his eye sleepily, officially turning to the younger one, knowing the coffee would be okay for at least awhile. Alphonse seemed to peer over to where the downstairs bathroom was with the loud sound of a shower running and looked back at the colonel with what actually looked like a real life look. Roy felt a really bad chill running down his neck from staring too closely at the boy. "...You're not talking about..."

"Yes. Those books. You're lucky niisan didn't see them right away, he was too busy looking at the Xing books." Roy felt as though a particularly violent piece of cloud came over his shoulder to strike him with lightening in the center of his spine. Roy felt himself paralyzed for more then a few moments and slowly opened his mouth but Alphonse interrupted him quickly, "I think this is the time to offer me bribes colonel." WHAT THE HELL!? When had Alphonse decided to pull an Edward on him? Hell, Roy wasn't even sure why he was panicking! It was just porn! Though somehow Roy got the dreaded feeling as though Riza discovered the magazines instead of Alphonse. Who cares if Edward found out Roy had (a long time ago, now he sadly didn't have as much time as he did when he was younger) read and enjoyed porn!? Why did Roy get the feeling as though it would be far worse then his imagination could have ever prepared him for though? Riza had once discovered some of his magazines once...and she was also pregnant at the time. Roy felt the back of his mind sob at the sheer memory of the horrifying incident.

"What do you want?" He asked, straight business tone and slight anger at being blackmailed by a fourteen-year-old soul. Alphonse looked back as Edward opened the shower door and walked in a quickened pace to the bedroom muttering many times in an angry manner on how the clothes he picked stinked. Alphonse didn't even bother trying to say anything until he was sure that Edward wouldn't be exiting for awhile as putting on maternal clothes were always pretty hard to place on his body. Alphonse then simply laughed to himself, making sure he would help Edward as soon as he was done and finally replied to the tense older man,

"I just want you to get Ed a gift." ...Wha? Roy felt himself staring long and hard at the boy, completely confused on what the other could possibly gain from...the very strange request.

"A gift?"

"Yup, just something that'd make him happy." Something that'd make Edward happy? Roy was on his way to asking questions when Alphonse turned and stamped into his bedroom, and Roy only heard Edward shouting at Alphonse to hurry up and close the door! A gift? Why in the world would Alphonse just ask him to do that? Roy then supposed it was because Alphonse was trying to push Roy into being happy with Edward...Roy groaned to himself, well he better not get anything romantic! Then again, romance was probably not one of Edward's things anyway. Roy groaned again, if he even gave Edward a gift, the boy might turn happy! Well...it's not like Roy really had to get Edward this gift that Alphonse tried to blackmail him into...but then a dark image of a really angry Edward Elric with a lewd magazine in his hands overcame Roy's mind in a terrifying manner. No, he had to get a gift for the blonde...and burn those magazines...or vise versa. Roy found himself sleepily running upstairs and bursting into his 'library' and searching for the magazines that could kill him.

However he couldn't...Roy paled. Alphonse must have carried them off with him! That or hid them, but either way, Roy wasn't going to get out of giving Edward a gift of some kind! Then another panic filled his body, what would he get him!? What did Edward really like? Roy knew the boy loved anything on alchemy, but that's because of his obsession! What did the normal Edward Elric like!? Roy felt his hands fly to his head to grip his skull tightly in worry, he hadn't panicked like this since he was a teenager! Damn Alphonse Elric! Damn the boy!

"? What was that?" Edward looked up to the ceiling, blinking once as he heard a loud strangled cry. Alphonse hummed and just helped Edward's maternal shirt flatten down against his body, inwardly laughing knowing that it was the adult flame alchemist who cried upstairs. Sometimes it felt so good to be a cohorter. Edward gave his younger brother an odd look, as though knowing the other was laughing very hard inside his soul. Edward then found himself shrugging, not even sure if he really wanted to know the answer to the question he had in his mind. Edward then couldn't help but give a glare to his stomach, finding it slightly depressing that it wasn't finished growing just yet. About four or three more months...Auuugh, it was taking entirely too long! "I'm tired now! Al, can you wake me up later?"

"Of course." Edward gave a pleased sigh and struggled over to the bed, immediately falling asleep because of the night he had to run to the bathroom many a time. Edward would have to convince Roy to rebuild the bathroom to be closer to the only bedroom downstairs. Alphonse gave a loud sigh, covering his brother with a blanket ('Honestly Ed!') and walked out of the room to be greeted with the colonel's glare.

"Where are they?"

"Somewhere safe, Roy." Roy felt a slight tick at the edge of his mouth and groaned to himself. "You should probably get him something soon. Unless of course you don't mind Ed somehow stumbling upon them." Terror somehow sweeped in his heart and throat. OH NOOOO. Alphonse would one day make a wonderful blackmail artist, but for the moment, Roy would settle hating the boy's nature instead of admiring it. Roy felt his pride falling, as the horrible taunting question of what he should get the stubborn pregnant blonde. Edward wasn't exactly the enigma of the year, but he wasn't exactly the most predictable to what the blonde would enjoy the most. Edward's moods were as complex as a woman right now, and if Roy got the wrong thing, even by accident, who knows how the blonde could react? Roy gave another glare to the happy brother and muttered softly,

"What should I get him?"

"Eh? What's that? I didn't hear you." Alphonse cupped one of his gauntlets over his fake ear, leaning over to Roy, taunting him. Roy felt another angry tick to the side of his mouth and forced out,

"What should I get Ed?" Alphonse cackled almost evilly in his mind. This was so much fun! No wonder why Riza seemed to tease the colonel all of the time with her monotone voice! Roy was so easy and fun to tease and taunt! Alphonse seemed to try and give the raven-head a thoughtful look (failing of course) and seemed to hum in deep thought. Roy found himself biting his tongue still in impatience and the other boy seemed to laugh,

"Why don't you ask him when he wakes up?" The man seemed to twitch, when had Alphonse been this mischievous? Or was this really how Alphonse always has been, he just had seemed less evil compared to his older brother? The thought made Roy tremble slightly and he forced himself not to growl at the 'teenager'.

"I can't do that."

"Why not?" Alphonse asked curiously and if Roy hadn't known any better, it may had been an innocent question.

"Then he would know!" Roy gave a light negative comment, shutting his mouth tight right after he said it. He felt like a child again, and that was not a smart thing in the back of his mind. Alphonse seemed to grin and shook one finger around, giving a little laugh in reply to Roy's loud yell. Roy in response, found himself childishly waving his arms around (very much like a certain blonde alchemist who was sleeping at the moment) and hissed, "It's too early to get a gift for him anyway!" Alphonse just seemed to give another smile and simply bypassed the man, whistling through his helmet, gaining a very irritated colonel glaring at him from behind. He had to find those magazines! If Alphonse wasn't going to give him a hint what Edward would like, then there was no way in hell he was going to end up embarrassing himself to the blonde! Roy gave a groan inwardly, brushing his hair back for a moment in frustration and grunted to himself that he felt slightly out of character, and moved to get on with his day.


Riza found herself blinking, not that she didn't blink, after all, she was a normal human being. Though it was odd to find herself blinking as much as she did at the moment. Though it made sense in the back of her mind why she was blinking so much. There was Roy, looking like hell, on the couch, twiddling with his fingers. A horrible nervous study habit he had not done since he left under Master Kai's tutelage. Then there was the fact he was at the office early. There was something up in the Mustang household, Riza thought to herself, giving a slight sigh to prepare Roy for her appearance.

"Good morning colonel."

"Hawkeye!" Roy seemed to have appeared to force himself not to jump up and stared at the woman in front of him for a moment. Riza had no idea what for, but got the feeling that she should be irritated. Roy, however, stopped his speculating and went back to his old stupid nervous study habit. Riza stared at the hands (free from their gloves, oddly) and watched as Roy rubbed all of the calluses together and played with each finger.

"Is there something wrong?" She couldn't help but ask, giving a sigh in the back of her mind. Memories were slightly drifting up from just the action, and she rather not be reminded for the moment.

"...Not particularly." Roy lied, and Riza could tell. Another sigh in her mind and she adjusted her coat, before sitting next to the colonel.

"Is that so?" She gave him the dull look that made Roy flinch in terror and he stopped his old habit and looked away. Riza then gave Roy a sharp tap on the back of the raven-haired man's head and continued to give him the dull look of interrogation. Roy eventually gave in and seemed to sigh like he was the most miserable human on the planet at the moment.

"Did you know Alphonse could be one of the most evil blackmailers I have met in all of my life?" She blinked, huh?

"No, I had no idea." Roy bit his lip to keep himself from saying 'Of course not, because you're the first one on the list besides him' and adjusted his uniform, seeing as it wasn't on right. Ah, he'd prepare better later...

"Well now that you do, please do your best to be on guard around him." Riza found herself giggling (something she hadn't done in a really long time, hm, seems as though there were a lot of things happening that hadn't been done in a long time) at Roy's sentence and patted her legs once to help support her ridiculous laughter.

"Will that be all colonel?" Riza stood up, almost laughing again. Roy seemed to hesitate for a moment and as Riza took that as a signal to leave, she turned to leave. Though before she could completely exit out of the door, Roy grabbed her hand. Riza's heart beat once and she felt a little guilty inwardly for one moment, but then turned around (Roy still holding her hand) and stared into the dark eyes of the colonel.

"Can you do me a huge favor?"

"I will not go lingerie shopping for you again, colonel." Roy seemed to be a little frustrated by that thought (as a blush dare cross the edges of his cheeks), but he shook his head quickly.

"No, no, no. Not like that all...unless that's what he'd want. But I'm almost positive he'd have my head if I got him something like that." Riza blinked again, what the hell was the colonel talking about? What a silly almost one-sided conversation. Riza gave a sigh, waiting for either the colonel to finish his request or let go of her hand. "I...I want you to shop..."

"I will not get your grocery list for the week either." Roy shook his head once again, looking even more frustrated and looked around before whispering in a heated tone to the blonde,

"I...I want you to shop for a gift for Ed." Once again, she blinked. The colonel was saying an awful lot of things that seemed to get her blinking this early morning.

"...I'm sorry?"

"I...I need to get Ed a gift...but I don't know what to get him." Roy whispered again, cupping both his hands over Riza's in a pleading motion. "C-Could you?"

"I'm afraid not." Damn it! Roy cursed in his head but then Riza paused and looked at her cupped hand and looked back up to continue, "But I suppose I can try to find something that would match your feelings." There seemed to be a little tense moment, but Roy smiled.

"Thank you Hawkeye." Smiling. Roy was smiling. It made her feel a triumph happy joy burst into her heart, yelling loud and clear to the heavens to whoever cared to listen. Ah...Roy was smiling again. The last time he smiled was something that had also disappeared for such a long time. So he was getting over it, it may have taken him forever and a day, but he was slowly getting over it.

"Good day colonel." Riza whipped her hand from his grasp, giving a sly smile back to the man who would only do paperwork all day, but at least he continued to give a smile back. That was important, and that was all Riza found herself caring about.

"Thank you, Riza." She left, and she couldn't help but continue smiling. Thank the heaven and earth for Edward Elric, a force that could make even the most down people at least smile once more in their lifetime.


...Well this was weird. At least, that's what Edward thought. After all, what else could it be described as? Edward woke up at seven on his own and after eating a nice and healthy breakfast, he headed out to the so-called baby shower. When Edward had reached the place of invite, only Riza was there besides his hostess. However there seemed to be a banner hanging in the living room and little cheap streamers.

"I thought this thing only came after the baby was born." Edward muttered to himself, of which Riza seemed to give a soft grin.

"Only sometimes." Edward simply gave a slight sound and sat down carefully on the couch and Riza sat by him, giving a slight smile. "May I?" Edward blinked and looked down at his ever baby-spanning stomach and nodded, finding a light blush in embarrassment. All the women wanted to feel his stomach, so it was kind of weird. Riza placed a hand on the smooth surface and seemed to smile even more gently. "Seems to be going well for you."

"...Uhh...yeah." If Riza said it was going good, then good it was going. Edward then peered around the household and only jumped a little as Elysia came in with a bright happy cheer.


"Hey." Edward grabbed the girl and placed her right besides him, giving a slight smile as Elysia hugged around his tummy.

"I haven't seen you in so long...and you're so big!"

"That's what happens when a baby grows." Riza commented lightly, and Edward felt a little discomfort as Riza gave one slight rub to Edward's stomach before pulling her hand away. Elysia placed her head against Edward's stomach, listening to the gurgling beats of a baby who had let to truly breathe.

"Ah. Hey Ed." Edward found himself looking up to look at the new woman to enter the room. Scieszka, blinked, rubbing her eye for a moment and placing her own little private present on the coffee table.

"Uhm...hey, Scieszka." Edward waved a little, smiling a little though he hadn't seen her since his realization with the fact he fell in love with Roy. Scieszka gave a somewhat mousy smile and flattened her shirt and moved to sit across the boy with a chair that sat there.

"Hey, you've gotten bigger." Scieszka paused in her sentence and raised her hand up, lying to the pregnant boy, "I mean, you look a littler taller." Edward seemed to beam at this,


"Yeah! Definitely!" Riza forced herself not to chuckle at Edward's raise of hands in cheer. Ah, better to amuse and entertain the idea, though...it could be true. Riza took a glance to determine if the young teen had grown or not, and though it was very subtle, it did seem he had grown a least an inch or two.

"Hehehehe, I knew I was getting taller!" Edward gave his biggest brightest grin of the day. Edward forced himself up and waddled to the bathroom, probably to test the fact that he grew up a few inches or so...or going to the bathroom. The bathroom seemed most likely, now that Riza thought about it.

"You humor him."

"Wha? Oh No! NO! I think Ed's grown up a lot!" Scieszka waved her hands around, giving an odd laugh and looked around nervously. Riza rose a sly eyebrow and Gracia came in, laughing slightly at Scieszka's shy behavior.

"Young Edward has grown up quite a bit." Gracia agreed, smiling to herself. "At least, that's what it seems like to me." Gracia couldn't help but put in as an after thought. "Actually he seems happier then I've seen him in awhile."

"Probably because he likes someone." Scieszka realized what she said too late and smacked her hand over to her lips, yelping slightly as her comment. There had been a quiet pause between the ladies of the room and Elysia looked up at her mother with a questionable look.

"Mommy, who does Edo like?" Gracia shrugged lightly to her daughter's question. However now that she thought about it, it made a little more sense.

"Hm...that sounds nice. It's nice that Edward can find someone he can like at his age." Riza tried very hard not to laugh, just the thought of what Gracia was imagining was just to funny to hold back. Ross came in, a few minutes later as the women started to talk about light things, and that ended all of the official guests (though other ladies showed up that were neighbors of Gracia and Edward hated the fact because he had to act like a girl again). The shower consisted of many women telling Edward how happy they were for him, and the horror stories that found Edward fearing for when he would give birth/

"I'll tell you, I have never felt a worse pain in my life." A particularly older woman groaned to Edward, shaking her fingers around and shaking her head. "The doctor's had to knock me out with all the noise I was making." Edward just felt himself continuing to go pale, as apparently all the ladies around Gracia's house had children.

"I...It's not that bad, is it?" Edward whimpered over to Riza, because the woman was the only one who was shuddering over the horrific tales of childbirth.

"Not necessarily, but it is hard, there's no doubt about that." Riza replied, unknowingly referring to her own experience. Though she could barely remember it now anymore, but it was very painful.

"The contractions would be the worse."

"Unless there's a complication at the birth, then that'd be the worse."

"Oh yeah, you had to get cut open, didn't you Amy?" The ladies kept talking and Edward just found himself trying to find a safe haven where he wouldn't HAVE to hear these tales. Susie had never said anything like this! In fact she said that when she gave birth, it wasn't as hard as she thought it would be! So why were there so many other women in the world who had more to talk about?

"You're all scaring Ellen." OH THANK GOD FOR GRACIA! That's right! Edward had been there for Gracia's birth, and she didn't seem off that bad compared to all the older women around her. "Though I believe that the process itself was the most painful part." There was a floodment of agreement and honestly, Edward found himself happy that he'd get his stomach cut now. Edward then looked for a temporarily escape and rushed to the kitchen, where Gracia turned to, preparing a nice little lunch meal for everyone.

"Is it really all that bad?"

"Oh don't worry Ed, the birthing process differs for many women. It's just mostly painful for most women." Gracia gave a sigh, "I hope it doesn't get too painful for you."

"...Well it can't be that bad!" Edward tried to reassure himself, "I mean, I've fought my teacher!" Gracia seemed to give a dark look and that did nothing to quell Edward's fear of childbirth (hell, he was already afraid of it in the first place! Women were all too amazing!).

"Edward...there is nothing that can compare to the pain of childbirth." Gracia simply said, no longer mentioning anymore of the hellish rite. What kind of shower was this? Edward groaned to himself, were all women so evil to each other that they didn't mind scaring the shit out of each other?

"I...I see." Gracia then turned around and gave an odd cheerful smile,

"But don't worry! I'm sure it won't be like that for you!" Edward wasn't so sure. With his luck, he would get these contractions...and maybe other pains. Oh damn his alchemy. Edward then exited the kitchen (helping Gracia put out plates of little appetizers out on the coffee table) and Edward then first noticed the gifts showering the coffee table.

"What's all of this?" He pointed at the gifts and Ross gave him a light answer that they were gifts from everyone. Though mostly for the baby or preparing for the child, though they would let him open it later. Edward soon found out that women loved to talk, it was something he already knew, but he had never heard so many voices in one area without rising to get louder and louder. This whole thing seemed like a mess, Edward then gave another sigh but blinking as Elysia pulled his hair back to start playing with it. Well at least there was someone else here who seemed disinterested in the conversations between all of the woman. Hell, even Hawkeye was talking, it must be infectious, Edward decided.

"Edo, what do you think the baby will be?" Elysia asked, sitting besides the pregnant boy, watching the chattering women dully, and still playing with Edward's hair.

"Probably be a boy." At least, that's what he thought...and privately hoped. Edward wouldn't know how to deal with a girl. Elysia giggled,

"Then maybe we would get married!" Edward found himself blushing at the idea. His child and Elysia getting married!? WAAAAAHHH!

"W...Where did you get a silly idea like that?" Elysia gave a big pouty face,

"You don't want me to marry your son, Edo?" Edward found himself blushing again at the thought. Marriage...MARRAIGE! Why is a four to five-year-old considering marriage!? And to his (maybe) son!?

"It's not that Elysia...I just want to know why you would want to marry my baby...if he is a boy."

"I'd marry the baby even if it was a girl! That way, I'd be related to Edo!" Elysia cutely spilled and Edward couldn't help but think that it was really cute. Though, the after image from the sentence made Edward blush even more. Elysia had no idea what she was saying! Then again, it was probably the thought that counted. Edward gave a little sigh of relief, hoping that was the true thought behind the girl's mind and replied,

"Ah, but you're already related to me. You're my...little sister." Edward paused at his sentence and smiled to himself. Elysia was like a little sister, so it kinda felt cute to tell her that. Elysia seemed happy about this and encircled her little arms around Edward's neck,

"YAAAY! I'm related to Edo!" There was a snapshot and Edward turned all around, expecting to see the evil info-gathering husband only to see Gracia wiggling a developing Polaroid, laughing slightly.

"Sorry, Maes has seemed to rub off on me." Edward wasn't the only one who paled at that thought. There was a knock at the door and this time it was Winry to enter, followed by his teacher.

"Hey!" Edward gaped a little, not at all expecting the two (feeling a little guilty for forgetting they were here in the first place because of him).

"Hey E-" Riza gave Winry a 'No' look and Winry finished her sentence with, "El..." Edward almost snorted, but this was Winry, so it wasn't like he expected much else. Winry walked over to the boy with a bright smile on her face and Izumi followed, not exactly in the best of moods to interact with other women. "We miss anything?"

"Just the horror stories...Winry, I beg you. Please don't even try to have a baby." Edward whispered to her, grasping her hands in terror. Winry rose an eyebrow and looked over to Riza, who just shrugged, almost looking like she was laughing at a private joke. Winry rolled her eyes then but then leant in and leered over to the blonde,

"So how's Operation 'Get Roy's feelings' going?" Edward glared at the blonde, who seemed to snicker. Winry was just as bad as Al!

"It's going fine!" Edward closed his eyes, hating as his imagination finally seemed to become active. Ah teenagers, all they lived was either to embarrass each other or go through the motions of growing up together. It amused the women who knew Edward closely as he turned away and nearly seemed to growl.

"Shall we start opening the gifts, now?" Gracia inputted, seeing Edward's discomfort on his face as Winry joined in with Elysia to play with his hair. The gifts were unraveled, a lot of them being little clothes and pajamas, though thoughtfully one of the ladies bought a crib in the making and there were a few 'How to' books. The evening went on carefully, laughter and more tales carried into the air, at least until Riza requested to see Edward outside. After persuading Winry that he didn't need a fix to his automail anytime soon, Edward walked out to the front.

"Is there something wrong?" Riza shook her head and looked up to the dark sky for a quick moment then turned back to the waiting blonde.

"No, I just have to give you something away from wary eyes." Edward blinked and Riza placed a medium sized box within his hands. Edward stared at it, then at Riza, then back at the box, and slowly opened it. Within the box was a book, but it was decorated on the edges and had a strap to keep it shut, while the top of the book read 'Memories'.

"What's this?"

"A scrap book. It's from Roy." Edward blinked, and looked up at Riza again to make sure if what she said really was true. Edward then looked back down and stared at it, his face flushed up though (feeling stupid yet again, for blushing so damn much).

"What...a stupid gift." He whispered, shaking lightly though, feeling really happy for some weird reason.

"That's what he thought you would say." Riza said kindly, she really couldn't help but smile. "But, do you know what this represents Edward?" Yeah...At least, he thought he did. "It means, he's willing to make memories with you, and he's willing to have them stay forever." Yeah...it really was...a stupid gift.

"That idiot." Edward continued smiling and shaking lightly though. A gift...Roy had given him something! It may not seem much, but just the thought made Edward a little uncharacteristically giddy on the inside. As the two finished their conversation and entered back inside the household, the shower started winding down and the neighborhood women started to leave, thanking Gracia for being such a kind host and to their homes. They all started to leave and Edward told Gracia he would be back with Al to pick up everything in the morning and they all left the house. Riza and Winry ended up escorting Edward mostly on the way home, none of them feeling particularly safe to leave Edward by himself. They all talked lightly (though mostly Winry and Edward about Edward and Roy's choice of what the baby's name would be). As the night filtered all too slowly in the sky and the street lamps unsuspiciously covered the streets, there came a light cry as Riza Hawkeye, for the first time in her entire life, was completely caught off guard and knocked out. When the other two teens heard this, and turned around to face their assailants, it was too late as they were knocked out as well.

Before he knew it, Edward was being dragged away, followed by a very irritated homunculus. It only took ten minutes for Riza to recover from being hit hard in the head (getting up was a headache all in itself) and to discover that Edward was gone. Terror covered her face for the first time in a long time, as she moved quickly to shake the unconscious Winry awake and see if there was anyway to track down the stolen alchemist. Panic flooded her system, and it wasn't even calmed down the slightest bit when Winry groaned herself awake. She held her head tightly and Riza continued to try and look for track marks, as dragging a heavy boy could not have been easy.

"Hawkeye." ROY! Riza turned around, to see a sleepy looking colonel, but at seeing the look upon her face, he woke up immediately. "What's wrong?"

"Ed...Ed's been kidnapped!" Winry yelled, tears pouring as she finally realized that Edward not by her side. There was a long piercing silence among the trio and no one could beat the look on Roy's face.


When Edward had came to, he noticed two things. One, he was locked in a small looking room and two...there something odd in the room itself. Edward wasn't exactly sure what it was, but he felt his mouth open and laughter started spilling from his mouth. What the hell!?

"Hehehe...isn't this gas just wonderful?" Edward found himself looking up to see a dull looking woman with a mask over her mouth. Edward didn't need the mask to be off to see that the weird woman was smiling.

"What the hell," he laughed some more, it was hard to hold it in, weirdly, "are you doing?" The woman just stared down at Edward, and somehow, the teenager didn't have the way or reason to force himself to stand up.

"Nothing." She seemed to respond slowly, looking down at Edward's stomach and the other felt himself flinch at the gaze. "Six to seven months in aren't you? It must be nice." She seemed to whisper and take slow steps toward the pregnant boy.

"Get the fuck away from me, or I'll slaughter you." Edward laughed out, finally feeling the wall behind him and forcing himself up. The woman seemed undisturbed from Edward's threat, probably because the boy was laughing too hard to take it too seriously. Granted, the other woman did give a little chuckle at this.

"It must be really nice..." Edward then noticed that the woman had tools in her hand, one was a large knife and the other seemed to be some kind of liquid in a brown bottle. What the hell!? Edward felt a light bit of horror crossing in his brain, but it passed as he started to feel lighter and he was still laughing. Why was he still laughing? What the hell was in this room? "I wonder if this one will live." The woman dully said abruptly, taking an abrupt step to lift Edward's shirt up. Edward's reaction was quick and by reflex, even though it was done sluggishly, he gave a huge punch to the woman's jaw. Of course the woman stumbled back, a punch with automail would do that to anyone and she seemed to blink, snapping her jaw back in place. "That hurt."

"You got a lot more coming to you if you dare take another step towards me!" Edward threatened, trying to growl, but his mouth wouldn't let him do otherwise. Jeez, he was starting to feel really light-headed, why was he getting so dizzy all of the sudden? The dull-eyed woman seemed to blink, trying to register what Edward just said and shook her head lightly.

"I'm sure you're starting to get a little weaker." So she stepped forward again, this time getting the weird liquid on Edward's stomach and Edward almost hissed as it was an overwhelmingly sort of cold. However he gave another punch to the woman, this time to her stomach and that pushed her back off for quite a bit. Though when she seemed to recover from having the breath knocked out of her, Edward knew his legs had given up on him, and he was still laughing. The woman then seemed to grin again and walked up, the butcher knife she had been carrying shining brightly from the lights above the two. Edward felt this terror once before, and that was with a butcher by the name of Barry the Chopper...and now...now he was really going to die, wasn't he? What's worse was...so was his baby.

His baby.

Roy's baby.

All Edward could do with his mouth open and laughing was brace himself, as tears fell from his eyes at the thought of the baby disappearing. All he could do, was cover himself and wait for the blow of death.

End Chapter

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Bonus Skit!

"Has anyone ever told you, you're not very helpful?" Ed glares at Envy who just shrugs and grins evilly,

"Has anyone ever told you, that the song 'Cherry Lips' suits you all too well?" Edward glares again,


"Oh yeah, Mustang WOULD know if you had cherry lips."

"And made of cherries they are." Roy interrupts. Edward throws a punch with his metal arm and walks off, frustrated with his not boyfriend. "...You did that on purpose, didn't you?"

"Oh hell ya."

Bonus Skit 2!

(Referring to the scene where Riza gives Roy's gift to Ed)

"Also..." Riza paused, seeming seriously for a moment and Edward turned. "He wanted me to give you this." She pulled out a thong.


"I'M GOING TO KILL THAT BASTARD!" Edward fumed and grabbed the thong, turning around and screaming about stupid perverted colonels. Though Riza noticed...Edward didn't throw away the thong.

Bonus Skit 3!

"Why do you think Ed's been getting taller?" Alphonse asks Roy, noticing the little height change in his brother's stature.

"Probably from all the female hormones in him, women mature faster then men."

"So you would say that Ed's more woman then man."

"Yes." Roy then gets knocked out by a flying wrench that Edward borrowed from Winry.