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Two Sides of Law

Chapter One

Seeming Fall


Robin grunted at the force of his opponent's kick to his stomach. He staggered backwards and leaned against a wall as he struggled desperately to catch his breath. The Boy Wonder barely dodged a black-armored punch. He clutched his chest, desperate for the air he breathed to be less painful. He'd suffered several broken ribs from his enemy.

"How pathetic, Robin." the villain scoffed. "The experience with your dear Raven's daddy has made you rather weak. He landed a drop kick to Robin's shoulder which sent the teen to the ground. Robin held himself up with shaking arms.

"I am not weak, Slade." Robin snapped. Anger dripped threateningly from his hoarse voice.

"So that's why you were so visibly upset about Raven's disappearance?"

"We're friends. That's what friends do. They worry for each other." I could tell Robin was saying this more for himself than for Slade's sake.

"I daresay, Robin, you seemed quite happy with that embrace in the aftermath."

"Why wouldn't I be? She was safe. You don't have friends. You wouldn't understand." At Robin's remark, Slade launched another kick, landing it on the boy's back. Robin yelled in pain. It was rare for him to do so, even if it did hurt him. He never showed weakness. This led me to the horrifying fact that my leader was taking a serious beating.

I used a rail along the wall to heave myself up. I couldn't just sit there and do nothing. My leader needed me. I suppressed a groan. My knees almost gave out, but I only gripped the rail harder. I raised my hand and muttered my mantra.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos." Slade was surrounded in black energy and thrown through a brick wall on the other side of his hide-out. I paid him no mind. It would be a miracle (for him, anyway) to be conscious, much less alive after such a blow. I made my way over to Robin who hadn't seemed at all surprised by my actions. He looked up at me behind masked eyes, smiling slightly. I crouched beside him and healed what I could. Cuts were no longer visible and breaks were bruises.

"Thanks. Go help the others. I'll tie up Slade." He looked slightly surprised at what he'd just said. We'd never caught and jailed Slade before. I nodded in response and went to find the others.

Starfire and Beast Boy were in a tangled heap near the wall, off of which they'd bounced. Cyborg was in need of some assembly of his scattered limbs. After healing and putting them together, I led them over to Robin, who was digging through the rubble to find the villain.

"Friends, I do not understand." Starfire spoke in her usual soft voice. "The last thing I remember was dodging the bots of Slade." Her hands clasped themselves together. "Where is Slade?"

"You passed out, Starfire." I told her. "So did the others-that is, you, Cyborg and Beast Boy. Slade thought I was knocked out as well, but I wasn't. He was fighting Robin, but I threw him through the wall. He should be in here somewhere." I pointed to the wall's remains. Star let out a gasp.

"Dude." BB breathed.

"Yeah, Raven. Way to go!" Cyborg praised. The three of them looked at Robin, who had still said nothing. He was still trying to uncover Slade.

"Yo, Rob. Did you hear anything we just said? Aren't you going to compliment her?" the bionic man inquired. Robin looked up at us.

"He's probably dead." Robin said, as if it were a bad thing.

"That's good, isn't it?" BB replied. "I mean, he would have got the death sentence because of Terra…"

"No need to worry, Robin." a voice from behind us said. We all turned in shock to see Slade brushing dust from his armor. "I'll be here for a long time."


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