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Nixi's Question – Why are There No Boy Faeries?

A long time ago is a time that most Neopets' don't remember. In fact, most of the young Faeries in the world don't remember past a certain point, when their stopped being any new Faeries at all, because truthfully, there was a time their stopped being any new ones. But this went unnoticed by the younger generation. But the elder Faeries, they remembered very well why their were no new Faeries and it was a hush subject.

So, it begs to ask, where do Faeries come from in the first place? A lot of stories circulated among the Neopets' about how Faeries came to be, including the favorite tale that there was a Dark Faerie for every Light Faerie to even things out. Their were even some radical ideas that Sloth had created Faeries, but this tended to be the poor Neopets who believed that he really was the Happiness Faerie.

Out of all the young in Neopet's, none questioned this. But one young one, who had no parents went and asked where she came from if she didn't have a parent. Rose Mary, who took care of all of Neopia's orphaned Neopet's told her that she had parents, they just weren't around anymore. Everyone has a mother and father.

Now, it is common knowledge among Neopets' that even Faeries have mothers. Which got the young Ixi to thinking, if everyone had a mother and father, then Faeries must have a father and mother too. Since father's had to be male, their had to be male Faeries.


The orphans' who were old enough to go to school were getting dressed in their uniforms. Because they were orphans, all of their uniforms were not new, but handed down from either older orphans or young Neopets who had mothers and fathers, or some form of family. Either way, those that had originally owned them no longer needed them or wanted them.

A young female Ixi stood in front of a mirror adjusting her school uniform so that it would be as neat as possible for school that day. Her fur was a very pretty pink. Normally, that would have given her some major popularity with the other Neopet girls as at this age as Pink seemed to be everyone's favorite color, including the popular clique group, who had all gotten painted Pink so they could all look alike.

But she was also an Ixi with no horns, a fluke in nature as she heard some say, but never Rosemary. But then, Rosemary had always been way too nice to say such things. Everyone at school had teased her about this and she felt like she didn't belong with any body.

A baby Gelert sat on a stool near by, watching the tails of other Neopets as they passed by him. They would glare at him when he made to leap at their tales, and he would then sit back down.

"Benny, nobody wants us, do they?" She turned to the little Gelert and acknowledged him. "I mean, what with your biting problem and the fact that I have no horns, we un-adoptable."

"Don't say that! You're a good little Ixi, Nixi, much better then myself who's run away from home so many times." The little Pink Ixi turned to see a Blue female Ixi standing behind her. The Ixi patted her on the head. "We best head to school before we're too late. Nixi could only sigh and follow after the other Ixi.


At school, Nixi went straight to class. There was no reason to stay outside on the playground if there was going to be other Neopets jeering at the fact she looked different. Even if she had one person to stand up for her, it really wasn't fair to that one person. So she decided to stay in the classroom away from everybody.

Nixi took out her school supplies. Her pencils were worn and her eraser was used. She'd have to wait until the beginning of next school year to get new school supplies from those donated to help those students less fortunate and unable to buy supplies. She clicked her hooves against the desk and let out another sigh.

The bell rang just then and the other students began to file in for class. Nixi clicked her hooves in a rhythmic pattern, quietly so only she could hear herself. She saw the teacher greet every student and then go to the front of the classroom. Nixi then felt a wad of paper hit her in the back of the neck.

"It's the funny eared Poogle with hooves that claims to be an Ixi." One of the students jeered so that the teacher couldn't hear.

"That's because she doesn't have a mommy or a daddy. She was a creation of Sloth." Another jeered. This time it was louder and the teacher had heard it.

"Excuse me, but none of you are creations of Sloth. All of you have father and mothers." A few jeered at this idea. But Nixi then felt that she could ask the question that had been bothering her for a long time. She rose her hoof into the air.

"Yes Nixi."

"Do Faeries have mothers?" This brought giggles from the other students.

"Duh!" Some of the other students jeered.

"Then shouldn't they have fathers then?" Nixi suddenly found the whole class laughing at her.

"Nixi, there is no such thing as a boy Faerie sweetie." And with that the teacher closed the subject. But it wasn't closed for Nixi. She pulled her Eyrie pass out of her pocket and decided to go and ask the Faerie Queen what she knew about the matter. For some reason she felt it was important.


The depository was where all the books went to be redistributed back to the book stores in all of Neopia once they were read and disappeared. A teenager was restocking items onto the shelves. He couldn't remember why he was in here. It had been so long. He constantly glanced out the window down to the Neopet owner's down below. Every single one of them had a Neopet. He didn't have one, as the restocking of the books took up all his time and she didn't allow them past the door. She, as in the Library Faerie. She was nice and all, but he longed to go outside to play with the other children and adults, but again, that required time. Time he never had. He was startled from the window to hear the Library Faerie clear her throat to get his attention. For some reason she felt she purposely kept him busy.

"Boy, you have a visitor," He muttered under his breath. All who met him called him that. Just boy. He went to the half door and peered over. There sat the oddest little Ixi had ever seen. The pink little thing had no horns. She then stood up on her hind legs and placed her front legs on the door, just like all of the Neopets did when they were that age and asking for books that were too old, too new or too scarce. As rare and few times as those had been, she wasn't nervous like the other little ones, nor gruff like some of the older ones.

"My name is Nixi the Ixi," The little one was annoyingly chipper and happy.

"I can tell you're an Ixi," This didn't daunt her in the slightest. Perhaps she didn't understand the tone he used in his voice.

"I am looking for a book that will tell me why there are no boy Faeries in Neopia," This request for a book was a surprise to him.

"Boy Faeries? Where'd that kind of question come form?"

"I noticed there aren't any child Faeries either, at least none that I have seen. Everyone at neoschool made fun of me for asking the teacher this. I thought asking if Ixi's really could have no horns was a worse question when one was sitting right in front of them.," The Library Faerie was trying to not laugh at the young Ixi.

"But, we don't carry such a book. There is no such book. I should know as I've read all of these books many times. Have you asked the Faerie Queen,"

"She was the first Faerie I thought to ask. She sent me here to talk to you and ask if you had a book about it. The library Faerie just looked at me funny when I told her my Question, like she was going to laugh, or maybe even cry." He just stared at her. So perhaps this Ixi was more tuned into other's emotions of what they thought of her then he had thought. But the Library Faerie wasn't one to laugh at other people's problems.

"In other words, she's sent you on a Quest," Why did question and quest always involve requests?

"What's that supposed to mean?" Her confused face was comical, but he refused to laugh.

" lways, even if she has the answer, she has you look for the answer first."

"But why did she send me here if she knew the answer would not be here. That doesn't seem as if she has the answer to my question"

"Because she sends everyone here to start quests of knowledge. Unless you're older. Then it's too the Brain Tree for them. And he's all riddles also. These quests drive everyone, including myself nuts. Let's just say, not many people ask her question's anymore and just look for themselves. I rarely see anyone anymore, as does the Library Faerie. Now, since I can't help you, you'd best be on your way to look somewhere else. Also, try asking a lot more people the question first. She's less likely to do this when you have obviously done your part."

"Do you think that there are boy Faeries," An innocent look appeared on her angelic face, though knowing Ixi's, she was most likely very mischievous.

"No way. I've never seen one. That's as none existent as ... as ... an Ixi without horns," Her little face brightened up. The boy made a face as he realized what he had just said.

"Then there could be one," His eyes went wide at what he had said implied. Also, she was going to get all excited on him.

"Me and my mouth," The Library Faerie was walking away so she wouldn't laugh out loud at the two of them. Neither one noticed, or else they would have caught something else in her eye.

"You could help me find him," The little Ixi stated in that excitement."

"Go find a girly girl. I don't want to find a boy Faerie. They are likely hiding because they don't want anyone to make fun of their wings. I wouldn't be stuck with any of the wings that I see on the girl Faeries if I were a boy Faerie. Way too pretty, most of them…" A pang hit the boy in the chest; something made him not happy.

"But why would that stop him. I want to go and tell him not to listen to what other people say. It's what's on the inside that matters"

"What other people say? If he was a Dark Faerie, he'd be even worse off then." Another pang hit him hard. This talk of what a boy Faerie would be like, if there was one, was making him nervous, but he didn't know why. Boy faeries weren't real. They couldn't be.

"I guess. But for instance, at Neoschool, I was called a Poogle with hooves and was refereed to being a lot of other kinds of Neopets. When I said I was an Ixi, they thought I was being sarcastic. But you can't judge a book by its cover." He groaned at her bad joke.

"I work around books all day. That comment wasn't really appreciated."

"Then if you work here all day you are free to go on my quest with me,"

"What? Don't you have a friend or a person to take you on this Quest? The Library Faerie keeps me busy."

"No. I'm waiting to be adopted. No one wants a hornless Ixi. That's why I stay at the orphanage. People at least stop and say hi,"

"I've never been out of here before. I don't even know how to use a weapon. I don't know how to use magic. What use could you be on a quest? All I know is books. All I know is life here in this library. Not much help that can be too you, wielding a book against an attack." The boys voice was filled with sarcasim.

"But what about me. I'm not Quest material either am I? I'm small. I have no horns to use in a Ixi charge. I haven no friends who I can ask to go on the quest with me. So, we can be each other's friend" The boy let a groan out at the Ixi's infallible logic, though the logic was odd.

"Fine. If I can get out of here, then I'll go on your Quest with you. I've never been out of here before. Perhaps she'll let me."

"You know my name, what's yours?"

"My name is ... " He stopped for a while. He realized then why everyone called him boy. He had no name, as far as he knew.

"Well, what's your name? We can't be friends very easily if we can't call each other by name."

"I just realized that I' don't have a name."

"Your kidding? No, that would be like saying I have horns. How about I give you a name. I think I'll call you ..."

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