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Ameril was looking very carefully around. She had gotten a ways away and still didn't see any humans, nor neopets. Just a few faeries here and there. She finally decided to ask one of the adult faeries that were around. "Mam, where are the humans and Neopets?"

"There was a scare here that made the Faerie Queen evacuate them from Faerie Land. It is now over, but no humans have come back with their pets as of yet." The kind Water Faerie stated. "It isn't your personality to like humans. I've seen you with that group from the school. The ones that look at the humans with such scorn ... and sometimes pull nasty pranks. Appalling, as you are a Light Faerie and you should be setting a good example."

Ameril was about to retort back when she heard someone yell her name from the direction that she had come from. It was male and meant only one thing. Chase was in trouble.

"Excuse me, but I really have to go. A friend needs me." Ameril turn and started to run back the way she had come. A thought then crossed her mind. "I've been with Chase too long. I can get there faster by flying."

And with that she took off. As she approached where she had left Chase. She caught sight of someone, but it didn't register to her. What registered was that Chase wasn't there. Which meant only one possibility. Chase had fallen off the edge. All Ameril could do was dive over the edge in her flight and hope she wasn't to late. She caught site of something and strove to reach it as it fell. Something or someone was diving with her. They both grabbed and then pulled back up to the clouds.


Ameril was glad to see that what she and who ever had helped them was Chase and the two Neopets, who were clutched in his arms. Her fellow rescuer she recognized as the Battle Faerie who had rescued Chase from the prank Ameril had pulled on him earlier. Ameril began to smile that he was safe, but stopped suddenly, her jaw dropping. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"If I hadn't been around yet again, you wouldn't have been able to catch him, let alone pull him back up." The Battle Faerie said. "When the Queen's seer said to keep an eye out for you three, well four now, and your little mission, I didn't expect this."

"Neither did I," Ameril blinked a few times. "We went through all that ... and ..."

Ameril couldn't let out the words. She felt like crying. Nixi finished what she was trying to say for her. "It was right under our noses the whole time. When I was sent to the Library, I didn't expect that I would be meeting what I was looking for."

As Nixi squeezed out of Chases grasp and began to help Benny, the Battler Faerie placed a hand on Chase's head. "Your safe now, though I don't think the shock of all this is. You can open your eyes now."

When Chase didn't respond, she continued. "Child, you can open your eyes."

Chase opened one eye, then the next. Ameril choked as she saw his eye. They were exactly like the flashes she had seen at the concert. Chase saw her reaction and his head bent down. Ameril's feelings became hurt and her head bent down too. Chase spoke up.

"You need not speak the truth. I already know about the wings. What kind am I,"

Ameril gulped. "You're a Dark Faerie."

Author's Note - For those of you who are upset that this is the end, it really isn't. It is just the end of this part and I will continue in another story. Please look for it on my profile, called 'The Dark Misfit'. I hope you enjoyed it. I also hope you like how I ended this part.