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Chapter 3

Murtagh let out a deep breath as he closed the door to his room. He couldn't believe what he had done. Some how he had managed to break Galbatorix's oath, if only for a moment. By allowing Amber to escape he had gone against the king and that was something that he couldn't do under that fowl oath. He took a great breath and sincerly hoped Galbatorix didn't know, or find out.

He smiled at the thought of being free of said oath. This, thing, that just happened, it proved that the oath could be broken. He didn't even know how he did it because he was sure that he didn't have the power in him to do so.

Walking towards his bed he pulled off his tunic revealing his toned chest. Falling backwards onto his large plushy bed he sent a thought to Thorn, revealing what had occured. He could feel satisfaction come from the dragon. After being brought into the world and discovering what was going on he wanted to get out of the oath just as much as Murtagh did.

How did you do it? the red dragon asked his rider.

I have no idea. came the riders confused, but completely happy reply.

You know, I've heard of a deep deep magic that could be powerful enough to be responsible for this.

Oh? Was the rider's short reply.

Yes, it's called love. I know it to be more powerful than any other magic know to human, elf or dragon.

Me? In love? Fat chance Thorn. Murtagh replied.

Oh really small one? I happen to know something you don't then, Tagh'. the dragon replied playfully.

Oh? Well I think your wrong. I'm NOT in love. Amber is a friend. She always has been, she always will be. Nothing more. came the one known as Tagh's stuborn reply.

Well well, the dragon said with a chuckle, seems to me someone's getting a bit defensive.

For the last time, I'M NOT IN LOVE! Amber's just a friend and that's final! The now slightly upset Murtagh closed the mental link and sighed quite loudly.

Amber brought Romeo to a walk. He was exhausted and she needed to let him rest. She slipped off the large hooved animal. Mentaly apologizing to the beast she looked around. The dense trees around the capital made it hard to navigate. (I know, I don't think there's suposed to be trees around Uru' Baen either, but this makes the story more interesting!)

Simply giving up on the unreliable path she was taking she walked into the trees, her reliable steed walking steadily behind her covered from head to hoof in sweat. As the horse breathed heavily Amber made her way through the familiar forest, but today it didn't seem so familiar.

She was exhuasted from the previous night's events. She smirked, thinking of the large 'stone' in her back pack. knowing it was mid-day but all to tired to care she found a secluded clearing, far away from the path and laid down against a tree. They had been running for over five hours, stopping to let Romeo rest several times. By now she was far away from the only home she'd ever know and glad for it.

Realizing her equine(that means horse for you nonhorse people)friend was slightly uncomforable with his saddle and her gear on his back she quickly got up and despite her exhaustion, settled down her friend and set up a small camp.

Pulling out her bed roll she spread it on the ground and dropped her body onto it. Wincing slightly at the pain in her back she rolled over. Sighing with relief she was about to fall asleep when something made her grab her bag. Pulling out the stone she replaced her bag and set the egg next to her. It was only then that she could fall asleep.

Amber woke several hours later. It was getting dark and Romeo was nudging her with his velvety nose. Waking up slightly she put her hand down next to her where the egg should have been to find it missing from it's place. Imediately she jumped up, causing Romeo to jump back slightly out of suprise. She spun around looking for what was so dear to her.

There, right next to the small fire was what she was looking for. The black and green egg had a crack down it's side and a small hole towards the top. The only thought going through Amber's head was, It's hatching.

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